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It’s Easy to *Fall in Love* with Wedding Gloves

Audrey Hepburn did it in Funny Face

photo courtesy of

Jackie “O” wore ’em when she made her way down the aisle to JFK…

photo courtesy of

Even the eptiome of princess standards, Cinderella, kept it classy in her over the elbow accessories…

photo courtesy of

No matter who you are, what your personal preference or style is, there is simply something undeniable about the classic nature wedding gloves bring to a bridal look.  Whether their long, luxurious and crisply polished with satin buttons or short, lacey and decorated with delicate details, bridal gloves can be a chic way to dress up your big day. 

They can be kept true to form in white or ivory, inspired by Old Hollywood glamour and vintage velour or even taken to the next level and modernized with color, fingerless shape or Avant Garde appearance.  As always, the decision is left to the bridal beauty rockin’ ’em, but one this is for certain… bridal gloves have got classic style and vintage glam covered!  Take a gander below and see what I mean :)

photos courtesy of,,,, and

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Let Their Mistakes Be Your Lessons Learned: brought to you by

Thanks, mom and dad, for all your continued, loyal support!... wait. what? (photo courtesy of

Like any good blog stalker, this pretty little lady has her FAVES saved for go-to good reads.  It truly is one of my life’s truest joys to not only read what people are writing about but also, to see how and even why they’re writing about them.  While I have a tendency to lean (almost too) generously towards wedding blogs the world over, I can’t help but stray from time to time when a true gem rears its fabulous face onto my screen.

One such gem, you may wonder??  Well, that would be

While it’s generally one of my most golden rules not to bully (aka. put others down to bring myself up), I can’t help but point out the majority of treats being posted on this site (and now BLASTED on ours) have been and continue to be submitted by the “stars” themselves.  So, they really only have themselves – and the photographic genius behind the lens – to blame.

So, without further adieu, may I present to you SEVERAL rules you should consider, and photographic evidence of why it’s so important :)

Rule #1.  Firstly, make sure you pick a wedding photographer who’s got the goods – shout out to Jessika & Jimmy Feltz who have the BEST goods ever! – otherwise, you run the risk of what this bride calls her uncle’s (yes uncle!) lack of “professionalism.”  Poor, potty mouth bride!

Just what every bride wants... a pic with a Port-O-John! (photo courtesy of

Rule #2.  Don’t give me no lies, and (tell them to!) keep their hands to themselves!  Nothing ruins a good photo quite like uncomfortable groping from the peanut gallery.  I mean, photo op #1 is awkward enough with the painful parent poking, but photo op #2??  Somebody needs to tell sister friend in the corner to ease off… he’s taken for sobbin’ out loud! 

Mom, PLEASE! (photo courtesy of

Some bridesmaids simply have no boundaries (photo courtesy of

Rule #3.  If you doubt it, don’t show it.  And if you show it, perhaps it’s best to not do it.  It appears that no one, and I truly mean NO ONE, is comfortable with these marriages becoming offish… brides, grooms, family members, even officiants.  Mayhaps, things should’ve been thought through more thoroughly before the big plunge.

Can't you tell everyone agrees that it's a "nice day for a... white wedding!" (photo courtesy of

Wow. You know it's a good ceremony when even the priest objects. (photo courtesy of

Rule #4.  BEWARE OF BEWILDERING BACKGROUNDS.  Some of these I honestly have no other words for other than… whhhhyyyy?

You've heard of "Four Weddings & a Funeral" but what about having YOUR wedding and a funeral? (photo courtesy of

The sentiment is there - sure - but we can't get passed the poor guy gettin' butt grabbed from a distance. (photo courtesy of

I blame the bride mostly for her bridesmaids blending into the decor. For the record, there is such a thing as TOO matchy / matchy. (photo courtesy of

Rule #5.  Finally, don’t fall victim to vicious photo editing!  As stanted in Rule #1, choose your photographers wisely or you may end up with these tripped out treats.  Granted, the photos are dated several years, but the rule remains as modern day as ever…

Why's the groom snarling at me? Better yet, why are they both floating above the entire ceremony? Wizard wedding? (photo courtesy of

'Cause you were always on my miiiiiiiiiind! This trippy photo is CREEPED to the max! (photo courtesy of

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Brides Looking to Slim Down before the Big “I do” Need to (re)Learn their ABC’s

Part 2: Letters N – Z

photo courtesy of

For your viewing pleasure, the conclusion to Wednesday’s post, inspired by Women’s Health

N = Numbers
This is my most dreaded letter… just ask the nurse practitioner who had to battle it out with my index finger for the scale knob to move to the appropriate weight.  That’s right.  I’m talking about your weight, people!  Research shows that people who weigh themselves at least once a day or more likely to not only lose but also to maintain their weight loss more so than people who don’t.  Sigh, looks like the scales wins… again!  

