Last Fling Before the Ring: Fun Bachelorette Party Themes

May 5, 2010 at 12:57 pm 1 comment

Who says boys have to have all the fun?  Bachelorette parties can be just as over the top as any boy raging Bachelor bash, and we even have the opportunity to do them one better… we can go in theme!  Boo yeah!

Sure, sure, boys may not find the fun in dressing to the nines, but us girls??  Well, we own the right to gettin’ gussied up, which is why themed bachelorette parties can be sooo much fun!  Below are some of today’s most popular choices:

Bar / Golf Bachelorettes

It’s sporty.  It’s cute, and it’s sure to get you noticed.  Have fun playing up this hole-in-one theme with short, pleated skirts, argyle socks, sporting visors and preppy, popped collars.  Heck, it worked for Debra Messing in The Wedding Date (mmmm, Dermot Mulroney); so, why not let it work for you?

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Sex in the City / Cosmopolitan Cuties

Be the queens of Cosmos and Manolos with this uber chic theme.  Bedeck yourselves in high heels, short skirts and over the top accessories, and you’ll be sure to have a night of high fashioned, sexy styled fun!

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Viva Las Vegas / Ante Up Already

While the emergence of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter make it difficult to keep the motto “What happens here, stays here” in tact, they also give way for great memories to shine!  So, be sure to razzle dazzle them in sequined dresses, royal flush shot glasses and poker chip necklaces.  No matter how you dress it up (or down), this theme will have you ready to gamble on some good times!

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Devil’s Advocate / Angel Awareness

Let your entourage dress in black and red, accented with devilish horns and frisky pitchforks; while you play the role of the demure and pure angel in white.  Sports wings, a halo veil and glitter dust, and you’ll be sure to set the tone for blaze-worthy fun!

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Black & White / Damasked Damsels

Ornament yourselves in black and white for a masquerade themed bash that will have heads turning and shots pouring wherever you go!  By dressing in the classic neutral shades of black (for the girls) and white (for yourself), you’ll leave the fashion window wide open to bring in the craziest, most glitter filled, feathered frocked masks you can imagine!  Plus, if things get too out of hand, you’ll have something to cover up the evidence it was you – haha!

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Flashback / 80’s Prom

Don’t even front like this theme isn’t at the top of all your lists :)  Crimped hair, poof-tastic tresses, laced gloves and layered tights can only add up to one thing… Pure Awesomeness.  You’ll easily have a retro rewind kind of fun you’ll want to relive over and over again :)

photo courtesy of Kelly Paul

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