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Fingers Crossed for Round 2: Nick Lachey + Vanessa Minnillo are Engaged!

The happy couple ringing in the New Year in New York. (

Whoop, whoop!  Looks like the former Mr. Simpson (ya snooze, ya lose Jess!) and his long time lady friend, Vanessa Minnillo are finally making it official, and this wh@cked out wedding crasher is as pleased as punch!  I mean, y’all already know I love me some hot celebrity gossip, but there is nothing better when the famed whispers heard ’round the water cooler become factual news… especially when it is centered around reports this sweet!

According to, Lachey, 36, and Minnillo, 29, became the latest on a long list of sexy celebs gearing up to take “the plunge” when late Thursday afternoon near a beach in California, Lachey got down on one knee and romantically requested for Minnillo be his wife.  **Swoon City**

I mean, will you just get a load of these two lovies??  Too freakin’ cute, right? (story cont’d below…)

Taking a carriage ride in New York's Central Park on Valentine's Day 2010. (

The engagement ring – according to a source – is a Bader & Garrin Asscher-cut diamond flanked with trapezoid trinkets, and while I have a tendency to get twisted around with ring shapes, sizes and designers, as jewelry was never my thing – gasp!, I have no doubt that it’s b.e.a.uuuutiful because they are so beautiful!

As a girl who openly supported “Team Nick” through the post J. Simp years, I have to admit my bias in seeing that my boy was still open to and has since found love again, which is precisely why I’d like to wish Lachinnillo – ha, don’t act like you’re not impressed – all the best!

And cheers to many, MANY years of life, love, happiness and (fingers crossed X2) babies!!!  Helloooo???  Don’t even front like their children wouldn’t be all kinds of beautiful!  Heck, with the DNA combination those two will provide, they would be doing the world a disservice by not procreating.  Their kids will probably come out glowing with wings!

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Psssst, Listen 2 This: What Wedding Rumor Do You Believe?

photo courtesy of

I would like to thank Mrs. McComb – my ahhhmazing Kindergarten teacher – for teaching me one of the greatest sayings ever: Secrets, secrets are no fun.  Secrets, secrets hurt someone.  Haha!  While not all rumors are meant to be secretive or hurtful, one thing is fo’ sho… they all contain a level of ridiculousness that only rumors can implode and people can explode.

And no rumors are more ridiculous than those centered around celebrities.  Partially because of their allure; partially because of their unreachable appeal and unattainable status, celebrities will inevitably fall victim to some of the most outlandish accusations this side of the Mississippi.  Like a game a “Telephone” gone to Hell in a hand basket, celebrity rumors are not only started and contorted by your BF, Ryan Seacrest and every other busy body, but they are also then remolded, sculpted and presented for an entire world to scrutinize.  Awesome.

Recently, E! Online posted the 5 Wackiest Rumors About Katy Perry & Russell Brand’s Wedding, but what I want to know is… A) Which one do you consider the most over the top and B) What Wh@cKed Out rumors – if any – were centered around your big day? 

As far as E! Online’s rumors, here’s a breakdown from a segment they like to call So True / So False:

  1. Russell thinks Katy is the cat’s pajamas and gifted her with a tigress; while Katy made Brand feel like a Big Shot and gifted him with an elephant.  – SO FALSE!  (While they did have live animals at the wedding, none were presented as gifts to the B&G.)
  2. MIA POP staaahhhhs.  While Katy and Russell’s guest list was rumored to have big names, it was Diddy who was the guest of honor and pumped up the volume to the wee hours of the morning! – SO FALSE!  (Diddy was actually @ Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas.)
  3. The couple went cuckoo for native culture and had a ceremony fit to be tied for all things Hindu and ditched their customarily Christian backgrounds in order to be hitched. – SO FALSE!  (A rep of the duo confirmed that a “Christian minister and longtime friend of the Hudson family” was the one to help the two say I do.)
  4. Katy looked HAWT in haute couture sporting an Elie Saab gown, but details remained under lock ‘n’ key. – SO TRUE! 
  5. By the end of the night, people had to “Call the Law and hold the Applause” after Brand’s bodyguards stranded news photographers in the middle of a tiger sanctuary and stirred up enough of a late night ruckus which resulted in public complaints. – ????????  (While no charges were filed against the guards after they apologized, there is still investigating going on for the public complaints.)

For these as well as other whacked out wedding rumors, be sure to view E! Online!

