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Check Yes or No: Do You Agree These Wedding Trends Should Go? (Opinions Wanted!)

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If you’re a bride-to-be who’s anything like me, you’ve more than likely been guilty of (or mayhaps a better term: fallen victim to) the inevitable, internet OVER-search.  With the World Wide Web access being so readily available and containing such a vast threshold of all the latest and greatest, it’s soooo easy to get sucked into the “Hottest Trends for 2010” or “Wedding Etiquette 101” or “What 2 Do 2 Cure the Monster-in-Law Blues” or… you get the drift.  And with all this pre-wedding curiosity bursting at the seams, wedding searches just may be the biggest version of unnoticed overload ever.     

Because there are so many options for brides to choose from, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to planning your wedding.  So, why not try to sort through things by the process of elimination?  If your interest is to have an event that your guests will love as much as you do, why not look to see what other people or even you, yourself, are constantly complaining about and delete them off the list!?

Recently, – a self proclaimed sweet, tasty and tart blog – published an article on wedding trends they hope will disappear titled, I Now Pronounce You Annoying — Wedding Trends That Need to Go.  Written in a sarcastically humorous tone, the author introduces the “Debbie Downer” trends by stating:

The older you get and the more weddings you attend, the more they stop being fun and start sucking the life force out of you. (

Haha, I’m guessing the author is not friends with these guys…

Pic from Wedding Crashers, the Movie (courtesy of

And while the sentiment being expressed is over exaggerated, its underlying message is not. Here are‘s Picks 2 Nix, but what I want to know is if you agree:

  1. “Half-a-Dozen Parties Before the Actual Wedding.”  Stating annoyance in the fact that a wedding is not just a wedding, but an Engagement Dinner, Bridal Shower, Bachelor / Bachelorette Party, Rehearsal Dinner, Ceremony and Reception… are weddings becoming too costly – and, in turn, too annoying – for guests to remain excited for when the actual day arrives?
  2. “The Long, Intensely Religious Religious Ceremony.”  Because not everyone on a couple’s guest list will necessarily be of the same religious denomination, is it too much to ask for everyone to participate in a ceremony that may or may not last over an hour when they don’t actually practice the faith? 
  3. “The Bouquet Toss.”  While a time-honored tradition – no doubt – is the bouquet toss becoming more of a necessary evil, filled with self-conscious single ladies battling for a bouquet or is it still a fun and essential part of the reception’s routine?
  4. “Stupid Toasts.”  Laying reference to the excess length (and inevitably, the excess amount of undisclosed information) a wedding speech can emit, do you think it’s more important to keep things moving along or let your best man recall the ultra embarrassing time you blankety-blanked the blank, down to the very last, nitty gritty – painfully discomforting – detail? 
  5. “DJs Who Demand You DANCE!”  In lieu of the fact that in due time, all the beer drinking patrons will eventually make it to the dance floor, is it necessary for DJ Jazzy (fill in name here) to constantly announce for everyone to “get up off of that thang!” or simply just let them “dance when they feel better?”
  6. “Video Testimonials.”  Stating that only the most “obnoxious, drunk and unstable guests take the opportunity” to divulge in such a awkward process, are video testimonials becoming the TMI portion of a bride and groom’s happy day?

Now, more importantly than this list, is your opinion of it ORRRR even better yet, other things you’d like to add!

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Make No “Bones” About It: Emily Deschanel is Officially Off The Market

Deschanel & Hornsby get hitched! (photo courtesy of

Star of Fox Network’s runaway hit, Bones (FAVE!!!), Emily Deschanel, 33, has been in the acting game since her breakout role in 1994’s, It Could Happen to You.  The older sister of Zooey Deschanel – known best for her roles in Almost Famous, Elf and Yes Man, the now Mrs. Emily really made a name for herself in 2005 when she landed in the lead role of Dr. Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist, in the Fox series, Bones.

And while her onscreen chemistry with crime fighting partner Seely Booth (played by former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star, David Boreanaz) truly is an epic display of “will they / won’t they,” it was her off screen ooh la la with fellow actor David Hornsby that had bells ringing this past weekend.

According to, Deschanel who bears a freakish resemblance to one of my favorite girlfriend’s affectionately known as Mama…

See what I mean? Deschanel left, Mama right. (Deschanel photo courtesy of

 …and Hornsby, star of FX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, tied the knot during a quiet ceremony in the Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles on Saturday.   In front of an intimate group of the couple’s closest friends and family, Deschanel said “I do” to Hornsby sporting a pair of matching diamond encrusted and platinum scroll hair pins and drop earrings by Neil Lane.

