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Because Every Bride Deserves the BEST…

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Psssst, Listen 2 This: What Wedding Rumor Do You Believe?

photo courtesy of

I would like to thank Mrs. McComb – my ahhhmazing Kindergarten teacher – for teaching me one of the greatest sayings ever: Secrets, secrets are no fun.  Secrets, secrets hurt someone.  Haha!  While not all rumors are meant to be secretive or hurtful, one thing is fo’ sho… they all contain a level of ridiculousness that only rumors can implode and people can explode.

And no rumors are more ridiculous than those centered around celebrities.  Partially because of their allure; partially because of their unreachable appeal and unattainable status, celebrities will inevitably fall victim to some of the most outlandish accusations this side of the Mississippi.  Like a game a “Telephone” gone to Hell in a hand basket, celebrity rumors are not only started and contorted by your BF, Ryan Seacrest and every other busy body, but they are also then remolded, sculpted and presented for an entire world to scrutinize.  Awesome.

Recently, E! Online posted the 5 Wackiest Rumors About Katy Perry & Russell Brand’s Wedding, but what I want to know is… A) Which one do you consider the most over the top and B) What Wh@cKed Out rumors – if any – were centered around your big day? 

As far as E! Online’s rumors, here’s a breakdown from a segment they like to call So True / So False:

  1. Russell thinks Katy is the cat’s pajamas and gifted her with a tigress; while Katy made Brand feel like a Big Shot and gifted him with an elephant.  – SO FALSE!  (While they did have live animals at the wedding, none were presented as gifts to the B&G.)
  2. MIA POP staaahhhhs.  While Katy and Russell’s guest list was rumored to have big names, it was Diddy who was the guest of honor and pumped up the volume to the wee hours of the morning! – SO FALSE!  (Diddy was actually @ Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas.)
  3. The couple went cuckoo for native culture and had a ceremony fit to be tied for all things Hindu and ditched their customarily Christian backgrounds in order to be hitched. – SO FALSE!  (A rep of the duo confirmed that a “Christian minister and longtime friend of the Hudson family” was the one to help the two say I do.)
  4. Katy looked HAWT in haute couture sporting an Elie Saab gown, but details remained under lock ‘n’ key. – SO TRUE! 
  5. By the end of the night, people had to “Call the Law and hold the Applause” after Brand’s bodyguards stranded news photographers in the middle of a tiger sanctuary and stirred up enough of a late night ruckus which resulted in public complaints. – ????????  (While no charges were filed against the guards after they apologized, there is still investigating going on for the public complaints.)

For these as well as other whacked out wedding rumors, be sure to view E! Online!

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Google’s Gone Gaga for Katy Perry & Russell Brand… and I Like It!

For serious, how can you not love them? (photo courtesy of

Bells will ring!  The (uh uh uh) sun will shine!  (Woah oh oh oh!)  I’ll be his!  And he’ll be mine!  We’ll love until… the end of time!  And we’ll never be lonely any more!  Because…

(They’re allegedly) going to the Chapel (tomorrow!), and (they’re supposedly) get mare-ha-harried!

Ha!  First of all, what do you even know about that remix?  And second of all, who else could I possibly be talking about other than the sultry and often scantily clad Katy Perry and her unruly rocker of a man, Russell Brand!?!  I mean hellllooooo???  You know you’re big time when even CNN can’t resist offering all the latest gossip about your celebrity nuptials!

Tomorrow (sound horns!), the 23rd of October, is said to be the big day this celebrity power couple will say “I do” to each other in a VERY private, VERY exclusive ceremony at the Taj Rambagh Palace in Jaipur, India… pause to admire, then resume below…

I know what you're thinking... what a SHANTY! Right? (photo courtesy of

This – of course – being the same location they got engaged just this past New Year’s Eve.  Siiiiiiiggghhhhh, how romantic :)  And while details of the event have been kept under lock ‘n’ key, there are a few tid bits that have leaked over time.  One of which being that celebrity wedding planner to the staaahhhhs, Mindy Weiss, will be helping the couple coordinate the big day, which is fitting considering Perry allegedly wanted to channel Gwen Stefani’s bridal chic-ness, whose wedding was also planned by the lovely Ms. Weiss as well. 

photo courtesy of

Another golden nugget of info is that Perry’s best friend, Rihanna, is the obvious choice for maid of honor… and I sincerely suspect Ms. RiRi will easily add some fierce beauty to the guaranteed-to-be-gorgeous wedding album!  I mean, honestly… just look at her!  Do you think Katy and Rihanna ever argue about who’s hotter?  “No, Katy, you’re so much hotter than me!”  “No way, RiRi, you’re the Caribbean Queen and sooo waaay hotter than me!”  I bet they do.

