Facebook: Yes, It’s Really Reached THAT Level

December 4, 2009 at 12:51 pm Leave a comment

I’ll say it.  I’m an avid Facebooker.  In fact, I’m one of the original (self proclaimed “founding”) members.  Making its debut during my sophomore year of college, I was amongst the first to jump on board.  I’ve been around so long, in fact, I can remember when FB only allowed each of its members ONE profile picture, ONE info page and limited access to email and wall posts… period… that’s it… end ‘o’ story. 

The Facebook of Yore had no bells.  It had no whistles.  Junior high kids and Great Aunt Margie’s weren’t allowed in and there sure as heck was no room for photo albums, mini (or mega) applications, Mafia Wars, Marshmallow Peep Exchanges or anything else of that nature.  It was an exclusive club with minimal attractions… and I liked it.

And while I still loaf it today, I’d be lying if I said what I signed up for all those years ago, even remotely compares to the modern day Facebooking Frenzy.  These days, you (or your 13 year old cousin and Great Aunt Margie, for that matter) can do just about anything, find just about any one and more overly, keep tabs on all of the above – pending security setting, of course… giving proof that my Senior year report, strategically titled: Facebook: Giving Hope to Stalkers Everywhere was a truth ahead of its time. 

Perhaps some of you are thinking that “stalker” is too strong of a word, but I’m afraid I’d have to call your bluff.  Because if you’ve ever called up a friend to question a status update that came across your News Feed for confirmation OR looked up a current man’s ex-girlfriends just to compare hottness levels OR used the term “Facebook Offish” OR (my personal favorite) if you’ve ever found yourself out on the town and run into someone you “think” you know, only to realize you recognize them because you’ve seen them post several things on a someone else’s Wall… please know, you’re not alone, and it’s okay. 

Case ‘n’ point: my Mister proposed to me on a Tuesday.  I updated my relationship status on Wednesday, and by Thursday, my wall had already generated 76 (yes, 76!) congratulatory posts.  Yep, George Orwell was right, Big Brother IS watching; it’s just that sometimes he comes shaped as your bored friends and family members, perusing through Facebook when they should be working.  Haha!  But – for cereal – I’d be lying, if I didn’t say I revel in all the excitement and well wishes!  It’s an amazing tool to keep in touch with old friends and share pictures from the latest and greatest adventures. It’s a place to swap recipes, create groups, invite friends and join clubs.  It’s increds! 

But sometimes I wonder if its status is getting a little too increds… perhaps a little too important.  Take this couple, for example, who made it a part of their wedding ceremony!  Too and much.


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