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While our main focus in school was to bring home a report card full of A’s, it’s all about the C’s when it comes to choosing a girl’s best friend.  Enter Stage Right: zee diamond! 

Often imitated but never duplicated, every girl is capable of channeling her inner Marilyn and belting out that “a kiss on the hand may be quite continental,” but many don’t have the slightest idea why “diamond’s are a girl’s best friend” nor can they even begin to recognize what goes into distinguishing their worth…  

But stick with me, ladies, while I slice through the Four C’s of the Diamond Kingdom – Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat – and educate you on how to find your perfect match… to go with your already perfect mate :) 


photo courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

A diamond’s cut is perhaps the most recognizable “C” for the untrained eye to identify.  Heck, even my Mister knew the difference between cuts, and he tends to stray away from all things girly in nature.  For seriuos, the man still considers manks (man tanks) and gym shorts a fashion statement. Oy vey!

Because a diamond’s cut is distinguished by the facet proportions on its surface, most people have the ability to tell the difference from one cut to the next.  It’s important to note, however, that while the cut directly correlates to the shape, it most honestly refers to the symmetry, portion and polish of the design guide it’s following.

According to Tiffany & Co., there is a sacrifice that comes when a stone is cut to maximize brilliance.  In order to achieve the most brilliant cut possible, size is often lost in the transition.  Therefore, it’s key to only purchase diamonds that are cut for brilliance and not size.  This will ensure you’re getting the highest quality diamond possible.  

*Please Note: Below is a chart showing the different shapes varying cuts can create, not the guidelines used to determine brilliance, but I consider it helpful nonetheless :)

photo courtesy of


You may find yourself asking: Color?  What color does a ‘clear’ diamond have?  And my response to you would be an emphatic: Exactly!  In the case of most engagement and wedding bands, the diamond color should be treated under the theory of less is more.  In order for diamonds to be considered perfect, they must be free and clear from any color whatsoever.  Ideally, we’re looking for a face of total transparency, which as its name ensues, is incredibly hard to find.

RARELY does nature produce diamonds that are both chemically pure, as well as structurally perfect; so, many contain hints and tints of yellow.  The color grade scale on which diamonds are rated (shown below) measures the saturation levels of yellow found in imperfect diamonds.  The higher the saturation, the lower the grade.  While this is generally undetectable to the naked eye, the color of a diamond can dramatically affect its price by hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

Therefore, this is the one most people “cheat” on when they’re willing to sacrifice quality for quantity. 

*Please Note: In the case of some diamonds (ie. the Hope Diamond and those displayed in the Aurora Pyramid Collection), the intensity of color can add to a diamond’s value. Depending on the coloration, saturation and rarity of a diamond, the price can be significantly increased.  Red diamonds are the rarest, and therefore, the most expensive.
photo courtesy of


In the case of diamonds, clarity measures a stone’s level of flawlessness, which like skin, is best flaunted to the public imperfection and blemish free.  Essentially all diamonds have some type of imperfection or inclusion – as their called in the diamond world; it’s just some are less noticeable than others. 

In order for a diamond to be considered “flawless,” it can’t show any type of external imperfections under the power of 10x magnification, which is really, REALLY difficult to achieve!  Thus, reflecting in a much higher price tag. 

I mean honestly, think of your skin.  Now, think of your skin in HD.  Can we say “Yikes!”  Heck, even Victoria’s Secret models show cellulite if the TV’s large enough and  vision’s clear enough; so, before you write off Aphrodite as your diamond option… remember, somewhere slightly lower on the pay grade is a Giselle Bünchen.  And that, my friends, ain’t so bad :)

photo courtesy of


The final “C” is carat and lays weight to the famous question, “Does size matter?”  The answer: Yes, yes it does :)  The weight of each diamond is measured in carats and when compared to other diamonds of equal quality, the larger diamond will win every time.  Despite popular belief, however, carat weight alone cannot determine the price of a diamond.

Unfortunately, since it’s what most people see first, many go to it as the main measurement in a diamond’s status.  But I would urge you all not to do this!  When choosing your diamond, always, always, always try follow the number one rule of thumb and choose QUALITY over QUANTITY. 

photo courtesy of


But no matter what, just remember, “Square cut or pear shaped, these rocks don’t lose their shape! [Because] Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!”  Boop, boop, be doop!  Ooh!


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