Love A Career Or Love A Man? I Say, “Why Not Both?”

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My friend, Tonya - The Riveter

My friend, Tonya - The Riveter

During the era known as the Roaring 20s, women became more empowered than ever before.  Not only did we earn the right to vote, but we also shortened our skirts, along with our hair.  We smoked cigarettes and sipped on moonshine.  We became… to put it quite frankly… more like men. 

On our way to the top, women have become increasingly successful in all walks of life.  Professionally, physically and emotionally speaking, more and more women have adopted Rosie the Riveter’s battle cry, and the “We Can Do It!” mantra has spread like wildfire.  Every woman from high powered executives to stay at home moms are proving to not only be strong and eager, but they are also determined and able.

In lieu of Jessica Biel’s interview in Allure Magazine’s upcoming June issue – set to arrive on newsstands May 26th – she firmly states that her career has to take a front seat to any sort of marriage talk.  While trying to capture more dramatic roles and “hide her pretty” (which is borderline certifiable, if you ask me), she is not able to focus on love or a marriage completely.

But why not?  I consider myself to be the most successful woman in the world!  (As you all should!)  Sure, I don’t have a lot of money in the bank, and the majority of my clothes could probably be donated to TLC’s What Not To Wear, but that doesn’t mean I’m not rich in love and looking fly.  I have fun at my job.  I have fun at home.  I have an amazing family and incredible friends, and all of it seems a little bit better because I’m sharing with a man who loves me… in spite of the slightly malfunctioning wardrobe and horrendous singing voice.

Why do some women feel they have to choose?  If the whole goal behind the “I am woman, hear me roar!” sentiment was to “have it all,” why do so many think they can’t?  Having it all shouldn’t be unattainable!  It should be totally… uhhh… tainable!  Otherwise, why were all our fabulous predecessors working so hard?

I say, go out and have it all, ladies!!  AND have it all with a side of cheese fries and a chocolate shake!!  You totally deserve it :)

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