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Fingers Crossed for Round 2: Nick Lachey + Vanessa Minnillo are Engaged!

The happy couple ringing in the New Year in New York. (

Whoop, whoop!  Looks like the former Mr. Simpson (ya snooze, ya lose Jess!) and his long time lady friend, Vanessa Minnillo are finally making it official, and this wh@cked out wedding crasher is as pleased as punch!  I mean, y’all already know I love me some hot celebrity gossip, but there is nothing better when the famed whispers heard ’round the water cooler become factual news… especially when it is centered around reports this sweet!

According to, Lachey, 36, and Minnillo, 29, became the latest on a long list of sexy celebs gearing up to take “the plunge” when late Thursday afternoon near a beach in California, Lachey got down on one knee and romantically requested for Minnillo be his wife.  **Swoon City**

I mean, will you just get a load of these two lovies??  Too freakin’ cute, right? (story cont’d below…)

Taking a carriage ride in New York's Central Park on Valentine's Day 2010. (

The engagement ring – according to a source – is a Bader & Garrin Asscher-cut diamond flanked with trapezoid trinkets, and while I have a tendency to get twisted around with ring shapes, sizes and designers, as jewelry was never my thing – gasp!, I have no doubt that it’s b.e.a.uuuutiful because they are so beautiful!

As a girl who openly supported “Team Nick” through the post J. Simp years, I have to admit my bias in seeing that my boy was still open to and has since found love again, which is precisely why I’d like to wish Lachinnillo – ha, don’t act like you’re not impressed – all the best!

And cheers to many, MANY years of life, love, happiness and (fingers crossed X2) babies!!!  Helloooo???  Don’t even front like their children wouldn’t be all kinds of beautiful!  Heck, with the DNA combination those two will provide, they would be doing the world a disservice by not procreating.  Their kids will probably come out glowing with wings!

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Tweet Responsibly: Hip Hop Artist, Drake, Learned the Hard Way Thanks to his Madre :)

Drake + Nicki (photo courtesy of

Born Aubrey Drake Graham, the lyrically blessed rapper, Drake, has been topping the charts and winning Grammy’s throughout his short career as a hip hop artist, which really only took off at the end of 2009.  And while his lyrics are as smooth as butter, it’s his love life that really has ears perking up and paying extra special attention.

According to, Drake, 23, caused quite a stir – even with his own mother who believed the tweet was true – after posting, “Please refer to @nickiminaj as Mrs. Aubrey Drake Graham and don’t stare at her too long.  She’s finally mine,” last month via Twitter.     

Signed to the same label (Young Money Entertainment) as Drake, Nicki Minaj played the role of blushing bride very well by tweeting, “Yes, it’s true.  Drake and I tied the knot.” 

Seems pretty clear to me where the marriage “rumors” started, but it turns out the whole thing was a prank that even had Drake’s mom questioning. 

My Mom was actually like, ‘What happened?  How did you elope?’ But we were just joking around.  I never thought it would get so out of hand.  (Drake,

But it’s no wonder why the little lady was suspect of possible eloping illusion, especially considering this isn’t the first time we’ve heard Drake talk about marrying the 25 year old rapper, singer and song writer from Trinidad and Tobago.   During Drake and Lil Wayne’s chart topping hit, Miss Me, Drake raps, “I love Nicki Minaj.  I told her I’d admit it.  I hope one day we get married just to say we <bleep’in> did it.” 

So, the real question is, is there any TRUE true love in the air for these two or is it simply all another Hollywood publicity stunt?  Siiiiiiiiiighhhh, who even knows?  But one thing is for certain, you know I’ll be keeping at least one eye and ear prepped and ready for any news that develops!

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Nicole Richie + Joel Madden Make It Official

Photo Courtesy of

And can I just say, “Good for you, Nicole and Joel… Good.For.You!!”  These two crazy kids have been canoodling for over three years now, and while they’ve been engaged for quite some time, they didn’t make an official announcement until this past Monday via Richie’s interview on the Late Show with David Letterman and Madden’s tweets.  According to, rock ‘ n’ roll’s royal couple applauded their family and friends for keeping this delicious dish under lock and key long enough for them to enjoy it as a couple first, before letting the whole world in.

Again, I gotta say, “Good for you!”  I love love love that they wanted some time for themselves before they broadcast their nuptials to the world.  Wedding news going global almost seems inevitable when you’re a celebrity; so, it’s refreshing to see when famed friends find value in something more than publicity.

Armed with two b.e.a.uuuutiful babies, daughter Harlow (2) and son Sparrow (5 months) and what appears to be true Hollywood happiness, Richie and Madden will be walking down the aisle… and no one could be prouder than Papa Richie himself.  He reported to exclusively,

My happiness for Nicole and Joel knows no boundaries.  They have given me two beautiful grandchildren… and have proven to be great parents.  Lionel Richie 

Awww!  You gotta love a daddy’s love for his daughter :)

Now, as far as when these two will unite in wedded bliss?  Who knows??  Only time will tell, I suppose.  In the interim, however, you can be sure I’ll keep my fingers crossed and mailbox cleared for an invite!  Haha!  Congrats again you two and cheers to many years of happiness!

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Celebrity Engagement News: Wedding Bells for Kristen Bell

Photo Courtesy of US Magazine

The former Veronica Mars star, Kristen Bell and long term, live-in boo, Dax Shepard are tying the knot… and what better timing to announce this paparazzi paralyzer than alongside the release of their newest movie When in Rome??

Dax Shepard (age 35), first made famous by Ashton Kutcher’s reality series, Punk’d, has now made a name for himself in quirky, offbeat romantic comedies; while Ms. Bell (age 29)  is regular red carpet darling and one of Hollywood’s fastest rising “It Girls.”  The two love birds have been spotted together for the past few years, and it was almost inevitable they were gonna take the plunge.

According to US Magazine – who first reported the nuptial news – Bell is über excited for her upcoming wedding day, in part because she knows what goes into making a good relationship work.

“I’ve learned the necessity for healthy communication.  How important it is to talk about your deepest, darkest fears and feelings.  Your partner should hear your most embarrassing insecurities, because once you say them out loud, you created a safe zone… (and) a snuggle party can fix anything – it’s true.”  Kristen Bell

Haha!  Love it!  Congrats on the engagement, kids! 

***Post Thought*** does anyone else think it’s a bit of a conundrum how someone like Dax Shepard has been linked to Hollywood hottness like Kristen and Kate Hudson?  I mean seriously?  Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t seem to get past his grease ball persona, Vince Downey from Employee of the Month.  (Shivers at the thought) Gross.  Haha!

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