Save The Birds & Make It *Sparkle*

June 29, 2009 at 3:12 pm Leave a comment

Even though the myth that throwing rice at weddings will make birds explode is all kinds of false, many ceremony and reception sites still have strict rules about what can and cannot be tossed during the traditional exit of the bride and groom.  Even bird seed has been banned from certain areas, which leaves the question… what else is there???

Fear not, my lovely brides-to-be, for there are so many other options that can work for you!  I encourage you to think natural and consider throwing flower petals, instead of hard to clean up confectionery items.  Many florist and online stores, such as, sell petals, categorized by flower type and color; so, you can insure you’ll get exactly what you want. 

And if you’re looking for something trendy and chic, you could always let your guest blow a beautiful display of bubbles.  This effect not only makes for great pics, but clean up is a breeze… literally… as all the sassy soap suds will simply drift away.

And in light of the upcoming Fourth of July holiday, I would especially like to focus on my personal fave – drum roll please – SPARKLERS!  When it comes to glittery, shimmery things, I am 100% girly girl.  The glitzier, the better, I say.  Which is why no matter if a couple is getting married in the winter, spring, summer or fall, I think these razzle dazzlers look amazing.  Not to mention, they’re fun for all ages and are easily thrown out afterwards.  Last year, I went to an outdoor, evening wedding (shout out to the gorgeous Naomi), and I must admit, when they came running down the trellis, surrounded by glittery goodness, I couldn’t help but gasp.

All gasping aside, don’t let limitations create roadblocks; let them create opportunities!  Regardless of what you choose, based on trend, tradition or simply what the vendor site will allow, please know that there are options for all!  So, find something you love and go for it!



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