Makeover Madness: How-To be a “WOW” and not a “Woooah!” on your Wedding Day

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Beauty tips and tricks are kind of like good times… you simply can’t get enough!  And when it comes to your “Mrs.” debut, you’ll surely want to look better than ever!  Inevitably, however, you may run into some roadblocks along the way; so, here at Marilyn’s Keepsakes, we’ve compiled some of the greatest hair and makeup tips to help ensure your look will be flawless… Below are 5 more helpful hints! (Continued from 8.28.09’s Post)

Makeover Mistake # 6: Hair Terror, when Trimming Goes too Far

  • Conflict: Because every bride wants to looks fresh for her wedding, many make hair appointments 2-3 weeks out to ensure a polished, split end free look.  However, sometimes a quick trim can turn into a long, painstaking shorter cut!  I mean honestly, what’s a girl to do?
  • Resolution: First off, don’t panic.  Bad haircuts happen everyday (mine was when I looked like the fifth member of the Beatles – yikes), and because they happen everyday, many people have created several solutions.  If you don’t have the moolah to spend on professional extensions, or if you worry about their permanence or damage, feel free to experiment with some DIY clip-in extensions to add length and volume to your bridal locks!  These clip-in hair accessories are available in realistic looking human or synthetic hair, with the main difference being: human hair can be styled; while synthetic hair remains as is.
  • Possible Solutions: Clip-In Hair Extensions, starting as low as $16.95 (

Makeover Mistake # 7: A Cautious Tale of Coffee Stains

  • Conflict: If all those late night planning sessions kept the coffee pot fuller than usual, your teeth may pay the biggest price.  And nothing ages a person quite like the color of their teeth; so, it’s important to keep your pearly whites, more white than pearly.
  • Resolution: Budget crunching doens’t have to be a worry when it comes to teeth whitening.  Because even though a trip to the dentist for a professional job can create beautiful results, so can a trip to the local drug store for a box kit remedy.  At home tooth whitening kits not only are more convenient, but you will definitely receive more bang for your buck!
  • Potential Solutions: Crest Premium Dental Whitestrips, $24.99 (, Rembrandt 2 Hour Tooth Whitening Kit, $22.99 (

Makeover Mistake # 8: Problem Pimples, Coming to a Bride Near You!

  • Conflict: EEK!  Is there anything worse than a giant pimple highlighting your face?  I think not. I’m already expecting a fury of red fireworks to make their way onto my face for my big day, considering all my big moments up unto this point have been blemished (pun intended) with pimples.  Bring it.
  • Resolution: But I’m not going to worry because stress only causes more madness, and that’s exactly what every bride should avoid.  The key is to keep the pimple clean and NOT dried out.  Some girls find it necessary to break out the tweezers, rubbing alcohol and industrial strength acne cream.  DO NOT do this.  Picking, frying and drying out will only make matters worse… again, this is a voice of experience.  As hard as it may be to resist, don’t pick.  Simply use antibacterial soap and ointment to stop oil from building up and spreading onto other areas of your face.  Because the surface won’t be dried up and peeling, it will be much easier to cover up cleanly.  And always remember, if all else fails, Photoshop and photo editing can give you flawless skin with a click of a mouse.
  • Potential Solutions:  Neutrogena SkinClearing Cover Up, $7.59 (, Physicians Formula Concealer Stick, $5.49, (

Makeover Mistake # 9: When Eyelash Curlers Lash Out 

  • Conflict: It happens to the best of us.  In the heat of the moment, while creating the perfectly quaffed curl, we become startled, and POOF!  The worst has happened… the majority of our eyelashes fall victim to a curl gone wrong… very, very wrong, and now, our right eye is practically bald.  Awesome.
  • Resolution:  First, allow yourself some time to mourn, but only for a minute.   Then, remind yourself that things could always be worse.  Just like fake hair, false lashes can be the perfect solution, but if you’re afraid of looking like Lucile Ball on a bad day, you should know that fake eyelashes come in all shapes, sizes and colors.  For more realistic looking lashes, use individual or pieced lashes to create a more youthful feel.
  • Potential Solutions: Andrea Permalash LashesFlair, $3.99 (

Makeover Mistake # 10:  A Case of Mistaken Identity

  • Conflict: Many of you are probably already planning on wearing more or even new makeup for your wedding.  This is perfectly normal.  What isn’t perfectly normal is looking like a completely different person… or one that’s covered in harsh lines and unblended base.
  • Resolution: A crucial part of painting on the perfect bridal makeup is starting with great applicators.  Using the right tools and brushes will not only ensure that everything is applied correctly, but they will also make sure that everything is blended evenly and looking flawless.  Use facial sponges to unify the color of your skin with your makeup, as well as larger brushes for your powder and blush.  Also, be sure to make use out of smaller brushes and combs for your eyes and lips.
  • Potential Solutions: Complete Beauty Brush & Applicator Sets, starting as low as $6 (, Sephora Brand Precision Sponge, $12 (

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Makeover Madness: How-To be a “WOW” and not a “Woooah!” on your Wedding Day Makeover Madness: How-To be a “WOW” and not a “Woooah!” on your Wedding Day

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