Boudoir Sessions Bring the Bow-Chicka-Wow-Wow to Pre-Wedding Countdowns

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I believe Right Said Fred put it best when he grunted, “I’m too sexy for my shirt.  Too sexy for my shirt.  So sexy it hurts.”  And if something hurts from too much sexy, brides everywhere are learning to simply take it off. 

With the vast of amounts of wedding trends overtaking traditions, there have been several bridal developments that have seemingly risen above the rest.  One of the biggest wedding trends to raise eyebrows and heartbeats is the little bit naughty / lot bit nice nature of Boudoir Photography Sessions.

“Boudoir” – deriving from the French word bouder, meaning to pout – is defined as a woman’s dressing or private sitting room.  By definition alone, “boudoir” is rather a straightforward term, but it’s not the definition that gets most men hot under the collar.  It’s the connotation surrounding the word that has a much more attractive, revealing appeal. 

While boudoir photography wasn’t always viewed in the most positive light (especially by the more prudish), it has now become a big selling point between wedding photographers and their potential clients.  By presenting these scantily clad sessions in with their packages, wedding photographers offer future brides the ability to give their soon-to-be husbands a gift that is inclusively sexy, suggestive, fun and flirtatious.

They can be everything from provocative and over-the-top to simply sweet and sassy.  The designs, layouts and clothing (or lack thereof) are really up to the comfort level of the bride and her photographer, and while the end results may look different from person to person, they are all surrounded with the same notion of legendary sex appeal. 

The romantically sensual sessions are then packaged up neatly and given to the future husbands as gifts before the wedding day, and no man under the sun could deny that level of hotness.  It’s an art form that brings the inner pin up girl, saloon bar maid or Moulin Rouge rebel out of even the most demure of girls and the biggest man to his knees.  Ooh la la!

Of course I would love to give you examples of some of my favorite shots, but this is a family site, people!  Haha!  For the braver cohorts reading this who are interested, simply Google “boudoir photography,” and you’ll see what I mean :)


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