The low key couple couldn’t be any cuter and we wish them all the best!!  Cheers, Emily and David, to many, MANY years of happiness!  Here’s to your happily ever after :)  P.S. Love love love both of you shows!!

***And in other celebrity, wedding related newsJackass star, Johnny Knoxville tied the knot for the second time with long time girlfriend and baby mama, Naomi Nelson during a private ceremony on Friday, 9/24/2010.  And former American Idol contestant and runner-up, Crystal Bowersox, also got engaged to musician, Brian Walker, which comes as a shock to several fans after she infamously broke up with her former boyfriend the night before the big AI finale.  Apparently, love is not only blind; it’s also quick to recover and rekindle :)

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Altar Style 101: Decorate Your Altar with Love (+ These 6 Amazing Details)

Your wedding ceremony is the most pivotal point of your big day and provides the soul reason the rest of the day is spent celebrating.  Because your ceremony is when you finally say “I do” to your boo in front of all your closest family and friends, it’s important to have your personal style reflected in its epic significance.  But how to do it?   Here’s a list of the latest  and greatest trends that chic couples everywhere are using to decorate their altars with their love:

Garlands. Whether it’s lots of tiny strands that shower the backdrop or full and quirky strings of pomanders that dazzle your ceremony, these charming festoons have been seen everywhere.  Not to mention, garland gallivants as a great DIY project!  Because it can be designed to complement any wedding, theme or color, garland truly is one of the most workable projects.  White, honeycomb garlands look simple and elegant, silk petal garlands add a touch of natural beauty, and colorful pom strings give a sense of playfulness.

photo courtesy of

Signs.  As one of the newest trends to lend a hand, these altar ornaments tend to lean more toward the untraditional side of things.  From smaller signs to bigger banners, this type of altar decorum is known to say anything from “L-O-V-E” to “Today Begins Our Happily Ever After”.  Just make sure the words you choose truly reflect your personalities as a couple, and don’t be afraid to get creative.

photo courtesy of

Branches. A popular option for outdoor or seaside nuptials, this rustic altar pays homage to the great outdoors. A close representation of beautifully washed-up tree branches, these structural beauties can be bare-boned branch simplicity or rustic fullness complete with twigs and leaves.  Fashion into a simple arrangement or construct an entire canopy but be warned: this DIY may require the aid of a handy friend or carpenter.

photo courtesy of

Flowers. Floral arrangements are more customary as far as altar options go but still stunning, nonetheless. To make this altar accessory truly unique, fashion with the best of your garden desires: pears, ivy, flowers, birds, butterflies, palm fronds, etc.

photo courtesy of

Bamboo.  Similar to the branch altar displays, bamboo beauts can have just as much rural appeal as they do beach time entanglement.  Because of their sturdy – typically cleaner –  construction,  they also work incredibly for building altar archways.  Embellish them with a seaside theme by adding seashell garlands, palm fronds, tropical flowers, streams of tulle, or simply leave as be for a more rustic touch.

photo courtesy of

Lanterns.  Add to your wedding day glow by adorning your altar with floating lanterns. Essential for a nighttime ceremony, you can dangle these luminaries in an arc-shape, putting a romantically modern twist on the traditional alter arch.

photo courtesy of

No matter what you choose or how you decorate, just make sure it reflects your personal style… and that the ceremony site is A.O.Kay with it :)

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Oprah + Vera Wang = *O* Whole Lotta *Vera*y Happy Brides 2 Be

photo courtesy of

Alright.  The title’s a bit of a stretch, but work with me here, people!  Because the news itself is sooo worth the super reaching headline!

On Friday’s episode of (skies part, angels sing) Oprah, Vera Wang and Ms. O herself delighted audience members on the verge of nuptial bliss when they gave away 50 of Vera’s very opulent gowns!  And while I’m sure each one of the Future Mrs. So and So’s would’ve been more than happy to end their victory dance there, Big O’s gravy train just kept rolling in!

That’s right.  She went ahead and one-upped herself after the gowns were given away by then offering these lovely ladies in waiting a $250 gift card to Kohl’s, where Wang’s Simply Vera collection is available, a $4000 (eye chee wah wah!) gift certificate to Marriott Hotels and Resorts and finally, two United Airlines travel vouchers. 

Now, I know what you’re all thinking, “Man!  I gotta get me some tickets to an Oprah show!” – because, darlings, I think the same darn thing after every “Favorite Things” episode!  However, for those of you not lucky enough to be in her studio audience, fear not, for there is good news for all!

