November 18 is National Tell People “I Love You” Day

November 18, 2009 at 3:47 pm Leave a comment

*hugs and kisses not included but VERY much encouraged.

Even though I’m using the term “National” here rather loosely (and by loosely, I mean I’m the only person who’s actually declared anything – hehe), I still know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s oh-so important to say “I love you” to the people who mean the most. I’d even venture to say THE most important thing there is.

Today, I’m officially ten days away from my Mrs. debut, and while I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate mine and Tanner’s upcoming nuptials in front of all my favorite people, I’m afraid it’s not the only thing on my mind.  There have been several moments in the past couple of months – unfortunately – marked by bad news.  (Boo) 

Never any fun to hear, I figure bad news leaves people with two choices.  They can either a) dwell on it and let it take over or b) choose to become a better person from it.  This, of course, is the path I like to take.  I find it’s best to pray for the worst, hope for the best and live each and every day appreciating what I have… and I’m imploring you all to do the same!  And here’s why:

Optimism will eternally be more effective than pessimism.  It provides us with hopeful confirmation that “everything (truly does) happen for a reason.”  Even when the cards we’re dealt aren’t our preference or anywhere near are number one choice, there’s always hope for a big turn on the river card or even a shot at another deal (poker, anyone?) 

Even the most awful moments – in their infinite wisdom – will serve a purpose, if given the chance.  Whether they’re meant to teach us a lesson, reaffirm our priorities, emphasize a greater appreciation for the good or simply just help us see more clearly, the lowest valleys are just as important as the highest peaks.

In the case of my bad news, I decided to become a better person by finding even more goodness in what I already have… like my mom, for instance, who has spent the last 11 months of her life being the BEST planner / assistant / helper / friend / mother / teacher I could’ve ever asked for.  Or my dad, whose excitement for the “big day” has made this journey an even more wonderfully memorable experience than I dreamed possible.  Or even my best friend, Bre, who – even though she lives in NYC – has spent countless hours listening, planning, sewing (that’s right, she created the flower girl dress!) and laughing from another phone line, because she knew it meant the world to have her there as my maid of honor.

And finally, (not finally finally, just for this post – duh!) I have found more goodness in my Mister, Tanner, who has made me feel loved every morning when I wake up and every night when I go to sleep.  He’s taught me patience and why it’s so important not to go to bed angry, and in this moment, seems more fitting than anything else.  Which is why I say to you, Mom, Papa, Bre, Tan Man, friends, family and anyone else reading this post, for that matter… from the bottom of my heart…



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