O = Omelet
When it comes to protein, omelets are egg-selent!  Haha!  Yesss!  Protein helps build muscle, which in turn fries more calories per pound than fat  According to Jonny Bowden, author of The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth, informs you’ll burn 25% of the eggs’ calories simply by digesting them!  Nuts!

P = Peanuts
It’s all about the “p’s” in this study, which was conducted by Purdue University.  In this study, researchers found high-protein, high-fiber nuts are extremely filling and can boost the resting metabolic rates significantly… making the nut an ideal snack food for curbing your appetite!

Q = Quinoa
Quinoa is the queen of whole grains!  Higher in protein and fiber with less carbs, this white rice substitute is an ideal source for dietary deliciousness!

R = Replacements
In its most simplest of forms: Eat this, not that.  Try substituting liquid meals or healthier snacks and sides for some of your less savory choices. 

S = Success
Stress causes no success.  In a study conducted by Georgetown scientists, it was discovered that mice under stress or duress gained twice as much as their de-stressed counterparts.  Reason being??  Stress can cause us to hold on to extra fat cells; hence, the term stress eating.  So next time you’re stressed, try having a “wooo-saaaa” moment instead of a doughnut.

T = Tea
Green tea brings the catechins – a metabolism boosting antioxidant, and the catechins bring the weight loss!  Not to mention, green tea is a MUCH healthier substiture than a half and half cup of coffee filled with sugar!  Duh!

U = User-friendly
In a recent study conducted by the Journal of the American Medical Association, it was discovered that the success rate of one diet plan to the next is not determined by the diet itself, but the compliance each dieter has with it.  Sooo, find a diet you can live with, and then, (more importantly) actually live with it :)

V = Vinegar
Just a spoon full of vinegar helps the weight loss stay off… weight loss stay off!  (I know.  Sweet remix to Mary Poppins, huh?)  Published by the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, it was discovered that swallowing 60 grams or 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a high-glycemic index caused people to eat 200-275 less calories a day… of course this doesn’t surprise me, due to the fact that stomaching a spoonful of vinegar makes me nauseous in thought alone!

W = Weights
I’m here to PUMP (pause for effect) you up!  While many women fear lifting weights will cause them to look like the incredible hulk, they couldn’t be further from the truth.  Pumping iron not only causes you to burn more calories after an average cardio workout, but researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham also discovered that women who lifted 3 times a week for 25 minutes lost an average of 4 pounds of bady fat!  SWEET!

X = Xenical
Given the green light by the FDA last year, this prescription fat blocker can be found in the over the counter supplement, Alli.  However, this does come with a price… loose stools.  So, if the side effects are too much for you to handle, I totally suggest going at it the old fashion way :)

Y = Yoga
Self explanatory… grab a mat and get moving!  Downward dog, anyone?

Z = ZZZZ’s
While dieting, you may want to scrimp on certain foods, but you should never scrimp on your zzzz’s!  By not getting enough sleep, your body is tricked into thinking it’s low on fuel, causing your belly to growl and more than likely you to eat!  So rest up… you need it :)

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Brides Looking to Slim Down before the Big “I do” Need to (re)Learn their ABC’s

Part 1: Letters A – M

photo courtesy of

Often times, I will receive emails looking for advice, and while I’ll easily admit my awesome level is off the charts, my expertise level – especially on certain subjects – can be almost non-existent.  And there’s no area less exercised (pun intended) by my expertise than weight loss.  Ugh.

Luckily for you, however, I can pinpoint the experts and share their knowledge with the masses!  And when it comes to losing weight and feeling great, who could possibly be better than a magazine dubbed entirely for the subject matter at hand?  No one, duh!  So, when I saw this article published in Women’s Health I couldn’t resist sharing their “skinny” on weight loss vocab… and let’s face it, my own 2 cents as well!  Haha!  Check it out!

