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A ‘Castle’ Wedding for a Budgeting Bride

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Thanks to celebrity power couples like Tom and Katie, Eva and Tony and Victoria and David, castle weddings are becoming all the rage for brides the world over.  Providing the best in dream-come-true- appeal and over the top glam-ocity, it’s easy to see why a castle would make an idyllic setting for the princess bride in all of us.

… But what happens when there’s a trim budget to take into consideration?  Is a Castle Wedding still possible?  Well, according to Jessica Patterson and Matt McCullough, it sure the heck is! 

Recently featured in the Tennessean, Patterson and McCullough tied the night this Valentine’s day (2.14.2010) at their favorite castle during the wedding ceremony of their dreams.  Under a very tight budget and the unmistakable glow of fluorescent lighting, the couple said “I do” front of all their family and friends inside of one the world’s most famous (and delicious) castles ever… White Castle.

That’s right.  Home of the world famous sliders and Patterson’s job for the last four years, the Murfreesboro White Castle provided the perfect setting for their newlywed nuptial love to shine, and it did it all without breaking their bank.

With the help of her co-workers, family and friends, Patterson was able to pull off the day she has now dubbed “the happiest day ever” and was quick to credit all those who assisted in getting the plans together.  “I’m just tickled it turned out so nice,” she said.  <Siiiighhhh> Young love :)

So, without further adieu, can I just say that I love this?  I’m all about couples making their wedding day their own, and this, my dear friends, is making it your own.  To me, Patterson and McCullough knew the “who” on a wedding day is a schmillion times more important than the “what, where, when, why and how’s.”  Consider yourselves, Marilyn’s Keepsakes approved, Julie and Matt and cheers to many years of happiness!

P.S. Feel free to send any of the leftover reception treats to me.  Goodness knows, I’m always down to get my onion petal / chicken ring / slider munch on!

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