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Google’s Gone Gaga for Katy Perry & Russell Brand… and I Like It!

For serious, how can you not love them? (photo courtesy of

Bells will ring!  The (uh uh uh) sun will shine!  (Woah oh oh oh!)  I’ll be his!  And he’ll be mine!  We’ll love until… the end of time!  And we’ll never be lonely any more!  Because…

(They’re allegedly) going to the Chapel (tomorrow!), and (they’re supposedly) get mare-ha-harried!

Ha!  First of all, what do you even know about that remix?  And second of all, who else could I possibly be talking about other than the sultry and often scantily clad Katy Perry and her unruly rocker of a man, Russell Brand!?!  I mean hellllooooo???  You know you’re big time when even CNN can’t resist offering all the latest gossip about your celebrity nuptials!

Tomorrow (sound horns!), the 23rd of October, is said to be the big day this celebrity power couple will say “I do” to each other in a VERY private, VERY exclusive ceremony at the Taj Rambagh Palace in Jaipur, India… pause to admire, then resume below…

I know what you're thinking... what a SHANTY! Right? (photo courtesy of

This – of course – being the same location they got engaged just this past New Year’s Eve.  Siiiiiiiggghhhhh, how romantic :)  And while details of the event have been kept under lock ‘n’ key, there are a few tid bits that have leaked over time.  One of which being that celebrity wedding planner to the staaahhhhs, Mindy Weiss, will be helping the couple coordinate the big day, which is fitting considering Perry allegedly wanted to channel Gwen Stefani’s bridal chic-ness, whose wedding was also planned by the lovely Ms. Weiss as well. 

photo courtesy of

Another golden nugget of info is that Perry’s best friend, Rihanna, is the obvious choice for maid of honor… and I sincerely suspect Ms. RiRi will easily add some fierce beauty to the guaranteed-to-be-gorgeous wedding album!  I mean, honestly… just look at her!  Do you think Katy and Rihanna ever argue about who’s hotter?  “No, Katy, you’re so much hotter than me!”  “No way, RiRi, you’re the Caribbean Queen and sooo waaay hotter than me!”  I bet they do.

Anyhoot, back to the soon-to-be-wed love birds!  I love both Brand and Perry for a number of obvious and unobvious reasons, but I mainly can’t get enough of these two crazy kids because even with their over the top personalities and celebrity swellings, they’ve both been very consistent about keeping their wedding day an intimate and seemingly “normal” celebration for the two of them.  They truly want it to be a special day to celebrate their love!  Russell was even quoted during a Q&A in New York on the 12th of this month saying:

“We just love each other, and we want to get married in front of our friends and family and keep it very normal.  It ain’t about selling the pictures.  It ain’t about doing no pre-nup.  It’s just a normal thing.” (Russell Brand, via

Ha!  Love love love this!  And even though I totally know they’re being super cautious about keeping secrets… I soooo hope they share at least a few images with the rest of us who were either A) “accidently” left off the guest list or B) couldn’t afford a plane ticket to go!  Haha!

Good luck you two!  On behalf of Marilyn’s Keepsakes and myself, I’d like to wish you both the best of luck and all the happiness in the world!  And cheers to many, MANY years of ahhhh to the mazing!  Lord knows y’all deserve it :)

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Tweet Responsibly: Hip Hop Artist, Drake, Learned the Hard Way Thanks to his Madre :)

Drake + Nicki (photo courtesy of

Born Aubrey Drake Graham, the lyrically blessed rapper, Drake, has been topping the charts and winning Grammy’s throughout his short career as a hip hop artist, which really only took off at the end of 2009.  And while his lyrics are as smooth as butter, it’s his love life that really has ears perking up and paying extra special attention.

According to, Drake, 23, caused quite a stir – even with his own mother who believed the tweet was true – after posting, “Please refer to @nickiminaj as Mrs. Aubrey Drake Graham and don’t stare at her too long.  She’s finally mine,” last month via Twitter.     

Signed to the same label (Young Money Entertainment) as Drake, Nicki Minaj played the role of blushing bride very well by tweeting, “Yes, it’s true.  Drake and I tied the knot.” 

Seems pretty clear to me where the marriage “rumors” started, but it turns out the whole thing was a prank that even had Drake’s mom questioning. 

