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5 Wedding Cake Trends for the Modern Bride

Wedding cakes have long been a testament to the staying power of bold colors, ruffled tiers, manufactured fondant and intricate designs.  However, we are currently seeing a shift in these eccentric trends as the modern bride becomes a less fussy breed.  As weddings themselves scale back into more relaxed and casual affairs, the cakes are seemingly following suit, as couples opt for cleaner lines and better taste.

Butter Cream Dreams – For a while, this frosting favorite had taken a back seat to fondant’s flavorless yet smoother form.  But many couples feared that they were compromising taste for aesthetics; hence, the return to butter cream.  Brides now – more than ever – are embracing the charming untidiness of this cake trend in order to pump up the taste volume and give a nod to vintage chic!

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(Oh! Oh! Oh, oh, oh!) The White Stuff – A revival that goes hand-in-hand with its butter cream counterpart, the infamous all white cake evokes a more naturally frosted look.  Concentrated in a polished appeal and textured trends, these clean looking cakes are generally always backed with their over the top tastes!  Liz Shim of Eat Cake Be Merry recommends an all-white confection with lots of texture for a more “chic blank canvas” look.

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Modern Monograms – Give your cake a kick of personalized flare with your newly instated monogram!  Because cake toppers aren’t just your plastic bride and groom anymore, creative couples everywhere are going for more offbeat, unique accessories.  Some companies will even take a photo of the couple and specifically personalize figurines to look just like them.  More popular (and reasonably priced), however, is when couples take their initials and turn heads with a monochromatic, monogram cake toppers… which happens to one of our favorites, as well!!

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Flower Power (That’s Tasty Too!) – Rather than frosting your cake with more flowers than a garden, cake artists today are creating incredibly real-looking sugar flowers. These blooms are much fuller so you’ll only need a few for garnish. Renowned cake designer Ron Ben-Israel says these sugar flowers will give the cake “a sleeker look”, as opposed to an overwhelming confection of blossom piping.

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Dog Daze – Believe it or not, one of the newer trends in wedding cake accents is personalized pooches. More and more couples are requesting that their pets make a cameo on their cake, made purely of frosting.

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So when you begin the cake design process, remember that less is more this year. Matching the piping on your cake to the lace on your dress is out, and butter cream and sugar flowers are in. It’s all about the homemade, nummy goodness and delicious taste.


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