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Midnight Munchies: Let Your Guests Get Their Late Night Nibble On

(In a haughty French waiter tone) “Dinner is served.”

And to our delight (fingers crossed) it will be followed almost immediately with alcoholic beverages and giant dance circles!   While a marriage may be based on the love of two people, their wedding day is often based on everyone else’s love to celebrate it… so, when a wedding reception goes from late afternoon to an even LATER evening, guests are often times in need of some refueling.

Enter: the Midnight Snack.

Bringing out treats for your guests after a long night of dinner, drinks and dancing will be just what the doctor ordered and could totally restock the sizzle in all of them.

Delightful Midnight Dishes:  Pizza, White Castle Burgers (more affectionately known as “Sliders”), Cheese ‘ n’ Cracker Trays, Fourth Meal (aka Taco Bell), Krispy Kreme Doughnuts or Cold Cut Sandwiches.

***Extra*** if doing a buffet style meal, check with your caterers to see the possibility of reheating leftovers.  It’s a general rule of thumb for caterers to make 10% more food than they expect will be eaten… making the possibilities of leftovers great!

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