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Bridal Veils & Headpieces: A Wedding Day Expense Often Times Forgotten

Me + My Veil (Photo Courtesy of Jessika Feltz Photography)

So many brides can get caught up in the excitement of a buying their wedding dress, that more often than not, they will negate the cost of their veil and / or headpiece.  Fair Warning: DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT do this! 

Because that, my dear brides-to-be, is exactly what I did.  I was soooo pumped to pick out my wedding gown that I totally spaced budgeting in the cost of a veil, which was – in the words of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman after re-entering a store that previously snubbed her – a “Big mistake!  HUGE!”

I was shocked at the price most bridal stores charged for their veils and headpieces.  Maybe it’s just me, but it seems more than a bit ridiculous to charge $500-$1000 for what is basically a glorified piece of tulle sprinkled with glass pearls and rhinestones.  While I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no a fashion designer nor do I house any type of skills when it comes to sewing, my best friend (whhhaddd up, Bre!) does.  In fact, the girl’s a regular wardrobe wizard at both, and even while living in the expensive, fashion capital of the U.S., New York, she didn’t hesitate for even a second to scoff at the prices herself.

I specifically remember having a conversation with her about the cost of the veil I was interested in.  After describing it to her, I was like, “And I do love it, but honestly… $XXX for something I’m only going to wear during the ceremony and is merely a layer of dazzling tulle?!?!?”  Her response was a quick and direct: “Whaaaaaat??  That’s reee-dics!”  (*reee-dics = abbreviation of ridiculous)

Bre’s reaction was just the assurance I needed to know that A) I wasn’t crazy and B) they (aka the bridal boutiques) were.  Of course, in the end, I proved to be the true whackadoodle by getting it anyways…  thanks solely to my wonderful God parents (XOXO! Uncle Spike and Aunt Pam!)… tallying the score card to: Bridal Store – 1, Mary – 0.

Of course, I still can’t blame myself wholly for this whoop-sa-daisy, knee jerk decision… and have an excellent reason why.  Bridal stores are ahhhmazing at fooling brides with their genius trickery by strategically placing the veil and / or headpiece on your head while trying on dresses… Distracted by the “ooh’ing” and “aww’ing” over the dress, one doesn’t even have a chance to object until after you’ve fallen completely in love with the Oh-My-Gosh-I’m-Really-Getting-Married-And-I’m-Gonna-Make-The-Prettiest-Bride-Ever look every girl will find herself having.  And yet, I digress.

While I do not deny the time, effort and energy that potentially went into making my veil (cough, cough), I do know that the expense of materials was no where NEAR the amount of moolah that was spent.  So, might I suggest to any bride out there looking to wear a veil AND save some cheese, imlpore the help of a friend or family member with sewing skills to perhaps help make you one of your very own.

Here, in Indiana, a yard of tulle can be as cheap as $1.50, and even out in New York at Mood – one of the most famous fabric shops – you can still get it for around $5.00 / yard.  Also, places like JoAnn Fabric & Craft Stores sell Swarovski crystals in packs for as cheap as $2.49… bringing the cost of a veil way, WAY down from a boutique price!  Not to mention, decorative headpieces and tiaras can be found for super cheap in malls across America at stores such as Claire’s and Icing, and even if you don’t have these stores (or ones comparable to them), it’s almost just as easy and even more fun to hit up your local craft store and make one yourself.

Finally, if you’re a bride who’s found yourself in the same boat as me – considering jumping ship on the SS Bridal Veil – might I also suggest borrowing from friends or family?  I actually used my sister-in-law’s headpiece for the day and counted it as my “something borrowed;” therefore doubling as a budget cruncher and tradition filler!  Perfect-o moon-do!

P.S. For great finds at nearly half the price, try!

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