Vera Wang – who’s known as bridal couture’s finest feature – is now in the final stages of polishing her new line that will make its fabulous debut at David’s Bridal, February of 2011!!  Hooty hoot!  The price tag?  Anywhere between $600 – $1500.  And ranging in sizes from 0 – 14 – ’cause Lord KNOWS us chubby bunnies love us some couture too :) :) :)

“These dresses will be available to so many more brides than I’ve been able to ever reach before,” Wang told Winfrey.  “So it’s a whole new world for us and bridal, with all the same aesthetics and design philosophy.” (The Oprah Winfrey Show, 9/17/210) 

So, in the meantime – between now and February 2011 – feel free to watch the entire Oprah clip here and keep dreaming in Vera!

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Pretty Postage: How to Save Money on your Wedding Invitations

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According to the Bridal Association of America, the average couple spends a whopping $659 on their wedding invitations and that doesn’t even include the cost of postage!  So, as more and more couples start cutting the fat from their wedding budgets, invites seem to be taking up an unnecessarily large piece of the monetary pie.  And unless you’re willing to take a risk on an empty reception hall, invitations are absolutely essential.  Sure, e-vites are informational, but they lack a sense of formality and tradition.  So, how do you get what you want without paying a pretty penny?  Here’s some advice :)

Paper – Here, you will need to think a little out of the box. Stationary retailers are expensive for the same reason any retailer is more costly: markup.  But if you stick with office suppliers, wholesalers, or any paper-carrying company that offers bulk sizes, you can purchase printable card stock for mere cents.  Always remember that the more folds and detailing on each invite, the more costly the total will be; so stick with basic, flat cards to avoid the extra fees.

Design – This is the part where a couple’s home-made creativity can really shine.  Make sure you have a printer that’s up for the task with plenty of ink.  It may sound intimidating, but a multitude of design templates and programs have popped up recently to provide DIY brides more personalized options when printing at home.  For those of you who still find templates too daunting, there are still many options.  If you’re lacking a design guru friend willing to work for free, consult the web for a vast array of pre-made design templates and make sure the design you choose goes with your wedding theme and colors.

DIY –These details will provide that budget-friendly, je ne sais quoi you’ve been looking for. And by doing-it-yourself, you save the inherent overhead you’d be paying for someone else to do it.  The following invitation extras can run the gamut from basic to extravagant, but here are a few ideas that are popular today:

  • Ribbons:  The most enduring of trends, a classic ribbon tied around the card that complements the themes and hues of the invitations adds a feeling of elegance.  Many brides also punch out two holes near the top, thread the ribbon through, and tie a beautiful bow for a chic touch.

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

  • Stamps:  Getting a personalized or monogrammed stamp is an effective and affordable tool when it comes to the paper products of your wedding.  Embellish your invites and RSVP cards and then seal the deal when you adorn the envelope with your customized wedding design.  And get really fancy by creating a melted wax seal and closing your envelopes shut with with a look that’s truly vintage!

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

  • Flowers:  If you want your invites to really look fancy without the frivolous cost, add some fresh blooms. Keep in mind that extra weight equals extra postage costs, so keep the flowers minimal.  Try tying a single sprig of baby’s breath into bow on the invitation. For a flatter finish, adorn the invites with pressed flowers; simply use a spray adhesive and press.

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

Postage – Mailing costs often seem trivial, but can really add up if you’re not cautious, especially for guest list that seem to scroll on for days!  As mentioned above, keeping the weight of each invitation to an absolute minimum will save you a pretty penny; every extra ounce per envelope will cost you.  With that in mind, send your RSVPs as postcards.  This avoids the extra weight of an excess envelope, and costs less anyway.  Also, avoid square-shaped envelopes or ones that don’t fit within the traditional requirements – they’ll increase postage fees by 50%.

So as long as you plan ahead and avoid excess costs, keep your eyes peeled for great bargains, and put your mind to a little DIY, you’re wedding invitations will look like a million bucks without the hefty price tag.

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But I’d Be Done See’n ‘Bout Everything, When I See An Elephant Fly (or this)… Why?

Who wants to be a Stepford Wife Bride? (photo courtesy of

Look, I’m a fan of reality television just as much as the next celeb-obsessed, trash TV junkie, but I just can’t quite get behind the new E! series brewing on the back burner.  According to, Bridalplasty, which will air it’s debut on my one year anniversary, Nov. 28, 2010 (how ironic?), is the latest and questionably greatest wedding reality series put on by E!.

The extreme makeover show – set to be hosted by former Miss USA and Mrs. Travis Barker, Shanna Moakler – was conjured under the premise of gathering 12 brides-to-be with low self-esteem looking for a Swan-like (who remembers that disastrous ditty of a series?) transformation before their big day.

