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Wedding Trend Alert: Tone-on-Tone Weddings

So, it’s Friday, and let’s be honest, come the afternoon hour, just about everyone and their mom have clocked out for the day… it’s almost the weekend but not juuuust yet… you have stuff to finish up but you feel like you’re eight and you “just don’t wanna!”… you’re considering pulling the fire alarm but not quite ready to serve the jail time… believe me, I get the point.  Friday afternoons at work can be a real dag.

Which is exactly why Marilyn’s Keepsakes likes to give hard working brides-to-be everywhere something to look forward to on those never ending Friday afternoons… a brand new blog post.  Haha!  And today, my comrade cuties, is no different.  In fact, it might even be more exciting  because I’m so pumped to report about my new FAVE wedding trend: Tone-on-Tone Weddings!

This ultra delish dish came to me when I came across this picture perfect scene from

Talk about rejuvination!  Now, mayhaps your brain doesn’t work like mine, but I instantly thought about the increds nature of doing weddings that would be tone on tone.  Instead of sticking to a similar color pallet, stick to a similar colors! 

Cosider the following yummy combos for a look that is both modern and timeless:

June 4, 2010 at 1:23 pm 4 comments

Ladies & Gentlemen, Start Your Engines for Black & White Weddings

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I assume most of you are aware that Memorial Day weekend brings “the greatest spectacle in racing,” the Indianapolis 500.  Since I’m from Indy, let me just inform all you non-Nap Town dwellers that this is one, huge weekend!!!  You can’t turn the corner without running into a black and white checkered flag, a stellar pair of cut off jorts (jean shorts), a solid print mank (man tank), a beer can or a backyard BBQ… just doing our part to keep America classy :)

Haha!  While “the greatest spectacle in racing” isn’t necessarily where brides-to-be flock for fashion forward advice, I would like to toot the horn of one of it’s most symbolic details… the black and white checkered flag. 

Black and white weddings are all the rage these days, and because they create a standout look whether they’re standing alone or paired with another, more vibrant accent color, it’s easy to see why.  Of course, black and white themed wedding are popular for a number of reasons but mainly because of their versatility and timelessness.

These two “non-colors” work in any setting, any time of the year, and their contrasting neutrality creates a serious pop of punctuated charm.  Check it, chickas… get it?  “Check.”  Haha, I’m awesome:

photos courtesy of Google Images

May 28, 2010 at 11:40 am 3 comments

Spring Weddings Look Trendy When Dressed in Turquoise

For months, brides-to-be have been told that 2010 weddings are all about the blues!  And in Bride’s latest issue to hit newsstands (April 2010), they decided to focus on one of our favorite Blue’s Brothers – turquoise!  Love love love it! 

With its varying shades swimming from broad ocean blues to deep sea greens, it’s no wonder why turquoise has become a preferred choice amongst this year’s hottest weddings.  Because turquoise has a chameleon-like presence, altering from warm and romantic to cool and eclectic, it can be paired with a number of shades to create just about any atmosphere.  And when it’s paired with the right accent shade, turquoise has the ability to be as diverse as the 2010 Winter Olympics.  (Yeah, I took it there.)

Bride’s paired it with four completely different hues for four completely different looks, but what I’m dying to know is which one you like best!  So, be sure to leave your pick (or new pairing) below :)

Romance @ a Glance:  Seen as a more romantic coupling, turquoise and silver complement each other beautifully.  By pairing this bold color with a calm neutral, this contrasting combination will give your wedding day a quixotic feel from the first hairdo updo to the (let’s dance the) last dance!


Popped Collar meets White Collar:  Talk about a pop of prep-tastic magic!  Viewed as the scholarly solution to wedding day whimsy, these two shades are the game, set and match of truly vibrant settings.  The coolness of turquoise mingles amazingly with the chic-ness of cherry, making them ideal for spring or outdoor celebrations! 

A Tart Taste of Trend: As a journalist, I feel like it is my duty to offer up my bias on this one… There’s just something about chartreuse I could never quite understand.  I mean, is it green?  Is it yellow?  Is it supposed to be mossy and muted or limey and loud?  These are things we may never know, but what we do know is that when paired with turquoise, chartreuse will trend up just about any bride-to-be’s big day!  If it comes off too trendy for the traditional bride, you can always calm it down by bringing in a sleek neutral like black, sand or cream to help.

As Seen in Nature:  Bride’s magazine calls it “natural,” but I call it nautical!  This sea friendly duo will be the epitome of picturesque for your destination or beach themed wedding.  The calming effects of the serene blues will be the perfect pallet for all newlyweds looking to create a one of a kind look for a one of a kind love.