Anyhoot, back to the soon-to-be-wed love birds!  I love both Brand and Perry for a number of obvious and unobvious reasons, but I mainly can’t get enough of these two crazy kids because even with their over the top personalities and celebrity swellings, they’ve both been very consistent about keeping their wedding day an intimate and seemingly “normal” celebration for the two of them.  They truly want it to be a special day to celebrate their love!  Russell was even quoted during a Q&A in New York on the 12th of this month saying:

“We just love each other, and we want to get married in front of our friends and family and keep it very normal.  It ain’t about selling the pictures.  It ain’t about doing no pre-nup.  It’s just a normal thing.” (Russell Brand, via

Ha!  Love love love this!  And even though I totally know they’re being super cautious about keeping secrets… I soooo hope they share at least a few images with the rest of us who were either A) “accidently” left off the guest list or B) couldn’t afford a plane ticket to go!  Haha!

Good luck you two!  On behalf of Marilyn’s Keepsakes and myself, I’d like to wish you both the best of luck and all the happiness in the world!  And cheers to many, MANY years of ahhhh to the mazing!  Lord knows y’all deserve it :)

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Divine Destination: You Name the Price, They Do the Work

photo courtesy of

Brides looking to do destination weddings on a budget have one more reason to cheer… for Paradise Maui Weddings is here!  As the first “name your own price” wedding company, Paradise Maui Weddings is looking to create a once in a lifetime experience for all of their once in a lifetime brides. 

With wedding packages starting as low as $400 and ranging to as high as your budget will allow, there’s really no limit to what you can do with your destination wedding besides the ones set by yourselves.  Their packages include everything from in room hair and makeup professionals, authentic Hawaiian floral bouquet and lei arrangements, professionally edited photos and videos, as well as limousine services, pre-wedding planning, in-cred-i-ble ceremony locations and on-site assistance.

Seems pretty much perfect, right?  It’s no wonder this type of event planning is more appropriate than ever considering the number of destination weddings – even during this economic plummet – have been on the rise for the past few years.  While most couples think of destination weddings as an expensive splurge, it’s not always the case.

In fact, brides and grooms doing the destination scene more often than not report they actually save on overseas excursions!  Because both the guest list, as well as the bottom line details are often cut for destination weddings, the final pricing can be significantly lower than the more traditional, hometown honey “do’s.”  And according to “not-from-around-here” newlyweds it’s easier and more fiscally responsible to travel for nuptials than to stay at home and throw a big friends and family bash.

You know what?  I’ll take their word on it, because Maui seems like a more than ahhhmazing place to set your wedding scene!  So, if any of my beautimous brides-to-be out there are planning on diving head first into one of these destination dreams, don’t forget where you got the idea… and feel free to send said inspiration station an invite!  I love Maui!  Haha :)   

And don’t forget, here at Marilyn’s Keepsakes, we have all the perfect Beach & Destination Wedding Finishing Touches to really make your day a dream come true!

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Kid Friendly, Wedding Approved: 5 Fun Fall Favors Everyone Will Love

photo courtesy of

While there’s always discussion on whether or not children will or won’t be attending certain weddings, there’s not a single doubt in my mind when they do make the “A List,” they’ll have nothing but love for these creative, autumnal creations!

*Candy Apple Creation Stations

Feel free to set up a table and cover it with stick sturdy apples, warmed caramel, melted chocolate and all the crushed candy toppings you can find, and let your guests enjoying making their own treat to eat or take with them when they leave!  It’s a great way to involve your guests as well as keep the kiddies occupied.  (And no worries about hyping them up on too much sugar… they’re not going home with you!  Haha!)

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

*Pumpkin Carving Campgrounds

photo courtesy of

Okay, you don’t really need campgrounds, but the name just rolls off the tongue; so, I went with it :)  Anyhoot, this is something – when done under adult supervision – can be a really great way to create lasting memories, as well as super fun photographs for your album.  Hit up your local pumpkin patch, buy in bulk and let the fun begin!  Feel free to accompany this reception section with pumpkin carvers, gloves and aprons… and if you’re worried that the carving may cause too much stress, use acrylic paints instead!  And let the kiddies paint on their favorite face!

