Makeover Madness: How-To be a “WOW” and not a “Woooah!” on your Wedding Day

August 28, 2009 at 2:52 pm 2 comments

Laughing-BridePart 1 of 3

Alright, ladies, it’s time to be honest with ourselves, because Lord knows, we’re allllll guilty of it.  At some point in all our lives, on at least one occasion, we will fall victim to the oldest trick in the book: trying waaay too hard to look good and ending up a hot, hot mess.  Unfortunately – for myself – this is a story that has become all too familiar.  For I, my dear friends, am the Clark Griswald of (dun! dun! duuuun!) Over Styling. 

Not only do I constantly over style, but after the styling goes awry, I will then inevitably do everything conceivably possible to try and fix it.  This, in turn, transforms a mere “over styling” into an over primped, poked, plumped, shortly followed by a super panicked disaster.  (Uhhh, thank you)  But because I’ve made just about every mistake under the sun, it is my pleasure to give you some of the best solutions (and preventions) you can use to your advantage in avoiding any form of wedding day disaster!

Makeover Mistake # 1: When Tanning Goes TOO Far

  • Conflict: If you’ve found yourself being a bride who’s hittin’ up the fake bake to achieve that perfect, bridal “glow” but have successfully surpassed the stages of “bronzed beauty” into the latter half of “hot tamale,” I implore you not to worry… You’re talking to an expert on this subject matter.
  • Resolution: As a former tan-orexic, I found that taking a couple ibuprofen helps calm down any swelling a sun/bed burn may cause; while a homemade lemonjuice and salt scrub can really tone done the redness and even out your color.  And if you’re still a little crispy on your big day, try using a light-green tinted moisturizer or concealer for additional evenness.
  • Potential Solutions: Beautyblender, $20 (, Physicians Formula Concealer Twins, $6.95 (

Makeover Mistake # 2: Back-ne Acne Strikes Again! 

  • Conflict:  We all know black is the most slimming color, easily making it’s stark opposite counterpart, white.  Hence, many brides-to-be find it necessary to hit the gym hardcore before giving in to their “I do’s.”  And while I fully support getting your cardio to trim down and tone up, all the excess sweat it causes can sometimes wreak havoc on your skin, especially along your sports bra lines.
  • Resolution: To keep you body clear, it’s all about keeping your skin clean WITHOUT going overboard.  Using too many products on your skin can cause irritation and creating equally, if not potentially worse results; so, keep the process simple.  Try washing with anti-bacterial soap, and misting your skin with an acne prevention spray post cleansing.  This will help clear up what you have and prevent it from getting bad again.
  • Potential Solutions: Dial Antibacterial Moisturizing Body Wash, $7.89 (, Acne Solutions Body Treatment Spray, $19.50 (

Makeover Mistake # 3: An Epic Tale of the Vanishing Makeup

  • Conflict: You’ve always been taught that when it comes to make up, less is more.  The key is to make it look like you have nothing on. When this actually happens, however, the results can be deadly… okay, well maybe not deadly, but my face can look awfully scary :)  
  • Resolution:  To keep your makeup in place, start at the base… literally.  If you have a sturdy base, everything else above it will lay a lot nicer.  So, after you’ve showered and moisturized, reach for your favorite non-oil, non-silicone based, face primer.  By smoothing this on, before applying your foundation and powder, you’ll create a protective layer between your skin that your makeup will bond to.
  • Potential Solutions: Prime Time Foundation Primer $21 (, Smashbox Photo Finish $36-42 (

Makeover Mistake # 4: Too Much Mascara = Spider Lash City, Baby!

  • Conflict: Ahhh yes, the makeup misstep closest too my heart.  In high school, my whole class had to list out the 5 most important things in our lives.  I wrote: family, friends, love, happiness and MASCARA!!  From the get, I loved it, but I soon learned that this love affair was too strong for me
  • Resolution:  Like a bad hair day, many girls feel the best solution to avoid a chucky mascara debut is buy rewashing and starting over… but, they’d be mistaken.  Since mascara is one of the final makeup steps, starting over can be a real pain in the patella.  Instead of redoing, simply try reworking the amount.  Try wetting down a Q-tip with the solution from an eye makeup remover and gently glide it on your eyelashes until the mascara goop begins to loosen its vicious grip.  Then, take an eyebrow brush and comb through… and Viola!
  • Potential Solutions: Almay Eye Makeup Remover Pads, $5.99 ( Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover, $8.29 (

Makeover Mistake # 5: Smile! You’re on Candid Camera… (with Lipstick on your Teeth! Ew!)

  • Conflict: While trying to establish the perfect pout, you’ve somehow ended up with more lipstick on our your teeth and out of the lines, than you have on your actual lips.  (Uh huh, seems about right)  This fashion feux pas, my dears, is not attractive or acceptable at any age.  So, what can be done?
  • Resolution:  Say it with me… line, then refine.  By utilizing lip liner that is A (yes one) shade darker than your lipstick, you will create a space to paint.  Once the shellacking is complete, be sure to either blot the inner part of your lips OR a trick that works really well is closing your lips around your index finger and pulling it out.  This will get rid of any excess lipstick that may end up on your teeth.  And if you’re still nervous, you can smudge a little Vaseline on your front, pearly white just in case! 
  • Potential Solutions: Depending on color and preference, choice may vary.  Just be sure to use a liner and a blotter.

These are just the first five tips!  Stay tuned next week for Parts 2 and 3 of our Makeover Madness series… and be sure to leave any tips of your own!  Because believe me, there will be somebody out there who will find it beneficial… and by somebody, I mean me – hehe.


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