Having Trouble Posing?: Practice Makes Perfect in Wedding Photography

January 11, 2010 at 3:45 pm 2 comments

At the risk of everyone judging me, I’m just gonna say it… I love America’s Next Top Model.  There, I said it, and I can’t even say I’m sorry.  The show is ridiculous.  Between Tyra’s over-the-top level of love for herself and the models absurd arguments – exchanged for what I can only assume is more camera time -, ANTM is hands down the guiltiest pleasure this side of reality TV.

However, Ms. Banks, in her self proclaimed, infinite wisdom, did teach me something very crucial in the ways of wedding photography… KNOW.YOUR.ANGLES.  Every bride wants to feel beautiful on her wedding day; hence, why I consider it the most epic of tragedies when even the most beautiful bride hates the way she looks in her wedding photos!  It’s borderline blasphemy to work for hours on getting beautified, only to fall dreadfully short when a flash is near.

But this is something that can be fixed, as long as you know your angles.  Everyone has a “good side,” and it’s important for every woman – especially one getting married – to know hers.  It can be defined as the side and angle of your face that is most flattering for you and should be exploited at every opportunity.  I mean, helllllooooo???  Ever notice how Mariah Carey only angles her face one way when she sings?  If you haven’t yet, you will now.  Or take my best friend and I… we always joke that we’re best friends because her “good side” is her right side, and mine is my left, making it incredibly easy for us to know our rolls when it comes to picture taking.  Haha!  

If you don’t know yours, simply look at yourself in a mirror – preferably one that’s full length… in a well lit room… behind a locked door, hehe – and just go from side to side finding the positions your face and body look best in.  Then, on your wedding day, mimic the good angles and avoid the bad.  Of course, you’re never completely safe, because you’re guaranteed to have someone (who I’ve dubbed the Personal Paparazzi Predators) lurking, snapping those infamous, “candid” shots, which will either make you look homeless, disgruntled, polluted or misshapen.   Yep, you gotta love family :)

I would also encourage all of you to get on your favorite photographers’ or stock photography sites and find pictures that peak your interest or you would like to try for yourself.  Because so much of the day flies by in a flash, it’s nice to have as much organized in advance as possible; so, work with your photographer and let them know what you want to try and how you look best… believe me, they want to make you look as fabulous as possible…. because if you look good, they look good.  And who doesn’t love a win / win?

If you’re just getting started, try out istockphoto.com or gettyimages.com to get the “lights, camera, action” wheels turning, print out some of your faves and use them as reference.  And if you’re using the same photographer for your wedding pictures, as you are for your engagement session, feel free to test run some of the stand out poses.  I’m telling you, it’s worth it to be comfortable in your own skin and self aware of your body movement.  Because Lord knows, if you’re uncomfortable in your photos, it will come across, and there’s no need for you to be… you’re fabulous, remember!?? 

And for your viewing pleasure, here is a sampling of wedding photos provided by istockphoto.com and gettyimages.com… enjoy!

Let your groom swing you like thunder!

Or take you for a dip!

Create a retro rewind to all those awkward high school dances.

Just look over your shoulder, honey!

*Sigh* Young Love!

Too stinkin' cute!

Pop a squat on a staircase and conversate!

Action photos are always fun!

Gotta love schmookin' under the veil!

Hahahaha! Love it!

... and they danced by the light of the moon!

*Please note: females tend to look better when photographed from above and males are flattered more when photographed from below.

A kiss on the hand (truly is) continental!

Use your surroundings to the fullest! Even a lonesome bench has great potential!

Watch the birdie and say cheese!

Always cute to incorporate your flowers!


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  • 1. Jessika Feltz Photography  |  January 14, 2010 at 2:02 am

    And never underestimate the power of your clothing. If you wear something you feel uncomfortable in… that’s how you’re going to look in your photos! I like to tell my couples to wear something they feel HOT in for their engagement session. If they feel HOT, they are going to look HOT. Same goes for the wedding dress… make sure you’re wearing a dress that makes you feel confident. If you are worried that some of your lady parts are going to make an appearance, you can’t be comfortable for photos!!

  • 2. Lemondrop  |  January 11, 2010 at 4:14 pm

    Glad I’m not the only one to practice my red carpet pose! Just this weekend before hanging out with friends I haven’t seen in a long time I was workin’ it in front of the mirror because I knew they were all coming with cameras! LOL. I even had my sister take test shots before we left. Yep, you could say I channeled my inner Tyra. Ha! Love it:)


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