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If Valentine’s Day is for Lovers… What Happens to All the Loners?

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I came across a post on featuring Jessica Alba today that I found incredibly pertinent to share with all of you.  In lieu of the looming Cupid Shuffle weekend, the recently married, movie star gave all unmarried women a mantra to relish in… if your haven’t found Mr. Right, enjoy Mr. Right Now.  Haha!

While this is The Best WEDDING Blog Ever, I think it’s important to pay homage to everyone still looking.  After all, if you don’t seek, you won’t find, and if you don’t find, it’s nearly impossible to wed.  (Well, unless you suffer from objectum-sexuality.  Then, just about anything within reach is fair game – haha!)

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I used to loathe Valentine’s Day.  In fact, during my four year stint at good ‘ole Indiana University, my roommates and I used to refer to the day as “Black (fill-in-the-day-it-fell-on-here)”… pretty much dubbing it a day for mourning.  What I learned, however, from all my years of being a depressing Denise is that sitting around whining about not having a Valentine into a cup of booze and (ironically) a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby was the last place I would ever find love.

I mean, you don’t have to be a wizard to know that whiny, over-eating women aren’t considered Grade A, top choice by the male population.  Sitting around feeling sorry for myself, never did me (or my stomach) any favors, which is why I implore all of you – single, dating, married or otherwise – to go out an enjoy Valentine’s Day.  Whether you do something with the one you love the most or simply a bunch of people you love to be around, get out there and celebrate!  How??  You might ask…

Well, for those of you with a loving man at home, I suggest you give him a good squeeze this Valentine’s Day and remind him how nice it is to come home to him every night… but more importantly, for those of you still looking… don’t stay in this weekend and plot a way to steal Cupid’s arrows and shoot him down.  Instead, might I recommend you go out and live it up.  Gather some girls, and get’r’done!  You deserve it; they need it, and let’s be honest, you just might find a man you’d be proud to bring home to Mama… or in Ms. Alba’s case, at least one who’ll do for the night ;)

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