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Who Says the Best Things in Life are Free?: Breakdown of Today’s Wedding Budget

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or in denial (lucky you!), it’s fairly obvious to the average American that economic expenditures aren’t quite what they used to be.  However, couples in love are proving that it would take more than a financially recessing nation to prevent them from tying the knot and are saying “I do” anyways!  (Ha!  Take that, you insolent, money crunching economy!  Looks like love truly DOES conquer all!)  

Anyhoot, with all the couples still tying the knot, one question still remains: how much moolah are they gonna spend?  While the average wedding budget took a dip in 2009, falling to $19,581, The Wedding Report – a research company that specializes in gathering and reporting wedding industry trends, facts and information – is happy to report that 2010 is proving to be a year on the incline for bridal budgets everywhere, increasing to $20,187! 

Below is a breakdown of how much the average couple is spending and where they’re spending it.  This will hopefully give all you future brides-to-be out there a better idea of where to allot the least (and the most) amount of your budget!  Cheers and happy planning!

Average Bridal Budget:

How much is the average bride spending?

  • 2008                    $21,814
  • 2009                    $19,581
  • 2010                    $20,187
  • 2012                    $21,400
  • 2014                    $22,300

Bridal Budget Breakdown:

And where is she spending it? (Based on a $20,000 Budget)

  • Reception                                          45%
  • Ceremony                                            3%
  • Attire                                                    10%
  • Photography/Video                          11%
  • Entertainment/Music                       10%
  • Flowers                                                9%
  • Invitations/Stationery                         2%
  • Transportation                                    2%
  • Wedding Rings                                  2%
  • Gifts                                                      2%
  • Miscellaneous                                    4%

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