Unique Wedding Ideas from Actual Brides – Brilliant!

March 10, 2010 at 1:05 pm 1 comment

At the risk of coming off totally unoriginal, today’s blog post is completely dedicated to others!  I came across this Website a few weeks back where brides – over the course of the past few years – have been asked to submit their unique wedding ideas… so imagine my delight when such a simple theory developed into such intricate results!

I was losin’ it as I read through some of the more “colorful” options, but I couldn’t help but applaud the sheer genius of others!  Every wedding day has potential to get Army and be all that it can be; so, why not see what others did for greatness and make it your own?  Below are some of my favorite responses to emerge from ourmarriage.com, but please feel free to add to this list by leaving your unique idea here!  I always love hearing from you :)

Whenever we would go to a wedding we always are wondering who the people in the bridal party are and what is their relation to the bride and groom.  So at our wedding, in the program we listed each person in our wedding party with a little paragraph on how we know this person and a little fun tidbit and or why they are special to us.  It was nice for them to read and gave our guests a special insight of our friends and family and didn’t leave them guessing who was who!

I wanted to do something different for the centerpieces at my reception tables, so I decided to make my own candles. I used the dried flower petals that I had been saving from all of the flowers my fiancée had given me from the time we started dating. I thought that they were a true testament of how our relationship had grown, there were the first flowers he had ever given me, I love you, I’m Sorry, Get Well, thinking of You, Valentine’s Day, and anniversary flowers, all the way up to the purple roses he gave me when he asked me to marry him. They turned out beautifully and everyone loved them!

I wanted a good picture of my dad walking me down the aisle. Instead a picture of our “backs”, we took a few steps, stopped, turned around and the photographer got a great picture of our faces.  It’s the most cherished picture of me and my dad.

I’ve noticed at wedding receptions that the younger guests are usually bored.  So, for my wedding reception, I had a special “children’s table” set up.  There were balloons tied to every chair and “busy packets” at every place setting.  The busy packets contained coloring books and crayons, small puzzles, activity books and blank paper.  The kids were all together so they didn’t have to listen to boring grown up conversation and they had things to keep them busy.  We made a point of visiting the table several times during the reception.  It was a party for them and a great celebration for us! 

[Our guests] are requested to bring along a small Christmas ornament (1/per family) from their personal collections. The purpose of this is to remember all of our friends who came to our wedding. We will hang up all the little ornaments they gave to us on our tree at Christmas.

My fiancée and I absolutely hate the idea of the garter and bouquet toss.  So we have decided to do a variation on the theme. Instead of tossing the bouquet, we are going to give a single flower to every single women at the reception.  The flower will be a duplicate of one of the flowers in my bouquet.  The flower will have a poem pinned to it as well as wishes for love, success and health.  There is no reason that only one girl should have all of the fun, this way every single women is given well wishes.

This isn’t my idea – I was at a wedding the other weekend where this was done and I thought it was very nice! During the ceremony a photographer and a videographer photographed and videoe’d the wedding, as usual. At the reception, which took place right after the wedding (cocktails in between right outside the large room for the reception in between wedding and reception), a presentation was shown on a screen via projector. The presentation started out with photos and such of the bride starting with baby photos and ending with a recent photo. Then the same was done with the groom. They then showed the engagement photo. But then this is where the very nice thing took place: they then showed photos and video footage from their wedding which must have been at the most only an hour and a half earlier – most likely less!! It was a great surprise to all the guests, and it was super because the selected clips from during the ceremony after the procession were taken from a view that showed the bride and groom’s faces so we all got to see the important parts of the wedding from a view nobody gets to see otherwise! It was a fantastic presentation, set to music and all, too, of course. I recommend this idea!!

Instead of rice, bubbles, or anything else that people throw at the bride and groom. The wedding party should burn sparklers when the bride and groom are having their first dance. The lights are dim and the moment is so special, and sparklers are such a different touch. Or, you can get all the guests to burn one when they are leaving at the end. Whatever works.

We are asking our guest to send us their favorite recipes with their RSVP’s. We are then going to make cookbooks to give to our guest as favors. It’s really inexpensive and it’s nice to have a cookbook with both our families’ recipes. You can have the cookbook go with your theme or colors. We are binding ours together with cover coordinating with our invitations.


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