March 26, 2010 at 11:15 am 1 comment

Stand Out in Style with these 10 Unique Wedding Color Combos

With so many colors to choose from, it’s easy to see how a bride can get lost when she tries to taste the rainbow… but fear not, young padawans (Star Wars reference, anyone???… No?  Too nerdy??  I knew it)… As I was saying, fear not… for I, the incredibly enlightening Mrs. Dietz and my fashionista warriors at Marilyn’s Keepsakes have come up with some delightfully unique color schemes that will surely leave you inspired!

Below are 10 of today’s most unique color combos, as well as sample displays of each!  Enjoy!  (Photos Courtesy of Google Images.  Merged by yours truly using the power of Photoshop)

Magenta + Orange + Yellow

It’s a regular springtime sorbet buffet!  Inspired by the hottest hues on the color wheel, this ultra vibrant palette mixes fresh-ta-def attitude with energetic appeal.  It will surely have all your guests saying, “Ooh la la!”

Royal Blue + Silver + White

Being that blue is 2010’s hottest color trend; it’s no surprise that it makes it on our list in several spots.  Seen here with crisp whites and shimmering silvers, this regal blue and pewter palette is the perfect combination of clean lines and courtly appeal.

Lime Green + Lilac

The difference between “ordinary” and extraordinary” is that bit of “extra.”  While Kelly green and royal purple have been considered complementary colors forevs, it’s always nice to turn it up of notch.  By choosing more energetic shades of each, you’ll create a look nothing short of incredible!

Champagne Pink & Chocolate

Creating a layout that looks as delicious as it sounds, this combination of baby doll pinks and deep shades of brown will surely give you an endless amount of ideas.  From delectable favors to feminine frock, this is one wedding look that will easily stand the test of time!

Daffodil + Gray

It’s retro chic at its finest!  While yellow and gray may not seem like a bridal favorite, when you put them together, you’ll create a look that is as one of a kind as your love!  From friendly flowers to beautiful brooches, these are two gorgeous hues that will leave them breathless!

Teal Blue + Cherry Red

Talk about having the va-va-voom factor!  This color combination is a sexy saturation of the coolest blue and hottest red and will look ahhh to the mazing no matter what season we’re in!

Honeydew Green + Sweet Pea Pink

If little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice, then there’s no doubt in my mind they’ll delight in this super modish wedding palette.  Gorgeous for a spring or summer hooplah, this honeydew / sweet pea scheme has all the right shades to turn any wedding decor from drab to FAB!

Scarlet Red + Burnt Orange + Chocolate

*Fall* in loaf with a wedding color scheme that brings regal style and luxurious luminescence together.  Ideal for the autumnal bride in all of us, this rich palette of deep red, dark orange and chocolate brown has standing ovation written all over it!

Emerald Green + Sapphire Blue + Gold

Inspired by one of today’s hottest wedding resources – the peacock – this eclectic palette of jewel tones is perhaps the most regal on the list!  Because jewel-toned hues have an oversaturated look, sometimes brides may be intimidated by their powerful punch… but don’t be!  If you choose this scheme, you’ll delight in having a look that is absolutely RICH with style!

Dusty Rose + Cornflower Blue + Latte

Say it with me… Vin(tage)tastic!!!  Okay, so maybe it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, but this color scheme is still one of the most drool worthy looks of today’s modern bride.  It’s takes the past and has it shake hands with the future, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

February 17, 2010 at 4:01 pm 12 comments

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed & (Go Ahead, Make Everything Else) Blue!

Photo Courtesy of W. Scott Chester

Formally known as just another “something,” blue is proving to be more than just another pretty face in the crowd for 2010 weddings… and I must admit, I’m a huge fan.

While 2010 is likely to bring all kinds of wedding trends, when it comes to color, blue is easily the go-to hue for brides everywhere.  According to The Wedding Report‘s 2010 Wedding Color Trends, over 20% of brides are planning on using blue as their primary color. 

This may not seem like much, but considering green is the next biggest competition at 11.3%, I’d say blue has more than a leg up on the competition.

Photo Courtesy of Beautiful Blooms

Brides are incorporating its cool tone into everything from bridesmaid dresses and bouquets to reception centerpieces and accessories… and making their guests “ooh” and “aww” accordingly.  No longer a just a sad shade for Picasso’s blue period, this cobalt encrusted hue epitomizes peace, tranquility and harmony.  <Sigh>Sounds pretty incredible, right?

Well, historically speaking, blue is also the symbol of unity, trust, confidence, loyalty and security; so, it seems like a no brainer that brides would want it to be a part of their day.  Buuut, if you still need some convincing, feast your eyes on some of the Google images I’ve collected to help state my case… Case dismissed :)

January 25, 2010 at 2:57 pm 2 comments

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