Wedding Reception Centerpieces 101

June 8, 2009 at 12:52 pm 2 comments

Use your engagement pictures, and create a centerpiece worth 1000 words!

Use your engagement pictures, and create a centerpiece worth 1000 words!

Ahhh, centerpieces.  Is there any other wedding day detail that has more options?  I’m gonna go ahead and say, “N.O.”  In fact, there is one movie scene in particular that perfectly describes my state of mind in choosing a centerpiece… I give thee, the “Very Merry Unbirthday” scene from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.  Its attributed chaos captures my current dilemma perfectly.

Sure, sure, I may not be dealing with a Mad Hatter, March Hare, Dormouse (thank goodness) or White Rabbit, but I do have Myself, Two Mothers, Numerous Bridesmaids and One Poor Man (no pun intended) footing the entire bill.   Trying to narrow down the choices is like looking at the unbirthday table filled with 23,034,893,098 teapots.  The teapots – accurately symbolizing the centerpiece options – are almost limitless, and they’re all great for different reasons. So, how does a bride choose, when her options include (and aren’t even limited to) to the following teapots, errr, centerpieces…

Some are short and stout; while others are tall and slender.  Some are round and hearty; while others are square and dainty.  Some are filled with vibrant colors; while others look better in not so saturated tones.  They can be plain or layered.  They can be accompanied by everything from cakes and candles to fun and fireworks.  Yet, there are still others that do perfectly well simply by standing alone… I mean the list goes on and on, people!

And we probably shouldn’t forget that the March Hare and Mad Hatter didn’t have a budget, like the majority of us brides do.  And depending on the number of guests attending your wedding day extravaganza, the cost can add up quickly.  I like to quiet the chaos, however, by remembering things I’ve seen and liked from past weddings.  Here are some centerpieces ideas that created the biggest buzz:

  • Photo Themes: One bride and groom took pictures of themselves and displayed them in vases at the center of each table.  For example, you could have pictures of when you were one, displayed at Table 1.  Or you could put good use to all your favorite engagement pictures.
  • Flower Themes: I’ve seen many brides and grooms use flowers as stand alone centerpieces, as well as well coordinated decor.  Whether you choose to sprinkle rose petals or create a large floral display, there is no denying the eternal presence of flower power.
  • “Well Lit” Themes: Nothing says romance like a dimly lit room filled with candles.  I like it when couples play with candle heights and wax colors.  It adds immediate interest to a reception hall without a lot of preparation or cost.
  • Mini Cake Themes:  At a friend’s spring wedding, the bride and groom created mini versions of their wedding cake and placed one at the center of each table.  This doubled as a centerpiece AND dessert.  Not to mention, clean up was a breeze!  They were all eaten :)
  • Beach Themes: Bring the atmosphere of a destination wedding directly to you!  Use fish bowls, seashells, floating candles and sand to create a seaside creation that any city would love!  My friends even went as far to place Beta fish in each bowl, because they matched their royal blue color so well.

And because there are just as many centerpiece options as Mad Hatter’s teapots, here are some more sites I’ve found helpful: Do-it-Yourself Centerpiece Options, Better Homes & Gardens Choices and Cheap Wedding Solution Centerpieces.  Enjoy, and happy decorating!


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    Wedding Planning Websites…

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  • 2. Maria Harbert  |  July 24, 2009 at 6:13 pm

    Nice article. Of course, I love the Beach theme so you can use our colored sand :-) The dimly lit room with candles is a close second.


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