Wedding Reality Shows: Shining Light on Some Bright (& Dim) Situations

May 17, 2010 at 12:31 pm 2 comments

It is time for a bridal reality check… and I’m not just talking about lists here, people!  I’m talking about bridal reality television…  

Whether a person is willing to admit it or not, the fact still remains that reality TV is one of today’s most successful guilty pleasures to ever reach the masses, and this most certainly rings true for the shows featuring weddings.  From Bridezillas and Platinum Weddings to Say Yes to the Dress and Bulging Brides, here’s a list of some of the more outrageous reasons people are tuning in and turning on to reality wedding TV:

Say Yes to the Dress: Set in Manhattan’s famed Kleinfeld Bridal Salon, this wedding wonder features 35,000 square feet of bridal dresses and hot messes.  Between all the variables (ie. differing consultant opinions, wide ranging budgets, entourage sizes and bride-to-be styles), Say Yes to the Dress is an ideal setup for beautiful gowns and crazy personalities to clash.  While some stories will easily tug at one’s heart strings and end with big smiles, they are juxtaposed with just as many jerks and quirks… ahhh, bridal magic.  Catch it: Fridays @ 9pm/8C on TLC

Bridezillas: A true gem of wedded reality, this unfortunate display of brides-to-be most often times leaves viewers wondering why the soon-to-be grooms ever got down on one knee in the first place.  Filled with “I’m pregnant with octuplet raging” hormones and fueled by a severe case of “it’s all about me!” mentality, bridezillas are a breed all of their own.  While the first couple seasons all had happily ever after endings for the bridal brats and unhappily ever after endings for just about everyone else, the next few might just show a change in the winds.  Hmm, could Alice Cooper be right?  Is it time for “No more Mr. Nice Guy!?”  Heee-heee-heee!  Catch it: Sundays @ 9pm/8C on WeTV

Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?: This reality show pairs wedding planners to prenuptial couples looking to create the wedding day of their dreams.  With a wide range of budgets and personalities to mix and mingle, the show unfolds what can only be described as power struggle between the forces of good and evil. Of course, who is good and who is evil is strictly left up to the viewer, but one thing is for certain, while there may be no definitive answer to who’s right and who’s wrong, there will always be strong rebuttals on both sides supporting their cause.  Catch it: Tuesdays @ 10pm/9C on Style Network

Platinum Weddings: What does one get when they add up va-va-voom and cha-cha-ching?  Why, Platinum Weddings, of course! Talk about living in the lap of luxury; the brides featured on this show give definition to all things haute couture, creatively custom and drop dead dramatic.  Because budgets are never an issue, the couples characterized on this show only know one speed (warp) and one end result (over the top), and no matter how bad a person is with numbers, it doesn’t take a math wizard to see just how lavish an event can become when money is no object.  Catch it: Sundays @10pm/9C on WeTV  

Bulging Brides: As its name would suggest, this reality show is all about brides trying to shape up, trim down, <squeeeeze> in and look more fabulous than ever on their Mrs. debut.  Like most wedding planning ladies (heck, ladies in general), the girls featured on this show struggle with weight gain and will power before throughout the wedding planning process; so, Bulging Brides teams them up with a personal trainer and nutritionist for six weeks of true grit and bear it work outs, meal plans and rules in hopes that they will look and feel just the way they always dreamed!  Catch it: on the Discovery Health Channel and WeTV

Four Weddings: Get the score cards ready, ladies; for this series has four brides, along with their grooms and entire wedding package, set up on the chopping block.  Each bride is responsible for judging the other three bride’s big days, which concentrate on four main areas: the dress, the venue, the food and the overall experience with only one being crowed the top bride.  And to the victor go the spoils; as the bride with the best overall scores wins a dream honeymoon for her and her husband to enjoy for free!  Catch it: Fridays @ 10pm/9C on TLC


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  • 1. pharmacy technician  |  July 3, 2010 at 11:42 am

    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  • 2. WeddingGirl74  |  May 17, 2010 at 2:47 pm

    Four Weddings is my favorite one out of the bunch by far…


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