*Coloring Book Bonanza!

There’s no question that kids love to color.  Whether you choose to man your coloring book station with fairy tale / dream-come-true images or Marvel comics finest character pages, there’s no doubt that kids of all ages will love gettin’ their color on during your big reception!

photo courtesy of

*Disposable Glam Cams for Kids

And even more so than coloring, kids love feeling like grownups; so, why not arm your mini attendants with disposable glam cams for their very own “I feel soooo biiiig!” photography debut?  They can get goofy pics of each other while trying their best to capture the day as they see it.  And trust me on this one… some of their finds will be priceless :)

photo courtesy of

*Face-painting, Magic Tricks and Balloons… Oh My!

Pending your budget, sometimes the most well received children stations are the most over-the-top ones!  So, bring in a magician, a balloon animating clown or even a face painting wizard to really let the kids get “wild” at your wedding!  Of course, it never fails, sometimes these sections become even more populated by adults.  I mean, come on, who doesn’t love a butterfly painted face or giraffes made out of rubber?  Uhhh, no one!  Duh :)

photo courtesy of

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Because Money is Always in Fashion: Clever DIY Wedding Ideas

Having a DIY wedding is one of the top ways to save a lot of your wallet cheese, and I’m not talking about the dairy kind that spoils… not that you’d ever have or put actual cheese in your wallet… errrr… whatever.  Haha!

Because do-it-yourself projects can be just as beautiful as they are personal and can cost up to a fraction of the price, they are just as – if not more so – incredible as their more expensive counterparts.  By creating elements of your wedding together with your fiancé, friends and family, not only will you save moolah but you’ll also create treasured memories that’ll you’ll hold onto forever.  And THAT, my dear friends, is priceless :)

DIY Save the Date Magnets
Start saving money  right away by purchasing Save-the-Date magnets and designing them yourself!  In the past, you needed to place a custom order at a specialty printer in order to print Save-the-Date magnets or announcements. Now, you can print them yourself on your home computer. Complete kits for DIY save the date wedding magnets allow you to personalize the date, colors and images on professional looking magnets.


DIY Wedding Invitations
Wedding invitations can easily be created on your own without sacrificing quality. Many of today’s wedding invitation kits feature the same quality paper you’d find on high end invites and contain some of the same unique embellishments and embossing.  With easy to use templates also readily available online and included response cards and envelopes, you’ll easily be able to construct flawless, professional looking invitations.

Add an even more personal touch by having a custom monogram stamp created so you can make your own envelope seals, note cards or thank you notes.

Tip: If you don’t have a quality printer at home, you can design your wedding stationary at home and then have them printed at a copy shop for (dependent upon the design and paper) for a few cents a print.

DIY Favors
Because the potential for fantastical favors is darn near limitless, there’s about a schmillion and one ways brides and grooms can get wedding guest gift ready without breaking the bank!  Wedding favors are easy to make yourself because they are a gift from the heart. If you choose a ready-made wedding favor, you can personalize it to your wedding theme or even to each individual guest.  By adding ribbon, a printed label or card, you can increase the perceived value of your wedding favors without burning a hole in your bank account.

DIY Wedding Programs
Wedding programs can represent another large chunk of cash out of your wedding budget. But if you print your own, you can pocket the tremendous savings. DIY wedding program kits include quality cardstock or cover stock papers, a template and often times, embellishments such as ribbons, crystals or embossing.

Printed on your home computer (or at a quick print shop), they can be personalized and designed to reflect your style and wording…

And that’s just the tip of the wedded bliss iceberg, kids!  There are even more ways to incorporate do-it-yourself details into every aspect of your big day that can only be limited by your imagination! 

DIY weddings are an ideal way to blend your modern day personality into time honored wedding traditions and create a more cost effective approach to a billion dollar industry. Only you and your fiancé will know the corners you cut. And you can enjoy spending the money saved on a spectacular honeymoon!

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Wedding Trend Alert: Wish Lanterns Take Flight for Newlyweds

photo courtesy of Allen Hsu via

I wish (pun intended) I could tell you where, when, why or even how I first came across this trend, but honestly, I have no idea.  Haha!  I just remember seeing something about wedding wish lanterns once upon a time, which obviously sparked and captivated my attention long enough to prevent me from letting it go. 