A = Alcohol
While binge drinking is a huge (and considerably unattractive) no no, having a glass of wine a day is proven to be good for the body and the soul.  Because alcohol has the potential to increase leptin – a hormone known for its power to battle the sweet tooth, a nice glass of sauvignon blanc might be just what the doctor ordered :)

B = Buddy System
“Hmmm, gonna try with a little help from my friends!”  It’s like the Beatles knew…  Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have proven you’re nearly 3 times more likely to lose weight faster and keep it off longer “with a little help from (your) friends.”  And if you just so happen to be friends with all skinny minis: 1) How sad!  Chubby people are the best people!  (High fives self) and 2) Hit up for a long list of fat-reforming friends!

C = Cortisol
This adrenal hormone secretes stress, and we all know what stress can do to a body.  So, if wedding planning, work or personal woes have you out of whack, try spending a date night fund on a couple’s massage instead!

D = Density
Studies produced by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition discovered women who eat water-rich foods, high in nutrients and low in calories are more likely to lose weight than women on a strictly low fat diet.  So, go ahead, my dear ladies-in-waiting, grab that celery stalk and go for a walk!

E = Estimation
Next stop, Estimation Station… all aboard!  Women’s Health encourages us all to commit the following estimates to memory:

  • 3 ounces of meat = a standard deck of 52 cards
  • ½ cup fruit, vegetables or grains = half a baseball
  • 1.5 ounces of cheese = 3 dominoes

F = Fructose
Fructose isn’t free.  In fact, it could cost you a waistline.  So, put down those artificially sweetened beverages and pick up the peaches… or oranges or any other fruit of your choosing! Because this is where fructose is at its best!  

G = Grapefruit
And speaking of fruit, why not try this ruby red delight!  In a 2006 study published by the Journal of Medicinal Food discovered that people who ate half a grapefruit before each meal lost more weight than those who didn’t.  (3.5 pounds, as opposed to one)

H = Hydration
The key to duration (and a slimmer, trimmer you) is hydration!  Research has shown that sipping an extra 6 ounces of water a day may be just the ticket to curbing your appetite and caloric intake.  So, pick up a glass near you and cheers to H2O goodness!

I = Insulin
This natural, sugar regulating hormone could be what dictates your diet.  Low carb diets generally work best for people with high levels of insulin secretions.  Don’t know if you’re a high insulin secretor?  Well, peep yourself out in the closest mirror, if you store fat in your belly and have a more round or apple shape, you’re more than likely on the list and should focus on cutting carbs – more so than low fat.

J = Journal
That’s right.  Take it back to the Junior High days; except this time around, instead of gushing over your latest crush or ranting about your hellish seventh period science teacher, write down everything you eat… yep, I said it… Chances are if you see it, you can cut it.  Food journaling – according to the National Weight Control Registry – increases your chance for losing weight and keeping it off. 

K = Ketosis
Ketosis is key for jump starting a diet or boosting one that’s plateau’ed, because it’s the result in which your body runs low on carbs and is forced to burn off excess fat instead.  So, be sure to vary your diet and workout routines in order to keep your body guessing and your weight dropping!

L = Leptin
Let your leptin find a balance.  Leptin is a hormone that tells your brain when it’s full.  Often times, women will think eating less or even fasting is the way to lose weight fast; however, this can sometimes cause a decrease in your leptin levels, which may cause over-eating… a completely adverse effect of what you’re going for.  Bottom line, don’t starve yourself or your body might get angry! 

M = Milk
It truly does a body good :)  A study done in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that drinking two cups of skim milk after a weight-lifting workout built more muscle and burned twice as much fat as its sport’s juice enthused counterparts… making cow juice aahhh-moo-zing!  Haha, yes, I took it there.

And look for Part 2: Letters N – Z on Friday :)

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Elbow, Elbow, Wrist, Wrist: Ms. Universe Inspires Glamorous Wedding Gowns

photo courtesy of

Whether you love ’em or hate ’em, there’s no denying the glam-WOW factor beauty pageants can divulge.  From the bouffant hair and bedazzled gowns to the super high heels and extra long lashes, beauty contests are all about glitz and glamour, which is precisely why they make an ahhh to the mazing place for diva brides to come alive!

