Mother-in-Law Hell: Why Taking the Low Road Creates Natural Highs for DIL’s in Distress

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The tale of 2 Mother-in-Laws, as told by 2005’s Monster-in-Law:

Viola Fields (dressed in white to attend her own son’s wedding):  I cannot believe she compared me to Gertrude!
Ruby:  I know.  That’s just wrong.
Viola Fields:  Thank you!
Ruby:  You are far worse.  I don’t recall Gertrude ever trying to poison you, and I believe she wore black to your wedding.
Viola Fields:  Black.  Yeah, she said she was in mourning…

Ahh, yes.  The age old battle of Mama Drama as it directly relates to the most infamous mother ever – the in-law.  This type of ancient woe has fallen victim to more tragic trials, tribulations and let’s face it, sheer comic genius ever and it’s no wonder why. 

Made famous by characters like Viola Fields (played by Jane Fonda) and Marie Barone (played by Doris Roberts) in Everybody Loves Raymond, mother-in-laws are typically portrayed in some of the most unflattering lights known to man, and while the “glass-half-full-girl” in me wants to give these sad pot stirrers the benefit of the doubt… I must digress to the factual information at hand.

For instance, a dear, dear co-worker of mine recently shared the tragic tale of her mother-in-law on the day she took her son’s hand in marriage.  Dead sere, I almost lost it when she revealed that her attention hungry, fifty-something M.I.L.  began acting a fool when she didn’t receive the self-assumed, star treatment she knew she deserved and announced to the entire group of family and friends that she was – in  fact – pregnant…

I mean really???  Really, lady?  ‘Cause that’s the best, most obvious way to win over the spotlight on someone else’s wedding day… by creating a fictional “I’m with child” story.  Get a grip. 

Of course, this story, among so many others I’ve heard throughout the years, created an incessant compulsion within me to see what other kinds of stories were out there and documented for others to see.

<Enter Stage Right:>

Once featured on Dr. Phil, provides what one must believe – after reading even a few tragic snippets – to be the most needed platform of release in the history of mankind.  One girl even goes as far to tell the story of  her mother-in-law and the blatant disregard she has for health, happiness and the future well being of her grandchildren.  Robin – the daughter-in-law – said that after years of battling a smoking addiction, she finally was able to kick the habit.  (Way to go, girl!) 

But instead of having the full support of her M.I.L., Robin was told that if she didn’t lose the weight she’d gained from quitting, she would need to pick it back up in order to be accepted for the annual family portrait… because there would be no “chunky monkeys” allowed.

Three letters… W.O.W.

It’s like some people have no shame, which is exactly why this Web site exists.  Made up of tens of thousands of women forming the Daughter-in-Law Sisterhood, this Web site will make you laugh; make you cry; give you advice; and let you vent.  It’s the reality check you need when you start to feel your M.I.L. is out of control or at the very least, a forum to put her on blast when she does!  Haha!


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