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9 Alternatives 2 Think Outside The Guest Book Box

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Because most of the wedding accessories you purchase for the big day won’t ever be seen or heard from again, it’s important to keep the ones that stick around as a true representation of your life and love.  After all, bouquets will wilt; invitations will be thrown out; food will go bad; bridesmaid dresses will be forgetten and even your dress may be “trashed,” but one item every couple puts out in the hopes of recording and creating memories is the quintessential <trumpets sound!> wedding guest book.

Traditional guest books involve your wedding guests simply signing their names along the dotted line, but this kind of keepsake leaves little for brides and grooms to reminisce about.  So, why not make this pre-ceremony tradition a little more memorable?  Here are some fun ways to renovate your typical guest book, while creating beautifully unique memories to last a lifetime.

Instant Photo Book. Test your guests’ photography skills with an instant photo guest book.  Simply place a Polaroid camera and unique guest book in a designated area at your reception and watch as your guest book transforms into a fun photo booth.  Guests can shake the photo dry, slide into a slot on the page, and leave some musings or memories.  It’ll be your most favorite picture book keepsake ever!  **Works great when paired with a Photo Booth Back Drop**

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Envelope Book.  Fitted with lots of tiny envelopes, this book allows your family and friends leave little note cards full of their best well wishes, memories or wisdom.  Read one wish each day to savor your newly-wedded bliss, or dive right in to all of them at once.  No matter what you choose to do one thing is for certain, you’ll have priceless words and memories to treasure for eternity :)

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Thumbprint Tree.  Perfect for a DIY savvy bride, these thumbprint trees are a fun activity that will help guests feel welcome.  Set up a large tree graphic that has only branches, no leaves. Your guests will then press their prints in an ink color of your choice and “leaf” their autograph.  Pun intended.  Couples are sure to frame this piece as a work of art for their abode.

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Autograph Frame.  Rather than just adding their signature to a long-winded list of others that came before, have guests autograph a spacious border matte that can then be placed around your favorite wedding photo.  This will serve the dual purpose of picture frame guest book.

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Wishing Tree. The ultimate display of your wedding guests’ affections, this pint-sized tree will be drenched in floating wish cards by the end of the night, making it the most stylish and versatile guest book alternative… not to mention, economical and earth friendly!

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Painted Canvas.  For the most inventive guest book art, many couples are providing paints and canvases that are sectioned off into squares, as a ceremony sign in. Each guest gets the opportunity to get imaginative with their square, and the newlyweds receive unique pieces of art to remind them of their creative guests and special day.  

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Time Capsule.  For twosomes willing to wait, the time capsule makes a truly thoughtful keepsake to be savored.  Guests fill out their wishes for the couple and tidbits of advice to place in a small treasure chest, along with a selection of wedding keepsakes – such as shoes, cards, toasting flutes, etc.  The box will be put away until the pair’s first wedding anniversary, where they will open their chest to find some truly valuable treasure.

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Signature Vase.  Sure to be an essential accessory for any couple’s home décor, have guests sign a ceramic vase as a long-lasting memento of the special day.  Then, fill it with fresh flowers of your choice throughout the year, as a permanently fresh reminder of the day you said “I do.”

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Vintage Typewriter.  Popular among retro inspired nuptials, vintage typewriters will complement the old-time theme of any ceremony.  Have guests type out their insight on matured paper; just make sure to leave a few simple instructions, as many of your loved ones may have never operated one before! 

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