At the epicenter of all this glamocity is the beauty pageants crowning component – the infamous evening gown strut.  Flying first class, it’s the one section of the show to epitomize all things G.L.A.M.O.R.O.U.S.  The girls transform into a frenzy of whimsy, complete with feathers, frocks and all the razzle dazzle rhinestones their flamboyant designers could get their hands on. 

They cover a broad spectrum of sassiness from form-fitting and flowing to over the top and understated.  Pending the girl, her personality and where she represents, the evening gown she wears can vary greatly from one girl to the next. 

And where could you possibly get a better representation of world class glamour than the Ms. Universe Pageant??  Airing Monday night, the well renowned pageant just crowned their 2010 winner (Yaaaaay, Ms. Mexico!!!), and there was little to no doubt that the “Ooh la la!” was out!  Inspiration below :)

It’s All About Asymmetrical!

No doubt every girl wants to stand out on her big day; however, not every girl wants to go too over the top.  One way you can get a punch of trend power and still remain timeless is by doing an asymmetrical dress… for seres, everyone will be impressed :)

Ms. Ireland, Rozanna Purcell and Ms. New Zealand, Ria van Dyke (photos courtesy of

Ms. Thailand, Fonthip Watcharatrakul and Ms. Greece, Anna Prelevic (photos courtesy of

Have a Gown Glitz’ed in Gold!

2010 is all about trends, and one of the biggest trends the wedding world is seeing are colored gowns.  But if rockin’ red or pullin’ off purple is simply too much, why not try to glitter yourself in gold?

Ms. Guatemala, Jessica Scheel and Ms. Czech Republic, Jitka Valkova (photos courtesy of

Ms. France, Malika Menard and Ms. Albania, Angela Martini (photos courtesy of

Power Up your Prettiest Dress with Pewter!

Gold is to Ivory as Pewter (Silver) is to White… Again, while color is becoming more and more popular for wedding dress designers, most often times, tradition prevails, and using more neutral shades like pewter, slate grey or silver can be a great compromise!

Ms. Peru, Giuliana Zevallos and Ms. Haiti, Sarodj Bertin (photos courtesy of

Ms. Costa Rica, Marva Wright and Ms. Colombia, Natalia Navarro (photos courtesy of

Give it up for Grecian! 

Ideal for a beach, destination or backyard wedding, Grecian styled dresses softly dance along your frame, while allowing you to dance the night away!  They offer a timeless, iconic style and can easily make any bride as beautiful as the Venus de Milo :)

Ms. Norway, Melinda Victoria Elvenes and Ms. Egypt, Donia Hammed (photos courtesy of

Ms. Peru, Giuliana Zevallos and Ms. Guatemala, Jessica Scheel (photos courtesy of

Be a Playful Bride with Pride!

With wedding dress designers branching out more and more, it’s no wonder that mixing fabrics, textures and shapes can often times create the most radiant looks of all!  I mean just check out these playful numbers…

Ms. Denmark, Ena Sandra Causevic and Ms. U.S. Virgin Islands, Janeisha John (photos courtesy of

Ms. Croatia, Lana Obad and Ms. Ireland, Rozanna Purcell (photos courtesy of

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You’ll be Sorry in the Morning: Top 5 Most Ridiculous Wedding Dress Trends

I’m all for making a statement with your fashion, and Lord KNOWS I’m even more for a bride having it her way on her day.

However – and this is a very big HOWEVER – let us not forget the whole reason behind the day in the first place.  The love of our men should never, and I repeat never, be drowned out by the love of our fashion.  Of course, I’m using the term fashion here very loosely, and if you’re wondering why… you needn’t look further than the first photo.

Please Don’t #1: Have your Cake Dress and Eat it Too??
I know time’s are tight, ladies.  Hello?!?!  I’ve done more budget crunching than Jillian Michaels has done belly crunching; so, believe me when I say I understand that you want to cut corners and “trim the fat” from your wedding expenses.  And while I fully support getting use out of multi-tasking details, I do not suggest you let one of those details be your dress.  I mean, honestly, who wants a dress that’s known for molding?

