But I’d Be Done See’n ‘Bout Everything, When I See An Elephant Fly (or this)… Why?

September 17, 2010 at 12:05 pm 1 comment

Who wants to be a Stepford Wife Bride? (photo courtesy of meansheets.com)

Look, I’m a fan of reality television just as much as the next celeb-obsessed, trash TV junkie, but I just can’t quite get behind the new E! series brewing on the back burner.  According to nydailynews.com, Bridalplasty, which will air it’s debut on my one year anniversary, Nov. 28, 2010 (how ironic?), is the latest and questionably greatest wedding reality series put on by E!.

The extreme makeover show – set to be hosted by former Miss USA and Mrs. Travis Barker, Shanna Moakler – was conjured under the premise of gathering 12 brides-to-be with low self-esteem looking for a Swan-like (who remembers that disastrous ditty of a series?) transformation before their big day.

Now, while I’m all for self improvement, I’m just not sure going down a long list of nips, tucks and dollywops is necessarily the answer a soon-to-be Mrs. really should endure before the big day.  And I’m even more convinced this decision is a fail after reading that the “grand reveal” will actually be done ON the big day itself when the groom (who I should mention is not allowed to see his blushing (hopefully no longer bruised) bride before this moment) lifts up her veil and shows off her new face for the first time.

**takes a minute to register and recompose**

Whaaaaa?  I mean honestly, whaaaaat are these ladies thinking?  I understand having self esteem issues, wanting to better yourself and be the prettiest version of you on your big day, but this is a little much.  These women obviously have men who love and care about them just as they are.  I mean, what if he lifts up the veil and finds this…

Heidi Montag talking with her disappointed mother. (photo courtesy of hollywoodlife.com)

EEK!  Okay, that was mean, but honestly, if you’re a woman who’s feeling desperate for plastic surgery, are you really sure your wedding day is the perfect day to test those waters?  Most experts will tell you not even to get a facial or hair treatment less than a week away due to the stark levels of unpredictability… let alone major, reconstruction surgery!

Idk.  The whole thing just seems a little too bizarre for this pretty lady to wrap her hands around.  While I still maintain the belief that every bride deserves a chance to shine, it should be her – with all her intact facial features – that shines.  Extra makeup and quaffed hair is almost always a given for bridal beauty, but it’s still OH SO important for a bride to look like herself.  After all, her face is the one that her groom fell in love with :)

And furthermore, any series that’s looking to follow the in the same footsteps as The Swan – a Fox series named one of Time’s Top 10 Skanky Reality Shows – should probably reconsider… mayhaps even reinvent the wheel.


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  • 1. NatC  |  September 17, 2010 at 12:18 pm

    Soooooo…..this is just well…I am just going to say it…..STUPID!!! You are right…these women obviously have someone that loves them the way they are or these men wouldn’t have asked them to marry him! So why go and do something so drastic….I kind of want to watch just to see how many men leave the alter…I know that is mean to say, but really why would someone want to do this?!? I mean I have my days of low self esteem, but if no one loves me the way I am then they are not worth it! Sorry I just keep going on, but again this is just STUPID!


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