My Mom was actually like, ‘What happened?  How did you elope?’ But we were just joking around.  I never thought it would get so out of hand.  (Drake,

But it’s no wonder why the little lady was suspect of possible eloping illusion, especially considering this isn’t the first time we’ve heard Drake talk about marrying the 25 year old rapper, singer and song writer from Trinidad and Tobago.   During Drake and Lil Wayne’s chart topping hit, Miss Me, Drake raps, “I love Nicki Minaj.  I told her I’d admit it.  I hope one day we get married just to say we <bleep’in> did it.” 

So, the real question is, is there any TRUE true love in the air for these two or is it simply all another Hollywood publicity stunt?  Siiiiiiiiiighhhh, who even knows?  But one thing is for certain, you know I’ll be keeping at least one eye and ear prepped and ready for any news that develops!

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All Because Two People Fell in Love: The Engagement of Ms. Kimberly Lynn

Me and my cousin being bridesmaids at a friend's wedding.

As many of you are aware, when it comes to weddings, this ain’t my first rodeo.  The Mister and I have been to more ceremonies, rocked out at more receptions and gotten our swerve on at more “no longer single” soirees in 4.5 years than most couples will experience in a lifetime.

And I have to admit… it’s been one, incredible journey.  It truly is an honor to be included on someone’s big day, because to me, it’s not just another wedding I have to attend; it’s someone special’s celebration I get to be a part of. 

Last week, while on vacation in Mexico, my cousin, Ms. Kimberly Lynn and her beau, Sir Brian got engaged while sitting on the moonlit balcony of their Me-hee-co hotel room (swoooon!), and even though it went down early Monday evening in a totally different country, by late Monday night, pretty much everyone and their mom knew.  (I suppose Toby Keith has social networking and Web 2.0 to thank for dispelling the rumors of “what happens down in Mexico, stays in Mexico.”)

While the news travelled at super hero speed, it wasn’t until after she returned from her “Oh-my-goodness-I’m-going-to-a-Mrs.!” vacation that I FINALLY got to hear the story straight from the horse’s mouth (yes, Kim, I’m calling you a horse), and I got to say, I couldn’t be happier her.

You see, Kim is my cousin, which basically means she’s not only a favorite friend, but the oldest, nearest and dearest friend I’ve ever had.  Born four months apart, we spent the majority of our childhoods being toted around by our moms.  *Shown here setting a mature example of mojito pitcher drinking and little girl giggling…

My mom (left) and Kim's mom losing it :)

…while our dads – brothers 3 and 4, in the long line of 12… shown here representing the poignant moves of Papa dancin’…

My dad (left) and Kim's dad stayin' alive!

…were off saving the world – or as some like to call it simply working their jobs to bring home the bacon :)  Haha!  In a word, my childhood was ahhhhmazing, and I have Kim to thank for a lot of it, which is exactly why I’d like to spend today’s post reminding everyone why being involved in someone’s wedding day is such an awesome thing.  I’m not a gamblin’ girl, but if I had to bet, I’m sure at one moment or another you thought to yourself, “ugh, another wedding?”  But why?  It’s not just another wedding; it’s THEIR wedding, and you were obviously invited because you mean something to them, and they mean something to you :)

So, Kimberly, in case I’ve never told you, this is why you mean something to me:  You were the first friend I ever had, and even though you were only half my size growing up, you never made me feel out of place.  You were involved in all my primary sleepovers, up all nighters and “oh no he/she didn’ts.”  You were there the first time I ever saw a scary movie – Aunt Julie’s: Friday the 13th, and the last one who waited up all night with me for sunrise to fall asleep.   You’re both family and friend.  There hasn’t been a single birthday, holiday, celebration, moment really, that went by without you in it.

You were my locker buddy for four years, a roommate for three and a p.i.c (partner in crime) for twenty-six.  You’ve been there for all my epic fail, fashion mistakes – permed bangs and fanny packs, eek!, and somehow you still love me. 

Kim and I in our Sunday best!

Over the years, you’ve remained a hand to hold during all my most desperate, disastrous moments, which looking back now only seem significant – not because of what they were – but because of the loyalty and love you displayed throughout.  We’ve been lucky enough to have the kind of friendship where we would honestly do anything for each other… even if that meant illegally stalking your first crush (shout out to Jamin Wernke!)… and breaking the law at the ripe age of 8… while on a banana seat bike… discreetly snapping photos of Mr. Wonderful during a “no hands!” ride by… donning a hot pink camera… idiots. 