Designed by Ukrainian pastry chef, Valentyn Shtefano, this 20 pound wedding dress was created in two months from 1,500 cream puffs for his beautiful bride. And who said chivalry was dead? (photo courtesy of

Talk about a dress with movement!! Ohhh wait, I mean no movement! Designed by Lukka Sigurdardottir, this wedding dress treat doubles as dessert! (photo courtesy of

Please Don’t #2: Don’t Let it Blow Up in Your Face!
I can appreciate art.  In fact, I’m very fond it, but there is a certain level of practicality every bride needs to be aware of on her wedding day.  You can have a dress that is high fashion and over-the-top artsy, but having a helium filled, easily-popped-so-you-might-end-up-naked wedding dress definitely does not cover that level of practicality.  Not to mention, the sweat level for plastic-wear is outrageous.  Not flattering.

Barnum & Bailey got nothin' on these looks! These wedding gowns, made strictly from balloon animal's finest, will surely leave your guests open-jawed... and not in a good way. (photos courtesy of and

Please Don’t #3: Too much Bride, not (nearly!) enough Dress
For the first time in my life, I was rendered speechless.  Literally, I have no words… just an embarrassed, red face… I don’t even know these brides!  Come on now, girls, we should all be proud of our bodies, but is your wedding day inside a church in front of your grandma and the good Lord really the place you want to show it off?  I think not.

Oh my. At least the one on the right has the figure for a bikini wedding dress... Siiiiighhhhh. (photos courtesy of and (photo courtesy of

Please Don’t #4: Too much Dress, not (nearly!) enough Bride
Believe me.  I get the whole wanna-look-like-Cinderella, fairy tale princess bride complex.  My best friend and most favorite girl in the world, Breanna Marie, might as well have written the book on this theory.  I’m already prepared for when she gets hitched, because I know she’ll be the belle of the ball and have me in the pinkest, pretty-pretty princess bridesmaid’s dress money can buy.  Buuuuuuuuuut, there’s a big difference between being a princess and being a cream puff (not the pastry this time.)  So, ladies please, wear the dress… don’t let the dress wear you!

With a train like that, this is more than likely the only place they could do pictures... in a field... a very, VERY large field. (photo courtesy of

The only caption needed: Whyyyyyy? (photos courtesy of and

Please Don’t #5:  Loud and Ornate… not up for Debate
Your wedding day is about you; so, please please please don’t lose yourself in over-the-top accessories.  Brides who decorate themselves too drastically don’t look trendy; they look, well, in a word, ridiculous.  And nobody wants to look back in 5 years – heck, even 5 days – down the road and go, “Ugh, what was I thinking?”

Sugar Kei Sweet's design (left) and Christian Lacroix may be brilliant in theory, but they are disastrous in depiction. (photos courtesy of and

I'm sorry, Celine. Like you. Love your voice. HATE the headpiece. (photo courtesy of

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Looking for the Perfect Rehearsal Dress to Impress?

Well then, look no further than the latest obsession to invade my couture taste pallet:!  (cont’d below)

photo courtesy of

With retro mod and vintage glam being at the top of everyone’s fashion list these days, ModCloth makes it easier than ever to find your perfectly sleek, impeccably chic rehearsal or wedding guest dress!

They have every neckline from square cut and sleeves to sweetheart and strapless. There are prints for maxis and plaids for tea lengths.  In fact, everything is mixed and matched beautifully throughout their entire line, which also includes all the retro-riffic accessories your heart could possibly desire!

Whether you’re into to frilly ruffles in flowing chiffon or dramatic drapes in shimmery satin, this one stop shop is like Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket for grown up, girly girls!  Even the dress names are a delight!  Hello?!?!  How can you resist “Whether you Lilac It or Not” or “Thelma and Blue-ise?”  Too cute, right?

And, with their price points ranging from Under $50 to Over $500 – with most locating themselves under the $100 radar, there is surely something in the mix for all pocket books to indulge in.

The hardest part will be narrowing down your selection.  Trust me.  I had stuff in (and out) of my shopping cart for weeks before settling on one.   Here are some of my faves has to offer:

(from top left to bottom right: Delicate Flower Dress ($72.99), Beachland Ballroom Dress ($124.99), A Little Bit Indie Rock Dress ($69.99), Mystifying Maven Dress ($79.99), Whether You Lilac It or Not Dress ($99.99), Two Tickets to Paradise Dress ($64.99), Silver and Bold Dress ($107.99), The Best Time Dress ($89.99), Scene of the Crimson Dress ($77.99))

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