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Short Engagement Success: Because Slow ‘n’ Steady Doesn’t Always Win the Race

MK's answer to organized style!

Which is exactly what my dear friend and most recently engaged bride-to-be, Kimmi, told me oh so many years ago during our four year stint at IU Bloomington (Hoo-Hoo-Hoo-Hoosiers!).  While I had a tendency to move at a glacial pace when crossing anything ice-covered, Kimmi would always oh-so-endearingly remind me that the Tortoise VS the Hare was a fairytale…  So, it’s fitting she’s using this same approach for planning her wedding day :)

Freshly engaged just two weeks ago, Kimmi’s Prince Charming popped the question during her last visit to South China, where he’s been working for the past year.  Not even 7,000 miles or 20 hour plane rides could keep these two love birds from blossoming their love into eternity, and this pretty little lady has to admit, it makes my marriage lovin’ heart <sigh> to see the happiness radiating off her soon-to-be newlywed glow.

Or should I say… VERY-soon-to be?

In the era where the average bride takes anywhere from 12-18 months to plan her big day, Ms. Kimmi has taken what some brides consider the more practical route and opted for a shorter engagement.  Her and Billiam (Kimmi’s nickname for her beau, as she already has a Liam and William in her life – haha!) are set to get married this December 18, and they couldn’t be more excited!

As I perused my BFF, Google, for fitting advice for brides walking a little more briskly down the aisle, I came across some super finds on a forum where one bride sounded off on her short engagement.  Here’s some of the more thought- provoking, encouraging remarks (as well as peanut gallery commentary from yours truly):

Cler writes:  We’re getting married end of May and only have 6 months to plan.  It’s our 5th month and we’re not that stressed.  My sister just got married last November, and it took her less than 3 months to plan with our help.  I actually like short engagement because you’re able to keep it simple.  I know some folks who have long engagements and with so many ideas coming in, they add it to their wedding.  Too much stress I think.

Agreed.  Sometimes “more” isn’t better… it’s just more.  More time.  More stress.  More opportunities to change / update / rotate / re-rotate / flip / alter / add / etc.  All the little extras attached on to the wedding bill can really add up.  And in this day in age, where saving is sexy, it’s important to remain decisive.  And speaking of decisive…

RecessionistaBride writes: Congratulations on your engagement! You can definitely get it done, you just need to make decisive choices! :)  I wish I had a short engagement!  By the time we marry we’ll have been engaged 1.5 years– waaaaay too long.  I think 6 months is just enough time to plan a perfect wedding!

Ms. Purple writes:  I absolutely agree with everyone that it’s all definitely doable.  We were engaged Dec. 09 and we’ll be married May 2010.  The one thing that I’ve followed (which my fiancée taught me) was not to boggle yourself with too many choices.  We only saw three venues, I only tried on maybe 12 dresses, etc.  I find the more choices you give yourself the harder it is to make a decision.  Also be open minded and don’t set your heart on one thing!  and remember to have fun! :-)

Agreed.  Six months is more than enough time to plan a wedding, especially if you don’t have the incessant – and let’s face it, annoying – need to SEE and TRY EVERYTHING!  No one can; so, why bother to set yourself up for failure?  At the end of the day, you’ll still be married, and that’s what’s most important! 

Cablegirl writes:  Our engagement will be 7 months and I have found my dress, picked the venue, found a DJ, photographer and I still have 5 months to go. Just yesterday I was asking myself why do people need a year + to plan a wedding. I must be missing something. So far so good.

Agreed.  The Mister and I were engaged just under a year, and I found that MORE than enough time to get everything done.  Often times, I would say to my mom, “I mean I get planning a wedding is a big deal, but honestly… a few calls here… a check in there… and TA-DA!  The wedding’s ready!” 

So, while every bride may be different, at the end of the day, each one deserves the best!  No matter what you’re timeline may be, just remember to stay calm and stress free!  Trust a girl who’s gone through it… the journey is much more enjoyable, if you allow yourself to enjoy it! 

And congrats again, Kimmi!  Can’t even wait for the big day… you’ll make a beautiful bride and an even more beautiful wife!  Here’s to you, your upcoming nuptials, the wonderful man who won you over and many, MANY years of love, laughter and happiness! 

Kimmi and I celebrating at our most recent girlfriend gathering!


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