Makeover Madness: How-To be a “WOW” and not a “Woooah!” on your Wedding Day

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Now-You-May-Kiss-the-BridePart 3 of 3

They say good things come in threes: tic / tac / toes; past / present / future; a / b / c; 1 / 2 / 3; blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda.  So, why should these makeover posts be any different?  Today, I offer you the third and final dose of bridal, beauty blunders and how to appropriately fix them. 

Of course, this three part series merely offers 15 beauty tips and tricks; so, I encourage all you makeup loving ladies out there to leave your two cents (or 4 or 5 or – oh your get the idea) below.  After all, life is about learning, and things are always a little less stressful when we learn from others.  

And now, without further ado, I give thee numbers 11-15.!  Hooray!

Makeover Mistake # 11: Blown Out Brows

  • Conflict: I have to admit, this is one of my most “guilty-as-charged”  makeup mistakes… I always seem to forget about my eyebrows!  Horrible, I know, but true nonetheless.  And what makes this oversight so horrible is that eyebrows play a big role in framing and shaping your face.  So, if you’re a bride who has found her ship sailing along with out of control, overly highlighted brows, please know you’re not alone.
  • Resolution: The key to getting your brows under control is maintenance.  First off, when highlighting your brow bone, avoid any super bright silver or white shades.  These tend to blow out the bone, rather than highlight it.  Also consider using a brow wax or gel.  From first hand experience, I can tell you that these handy, dandy little tools work wonders for eyebrows that are hard too handle… seriously, did i mention, I hate my forehead furries.
  • Potential Solutions: Billion Dollar Brows Duo Highlighter, $15 (, TweezerMan Brow Mousse Styling Gel, $8.99 (

Makeover Mistake # 12: Primping in Poor Light causes a Fright!

  • Conflict: You’ve always loved doing your makeup; even as a little girl, you were constantly sneaking into your mom’s stash and fluffing your face.  So, why deprive yourself of this fun indulgence on your wedding day, right?  In lieu of hiring a makeup artist, you’ve decided to paint yourself pretty.  However, after applying your makeup (more than likely under the heinousness of fluorescent lighting), you step outside, ask for a compact and…… you look like a clown.
  • Resolution: It’s all about the lighting, girls.  Natural sunlight is best; so, by setting up your makeup station near a large window, you will be able to get the most natural, evenly colored look.  Even a cloud covered, hazy day is better than hotel, bathroom lighting!
  • Potential Solutions: Say it with me, SUNLIGHT!, free (* – *not a real Web site – haha!

Makeover Mistake # 13: The Case of the Horribly Over Focused Face

  • Conflict: Because it’s your wedding day, you might find yourself wanting to wear a considerable amount of more makeup, which if fine… unless you go too far.  Some brides have a tendency to over focus their face.  A heavy, smoky eye paired with an over lined, red lip can produce disastrous results, and instead of people looking at you, they’re looking at your makeup.
  • Resolution: Choose your favorite feature and highlight it by 1) making it pop with either heavier or brighter makeup and 2) coordinating the rest of your face in complimentary or neutral shades.
  • Potential Solutions: For Lips – Semi-Matte Lipstick by NARS, $24 (, For Eyes – Duo Matte Eyeshadow by NARS, $32 (

Makeover Mistake # 14: Beware of the Chipped Manicure

  • Conflict: A couple days before the ceremony, you may find yourself getting primped and polished (literally) by your favorite manicurist.  While he or she may complete an impeccable French tip, you discover a slightly less than flawless set the day of your nuptials.  Perhaps from some access nervous nail nibbling, yes?
  • Resolution: Don’t let the stress and excitement show!  During a down period, have one of your bridesmaids  – preferably the one with the steadiest hand – touch up any chips or cracks with a matching shade of polish.  Consider using a quick dry nail lacquer for faster results!
  • Potential Solutions:  OPI Nail Lacquer, $8.50 (

Makeover Mistake # 15: When Razzle Dazzle turns into a Frazzle

  • Conflict: Surely, it’s every girl’s dream to sparkle on her wedding day, but when a lady in waiting tries to make it happen from the outside in instead of the inside out, her overly shimmered cheeks and excessively glossed lips can be a photographer’s nightmare.  Too much shimmer on the face can look like white spots on pictures, and too much lip gloss can cause a glare.
  • Resolution: So, if you’ve found yourself looking more like Tinkerbelle and less like Cinderella, no worries!  Simply take a cotton ball and roll off any excess, facial shimmer and refine with a flat powder or matte bronzer.  Then, blot away super shiny gloss with a Kleenex and try applying a long lasting, matte lipstick instead.
  • Potential Solutions: For Face – Cover FX Oil Absorbing Powder, $22 (, For Lips: Semi-Matte Lipstick by NARS, $24 (



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Makeover Madness: How-To be a “WOW” and not a “Woooah!” on your Wedding Day We Love That You Came To Visit & Would Like To Help You Save!

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