Yes, it’s true, Kimmi; you were there for me on my big day, and I can’t wait to be there for you on yours!  (I’m singing, right?!  Haha!)  So, here’s to you, my dear cousin and Brian, your wonderful hubs-to-be! And cheers to many, MANY years of happiness! 

She said yes!

Oh!  And go ahead and cross wedding prep dance lessons off your list, ’cause let’s get real… we’ve already got the moves!  HIIIIIIIIIT IT!

everyone should be jealous...

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Celebs Sayin’ *I do* out the Wazoo: From American Idol Sweetheart to Divalicious Bride

photo courtesy of

I’m telling you what, friends, some of my fave celebutante’s have truly been keeping me on my toes!  And this weekend proved to be no different when according to, Carrie Underwood and (now!) hubs-tastic hockey man, Mike Fisher said *I do* on Saturday in front of 250 of their closest friends and family on a $500,000 budget!  Check it out:

The Location.   The setting proved to be a southern belle’s dream, as friends and family gathered at the Ritz-Carlton Reynolds Plantation in Greensboro, Georgia to watch as one of country music’s most sought after ladies made her “Mrs.” title offish.  I mean, for serious, look at this dream…

Reynolds Plantation (Photo courtesy of

Golf Course at Reynolds Plantation (Photo courtesy of

The Dress.  Dressed to the nines – as if there were any doubt – Carrie wore a Chantilly lace (got a “pretty face!”) dress designed by one of the wedding worlds finest, Monique Lhuillier… who also went ahead and whipped up the bridesmaids dresses as well.  Can you say jealous?  Honestly, look at some of the magic this woman has created:

Part of Monique Lhuillier's Spring 2010 Collection (photos courtesy of

Don't you just love them!?! (photo courtesy of

The Guest List. As you can imagine, this was one star-studded event, which only further upsets me my invitation was obviously lost in the mail!  Haha!  With over 250 people attendance, there were undoubtedly wall to wall Staaaahhhhs, including all three of Underwood’s former Idol judges – Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson (DAWG!) – and country music’s favorite couple, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill!  Love love love them!

The Ceremony.  Carrie told, “We could not feel more blessed to have found each other and to have shared this day with our friends and family that mean so much to us!”  A day which was marked by a beautiful ceremony, filled with classical music and the couple’s ultra fave Bible versus.  Awww :)

The Honeymoon.  Get ready to swoon, lovers!  According to, this newlywed power couple is jet set and celebrating their nuptials in none other than beautiful Bora Bora!  Siiiighhhhh.  I wanna go! I wonder why they didn’t invite me?

photo courtesy of

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Sizzlin’ Celebrity Nuptials: *Fox*iest Bride Ever is Officially Off the Market

As a regular among men’s magazine’s uber “hot” lists, it was only a matter of time before sultry starlet, Megan Fox was officially taken off the market. So continuing on my wedding-fueled celebrity gossip binge (that occurs on a regular basis… I know.  I’m sick), I had to get my fix of Foxy’s wedding deets and share them with my fellow wedding (and celeb obsessed) enthusiasts!

The Location. You are just going to die when I say this. Fox and her hubby, Brian Austin Green exchanged vows on the sandy, sunset beaches…of Hawaii…at THE FOUR SEASONS! Can you say jeal-ous?

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

The Flowers. Fox rocked an all-white bouquet composed of gardenias and roses.  Hawt! Little known fact: gardenias are tropical flowers that signify romance and secret love…you really planned that one out, didn’t you Foxy?

The Dress. Ahh, the divalicious centerpiece of every wedding. According to reports, Fox’s good pal Giorgio Armani sent her a silky georgette strapless number that, of course, looked flawlessly fab. However, sources say that Fox did have some difficulty when it came to handling the 16 foot train. After a while of wrestling with the train, the free-spirited actress apparently just let it go to frolic through the sand. *Sigh.

photo courtesy of

The Ceremony. Conducted by a native Hawaiian officiant (wearing what appears to be a frighteningly short linen towel), the two were wed at sunset with Green’s son Kassius being the only witness. Green also donned a handsome, all-white Armani suit.

And there you have it, y pretty ladies in waitingm. I’m going to go quit my day job now and become a ridiculously hawt celebrity, because clearly it’s the business. And because a little Hawaii and Armani never hurt anybody.

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