Shower Your Bride With Wisdom And Love

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A Unique Bridal Shower Keepsake

A Unique Bridal Shower Keepsake

Bridal showers have really started to come into their own.  While Saturday afternoons filled with tissue paper and taffeta are still a popular choice, many friends and family members have opted to “Robert Frost” the traditional bridal shower and choose a road less travelled.

These less travelled roads have helped bridesmaids morph a simple, afternoon shower into a pre-wedding day party.  Everything from themed Couple’s Showers and Luaus to on location events and signature drinks have become more and more popular with the taste of today’s bride.  And rightfully so.  Every bride is unique; so, why not create a custom shower that she’ll love?

One way to ensure that it will be a day she’ll love and remember is by giving her something she’ll treasure through the years.   At my sister-in-law’s shower, instead of doing games, we handed each woman (married, single, young, old) in the room a note card.  On the note card they were instructed to give their best marital advice.  One by one, the ladies stood up, read their card aloud and gently tucked it away into an envelope designated with their name. 

All the envelopes were bound within a personalized book (pictured above), and their words of love and encouragement still provide guidance for Lindsay (my SIL) when she’s having “one of those days.”  Below are some of the words of wisdom that will live on in bridal shower infamy.  Please enjoy!

  • Spend every day you have together as if it is your first… and every night as if it’s your last.  The key is to keep it fresh.  (Dottie Kennedy, married 59 years)
  • Communicating YOUR words is not as important as listening to THEIRS. (Chris Wagner, married 32 years)
  • Hold hands in the car.  (Elyse Featheringill, age 7)
  • Marriage is a choice; so, choose to love one another each and every day. (Les Kroemer, married 29 years)
  • Above all else, put each other first.  You are a family now.  So, make decisions for each other, and not everyone else. (Denise Kidwell, married 34 years)
  • Always remember that patience is a virtue, and on MANY occasions, you’ll have to be very virtuous. (Kelly Brandenburg, married 3 years)
  • Marriage is a compromise, but it’s not always 50/50.  Some times, he might need more; so, give it to him gladly.  Because there will be times when you need more, and hopefully, he’ll return the favor.  (Nancy Curd, married 11 years)
  • Always kiss each other goodnight.  (Madeline Russell, age 9)

Of course whether you choose to follow their words or make the rules up as you go, one thing I always encourage every couple to do – from wedding showers to their golden anniversaries – is be kind to one another.  And if all else fails, husbands, remember why you asked her to marry you, and wives, remember why you said yes.


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