It’s all about the *Ooh La La: The World’s Most Fabulous Honeymoon Suites

September 14, 2009 at 2:36 pm 3 comments

The difference between extraordinary honeymoon hotels and ordinary newlywed nights is the little “extra” that goes along with it. Separating the ho-hum fun from the down right fabulous, over the top hotel suites are sure to give “I do” swooners memories for a lifetime… or – in some cases, as luck would have it –, debt for a lifetime. Below is a list of the most jaw-dropping, eye-popping, wallet squeezing honeymoon resorts found around the world… and I think, the Mister and me more than likely have a shot at fancying ourselves in about all of them… well, if love were money and the receptionist excepted payment in hugs.

The Westin Excelsior’s Villa Cupola (Rome, Italy): Valued as the most expensive hotel suite in the world, this pricey $29,000 (and change)/night palace gives its guest the full-on royal treatment. With the ability to present a list of “pre-arrival” preferences, freshly married folks are made to feel like celeb-utante’s. Even though the regal room is already adorned with authentic Italian frescoes, stained glass windows and vaulted ceilings, every guest has the opportunity to fill the Villa Cupola with their favorite flowers, cigars and amenities. Not to mention, the spoil splurging stay includes a private, welcome massage, a fully stocked kitchen with over 150 of the finest wines, a clandestine library, a Jacuzzi bedecked fitness and spa center and elusive cinema, complete with surround sound. *After thought: Fine, fine.  We’ll do one – haha!

Honeymoolah 1: The Westin Escelsior's Villa Cupola

Honeymoolah 1: The Westin Escelsior's Villa Cupola

Atlantis Paradise Hotel’s Bridge Suite (Bahamas): Newlyweds will easily be able to hob knob with the best of ‘em after staying in this über lavish, fit for the rich and famous suite. Soaring above the competition, the crown jewel of the Atlantis is suspended between its two Royal Towers and has housed some of the world’s most recognizably wealthy clientele, such as Bill Gates and Oprah. For a staggering $25,000/night, a couples’ eyes will be open to a luxurious ten room suite, featuring marble floors, a 22-karat gold chandelier, an ivory tickling grand piano in the 1,250-square foot living room, an 800 foot terrace overlooking the island and a ten foot, four poster bed.  *After thought: if Oprah is planning on putting a stay at this ditty on her infamous “Favorite Things” episode, my booty better be seated in the crowd! 

Honeymoolah 2: Atlantis Paradise Hotel’s Bridge Suite
Honeymoolah 2: Atlantis Paradise Hotel’s Bridge Suite

The InterContinental’s Terrace Suite (Hong Kong, China): As stated in its title, this glorious suite is all about its incredibly effervescent, state of the art veranda, and for a meager $14,139/night, the InterContinental will gladly open its doors to honeymooners everywhere. Fashioned with plush cushions for comfort, scented candles for ambiance, rose petals for whimsy and mosquito netting for calming convenience, this honeymoon hideaway’s balcony is truly a force to be reckoned with. Putting even Romeo to shame, the Terrace Suite makes sleeping under the stars and Jacuzzi’ing by moonlight a simple credit card charge away. After couples are welcomed with a bottle Dom Pérignon, they can easily toast to all the amenities they’ll receive, such as Rolls Royce transportation, 24/hour butler service, private spa treatments, yoga and tai chi classes, “Romance” baths and privately catered meals fit for a king.  *After thought: Do you think they have gift registry available?  Hehe.

Honeymoolah 3: The InterContinental’s Terrace Suite

Honeymoolah 3: The InterContinental’s Terrace Suite

Eagle Island Camp’s Private Suites (Okavango Delta, Botswana): Couples looking for a little more bang for their buck will delight in the unmistakable atmosphere of Eagle Island’s Private Suites.  The most cost conscious choice on the list ($2,010/night), these adventure driven abodes will provide all the excitement of a safari within the confines of luminescent luxury. Featuring outdoor plunge pools, copper tubs and showers, each sensationally secluded suite offers an enormous viewing at the heart of the Delta, giving honeymooners the up close and personal chance to catch a glimpse of the island’s inhabitants: hippos, crocodiles and elephants. (Oh my!) Not to mention, every honeymooning couple who reserves a suite also reserves the right to observe a game viewing with an experienced guide.  *After thought: I’m hoping for all the other guests’ sake that the “outdoor” showers have “indoor” privacy… because let’s be honest, no one ELSE really wants to see that.

Honeymoolah 4: Eagle Island Camp’s Private Suites

Honeymoolah 4: Eagle Island Camp’s Private Suites

Parrot Cay’s Sanctuary Villa (Turks and Caicos): Donna Karan didn’t scrimp when she collaborated on the design of this straight out of a fantasy novel, secluded sanctuary. In fact, it is easy to say she splurged. For a breezy $20,000/night the Sanctuary Villa is one of the most costly honeymoon suites, and for good reason. Privately stationed – a five minute car ride away from its parent resort – this two bedroom, Balinese bungalow features voluminous day beds, teak chic furniture and a swoon worthy 360 degree view of the island, as well as private beach access, an infinity pool and an on call personal chef and two butlers.  *After thought: Dear Donna, of course we’d love to stay with you!  Thanks so much for asking!  Love always, M & T.

Honeymoolah 5: Parrot Cay’s Sanctuary Villa

Honeymoolah 5: Parrot Cay’s Sanctuary Villa

The Palm’s Sky Villa 2 (Las Vegas, Nevada): Playboy Bunny approved, this over-the-top, $25,000/night hotel suite takes sexy to the extreme. With its virtually floating, cantilevered terrace, the Sky Villa 2’s veranda features a full sized Jacuzzi with an unmistakable view of the Vegas strip, complemented by all sorts of atmosphere, and that is just the outside! The lap of luxury continues indoors with three bedrooms – the largest of which spotlights a rotating bed – media room, private fitness center and a personal butler. And what Vegas spectacle wouldn’t be complete without its very own poker table? That’s right; this ostentatious honeymoon bungalow even has its own private gambling area. Come on, big winner!  *After Thought: Why is everytime I look at pictures of this place the Fossi number “Hey BIG SPENDER!” goes through my head?

Honeymoolah 6: The Palm’s Sky Villa 2

Honeymoolah 6: The Palm’s Sky Villa 2


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3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. hillsofafrica  |  October 1, 2009 at 1:40 pm

    Love your post and your description of the outdoor shower at Eagle Island Camp. We love Eagle Island Camp and as a honeymooner you also get a helicopter ride over the beautiful Okavango Delta. The game viewing is gorgeous, you can enjoy wonderful mekoro rides, you get treated like a King & Queen, so gorgeous!

  • 2. NatC  |  September 25, 2009 at 12:29 pm

    I am with you on the hugs for payment Mary! But of course I don’t have a mister so I would just go enjoy these fine suites all by myself…hehe!! I think that’s an idea! LOL!

    • 3. Mary Kidwell  |  September 25, 2009 at 12:48 pm

      Look, NatC, if you’re going, I’m coming! I would even grow a mustache and pretend to be your hubby, if it would get me into some of these diggs! Hahaha!


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