Now, while I’m all for self improvement, I’m just not sure going down a long list of nips, tucks and dollywops is necessarily the answer a soon-to-be Mrs. really should endure before the big day.  And I’m even more convinced this decision is a fail after reading that the “grand reveal” will actually be done ON the big day itself when the groom (who I should mention is not allowed to see his blushing (hopefully no longer bruised) bride before this moment) lifts up her veil and shows off her new face for the first time.

**takes a minute to register and recompose**

Whaaaaa?  I mean honestly, whaaaaat are these ladies thinking?  I understand having self esteem issues, wanting to better yourself and be the prettiest version of you on your big day, but this is a little much.  These women obviously have men who love and care about them just as they are.  I mean, what if he lifts up the veil and finds this…

Heidi Montag talking with her disappointed mother. (photo courtesy of

EEK!  Okay, that was mean, but honestly, if you’re a woman who’s feeling desperate for plastic surgery, are you really sure your wedding day is the perfect day to test those waters?  Most experts will tell you not even to get a facial or hair treatment less than a week away due to the stark levels of unpredictability… let alone major, reconstruction surgery!

Idk.  The whole thing just seems a little too bizarre for this pretty lady to wrap her hands around.  While I still maintain the belief that every bride deserves a chance to shine, it should be her – with all her intact facial features – that shines.  Extra makeup and quaffed hair is almost always a given for bridal beauty, but it’s still OH SO important for a bride to look like herself.  After all, her face is the one that her groom fell in love with :)

And furthermore, any series that’s looking to follow the in the same footsteps as The Swan – a Fox series named one of Time’s Top 10 Skanky Reality Shows – should probably reconsider… mayhaps even reinvent the wheel.

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A Love Big Enough for This World & The Next: the Story of Cesario & Lucy Corrales

Many things in this world tug at my heart strings… babies laughing, a friend crying, a person eating alone, my parent’s house at Christmas, hearing my two year old nephew say, “I love you, Aunt Mary,” watching The Notebook, reading The Notebook, puppies, wedding vows, etc.  I mean this list could go on and on, but nothing – and I mean NOTHING! – could possibly tug at my heart strings harder than two old people in love.  (Siiighhhh)

There’s just something about an elderly couple, late-in-their-years-but-young-in-their-love, holding hands while walking down a street or through a mall or leaving church after Sunday service that makes my heart melt into pieces.  Seriously, is there anything cuter than this…

photo courtesy of

OR this…

photo courtesy of

OR this…

photo courtesy of

I rest my case :)

Partly because of all the history their hands have together; partly because of the old school rules they use to love each other, and partly because I will never forget how my Grandpa Kennedy’s voice cracks every time he calls Grandma the “love of my life,” but regardless of what the overlying reason is… one thing is for certain, couples married 50+ years sure could teach all us soon-to-be/newly-weds a thing or two about love.

Because isn’t that the end goal we all want for ourselves when planning our wedding day?  To grow old with the person we say “I do” to, rocking on a porch swing, drinking chocolate milk?  At least that’s what I like to think every couple wants, which is exactly why when I came across this story on, I knew I had to share it.

Married for 62 years, Tampa residents, Cesario and Lucy Corrales knew what it took to make a marriage work.  After years of living and working in the same town, getting married, settling down, having children and growing older and wiser together, Cesario and Lucy never lost the love they had for one another.

“They were married 62 years, and they could not be without each other,” said daughter Lisa San  Martin.  “He was her right hand.  She was his right hand.” (

And while lots of people use the sentiment “can’t live without you” as a means to personify their love for another, the Corrales lived it.  Shortly after celebrating her anniversary to her husband on September 5, Lucy Corrales, 82, suffered a heart attack and died three days later at Tampa General Hospital.

Upon hearing the news, San Martin recounts her father’s reaction:

At first he just shook his head, almost in disbelief.  Then, he broke down. ‘I should have gone first,’ he told her. (San Martin,

<Gulp, swallowing back the tears>

And while Cesario didn’t go first, he certainly didn’t wait long to find his love again.  Because 43 hours after she passed, Cesario Corrales, 87, suffering from a broken heart, died at the same hospital just a couple floors away from where he last held his sweetheart’s hand. 

  The funeral home that handled the arrangements collected Lucy and Cesario Corrales from the hospital.  “They arrived together,” San Martin said.  “And they left together.” (

… Seriously, cutest :)  Rest in peace, love birds, and cheers to all the years of happiness!

Lucy and Cesario on their wedding day, September 5, 1948 (photo courtesy of

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