Marry in the Roses of June & Life will be one Long Honeymoon

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1953 June cover of Ladies' Home Journal

It seems that ever since I can remember, little girls are always taught that June is the month to marry… being a November bride myself, I couldn’t help but wonder why.  So, like any good researcher, I first turned to my favorite grade school subject, history, to see what I could discover.

And discover, my dear friends, is exactly what I did!  Historically speaking, there are several reasons why June has been the unmistakable month to marry.  First, June is named after the Roman goddess, Juno, who is famously known as the patroness of marriage.  I mean, hello???… seems like a pretty good start to me! 

June is also the month known synonymously for warmer weather, and in previous centuries was typically related to the time of year right after a woman’s annual bath… and yes, I said annual… personal hygiene wasn’t really the main focus during the mid to late centuries.  I suppose, however, if everyone smelled to high heaven together, what diff did it make?  Haha!

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Even as time went on, June remained the standout marrying month for female pioneers because it was thought if a woman were to get married in June, she’d birth her first child the following spring and have plenty of time to recover before the fall harvest.  (Is anyone else glad they were born in the 20th century?)

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But it’s not just historical facts, myths, legends and superstitions that lead so many women to say “I do” in June; it’s also all the hype that the present day puts on it.  In Bride Wars, both Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway’s characters refuse to be anything but a June Plaza bride. 

This same reference is made in Sweet Home Alabama when Melanie Smooter, played by Reese Witherspoon, reiterates to her supposed future mother-in-law that all the press would be expecting the Plaza in June… because apparently, if you’re a New York bride, it’s all about the Plaza in June.  And I have to admit, after getting an eyeful of the picture below, I can see why…

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Without a doubt, June has been the hands down winner for “most likely to succeed in wedded bliss” year after year.  Several celebutantes – as if you didn’t already KNOW I’d need to reference them :) – have also followed the June bridal suit. 

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Tina Fey, Jennifer Lopez (on marriage # 3) and Nicole Kidman (on marriage # 2) all took the plunge in June.  Kendra Wilkinson, Alicia Silverstone, Christy Turlington and Jennifer Garner said “I do” during the famed sixth month of the year, and not to mention, Marcia Cross, Adriana Lima and Tori Spelling who all made their love offish in June!

The list goes on and on, people.  (Even with brides that didn’t make it – cough cough – Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Anniston – cough cough – wed in June!)  There’s simply no escaping the phenomenon known as the June Bride.  Between movie references, celebutantes and every day brides, stepping out of single town and into married life was then, is now and perhaps forever shall be, June.


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