A True Treat: 5 Fun Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Day

January 6, 2010 at 2:12 pm 1 comment

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Alright, ladies, if it isn’t clear to you by now, your wedding day should be all about you.  It’s the one day of your life when you’re guaranteed an all access pass to stardom, and I say take that baby to the moon and back (I’m sure NASA would let you borrow their fuel) and hit the door running!  It’s über fun to watch all the excitement unfold, especially when it’s an event tailored to you and yours truly!

Working at Marilyn’s Keepsakes, I have the distinct pleasure of seeing how personalizing your wedding can truly make all the difference.  The Mister and me’s love (as well as yours) is incredibly unique; so, why, oh why, would we ever want a day that didn’t ooze with our awesomeness?  We wouldn’t, and neither should you!  And if you’re anything like me, you probably have stacks of bridal magazines telling you the same thing, which is where I found several ideas.

I was totally inspired by an article I read in InStyle Weddings about how to tailor a wedding to your style and would like to share some of my favorite picks with you!  Feel free to check them out, pick them up or put them down, but regardless, just be sure to live it up!

  • Make your chairs fit for a king (and queen, of course!):  If you love flowers, which basically includes every girl under the sun, talk with your florists about what kind of arrangements they can do with your initials.  The lettered bouquets are a super chic alternative to traditional chair covers and will bring structural and modern appeal to any setting!

(Photo Courtesy of InStyle Weddings)

  • Let your guests sip on a signature drink!  If you’re planning on serving alcohol at your reception, why not add a customized cocktail to the mix?  I’ve been to several events where couples concoct their favorite poison, name it after themselves and toast to its genius all night long (all night!).  Even more inspiring is when brides and grooms center their witches’ brew around their décor and have them served in clear glasses.  It really makes a nice, three dimensional color pop to any setting… not to mention, a great prop for photo ops!   ‘Cause Lord knows, there will be plenty of those!

(Photo Courtesy of Google Images)

  • Let them feast on your favorite foods:  What better way to accompany your signature drink than with gourmet cusine, centered around your cultural or family traditions?  A few years ago, I attended a wedding (what up, Nick and Nat!) where they did an ahhh to the mazing job of blending his Mexican heritage to her Italian customs, and it was nothing short of magical!  (And let’s get real, Mexican and Italian food??  Untouchablly yum-tastic!)  Whether there’s a certain food your families have made a tradition or one your culture tells you to grub, bringing a part of who you are into your wedding day buffet is a delicious way to add a personalized touch of you to your wedding!

(Photo Courtesy of Canopy Rose Culinary Arts)

  • Gain greater impact from your place card holders:  Is planning a seating chart for 200 causing you painstaking amounts of stress?  Well, fear not my friend, because dreaming up cool place card holders will be your perfect cure!  An idea the Mister and me threw around – before throwing out the seating chart, haha – was placing the name cards alphabetically on a two sided piece of aged cardstock.  The one side, would have the guest’s name, and the opposite side would have famous love poem, romantic movies quote or things of the like.  It was our way of “seating our guests” without physically being there.  Because the place card will be one of the first things they seek, it’s a great place to put a piece of you!

(Photo Courtesy of Country Living)

  • Create your own wedding keepsake:  There are about a million and one ways to create a keepsake from your wedding, but when a couple makes it personal, it can make all the difference.  One of the more popular ones I’ve come across was used at my friend’s wedding back in August.  They had a Wedding Wishing Tree, which had been decorated using paint, crystals, twinkling lights and card tags.  Every guest was asked to write a wish / nice thought / favorite story etc. on a tag and hang it back on the tree for them to keep as a mmento.  Another idea I particularly grew fond of was the one InStyle Wedding featured, where the couple gave each guest a beautiful stone to hold throughout the ceremony.  Then, at the reception, each guest was asked to make a wish on the stone for the couple and place it in a large, glass vase.  The couple, then, took the stones home and used them in their garden!  Brilliant! 

(Photo Courtesy of Google Images)


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  • 1. THE Jessika Feltz  |  January 7, 2010 at 9:00 pm

    Tip from the photog… Personalized weddings make the best photos! Brides who infuse their personalities into their weddings are my FAVORITE!! :)


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