“Letting go,” however, is exactly what these bad boys are about, and after doing a version of wish lanterns at the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, a fundraiser benefitting cancer research earlier this year, I can honestly admit from firsthand experience how awesome they can be!

Originating in Asia, sky or wish lanterns have been used for centuries during celebrations as a symbolic means to release worries, stress and problems back into the atmosphere.  Because of their traditional and historic appeal, not to mention their undeniably meaningful value, it’s no wonder this Asian sensation made its way into the wedding world.

Constructed of 100% biodegradable materials, not only are these mini hot air balloons absolutely beautiful to watch, but they are also earth friendly and Mother Nature approved!  *Hooty Hoot* for going green!

The lanterns will be in the air for approximately 12 minutes and reach up to a mile!  Brides and grooms can choose to release one alone, or (depending on the budget, of course) include their entire bridal party or guest list in the release of these luminary wish lanterns.  For a better idea, check out this beautiful video from WishLanternUSA (I love the music!) or for more information or to purchase wish lanterns, visit  

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You Got to Ask Yourself One Question… Do I Feel Lucky?

Well, do ya punk?

Haha!  Dirty Harry anyone?  Come on now, that was Clint Eastwood at his foxiest :)

Anyhoot, that was the quote that immediately came to my head when I read what one bride and her groom gave out as their wedding favors to all their guests.  “What?” you might ask???

Lottery tickets, of course!!  At $1 a pop, these gamble lovin’ gurus let their guests go home with scratch off’s (and mayhaps a little extra mad money) from their Vegas themed celebration.  Noted in the program, the bride said the favors were symbolic of the “luck” they feel every day having their family in friends in their lives.  Awww!

She also noted that if any were big winners, the hubs and she would happily split the winnings 50/50 or simply take the whole thing for themselves… and as long as that was intended as a joke, I can get behind the fun and uniqueness of this favor.  If not, I just might have to say it… tacky :)

My question to all of you: are lottery ticket favors something you’d gamble on?

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Chic & Cheap Solutions: 5 Must Have Items for Honeymoon Hottness

You've got TWO TICKETS 2 PARADISE... now, what to wear :)

As a stunning and smart bride to be, I can almost guarantee that you are as prepared as you are polished.  You’ve – no doubt – booked your makeup artist months in advance.  You’ve bought, fit and lavished in your wonderful and drop dead DIVA gown. You’ve sat in your hairdresser’s chair about five different times just to get the wedding day ‘do down to a T.  Even your STUNNA shoes are more than likely quietly nestled in the designer box in your closet…  For serious, you’re a genius.

But with all these wedding day details in line; something is surely to fall by the wayside.  One such area for many brides is often time (dun, dun, dun!) the Honey*swoon!

Obvs, the next natural step after being a bridal beauty is morphing into a honeymoon hottie!  But if this is something that has slipped your mind, have no fear, my dears!   I’m here to give 5 go-to items that will easily turn budgeting brides into vacay vixens! 

Straw Fedora:

Ashlee Simpson gettin' her fedora on! (photo courtesy of

As you’ve undoubtedly booked the most luxurious hot spot you could afford, why not accessorize just as lavishly?  Not only will this celebrity favorite keep you shaded, cool and protected, but it will also have you looking impossibly chic.  And if you think this style comes with a celeb price tag, think again, my little chick-a-dees.  One of these beauties fetches for about $13 at Target!

Boyfriend Blazer:

Kim Kardashian rockin' the bf blaze! (photo courtesy of

Hellllllooo!  Not only is this tailored look all the rage right now – following in the fashionable footsteps of its kin, the boyfriend jeans and the boyfriend tee -, but your new hubby probably already has one.  Just raid his closet, throw it on over a cute dress, a one piece romper or even jeans and a men’s daily tee and voila!  You have an instantly adorable boyfriend – I mean hubby! – blazer :)

Sleek Romper:

Blake steppin' Lively in her romper! (photo courtesy of

These beauties have been one of the hottest trends this year. A hipper take on the one-piece revival, these mini jumpsuits act as a dress/shorts combo that lets the body breathe in scorching temps (aka your Caribbean honeymoon HOTspot).  And the best part?  It’s already a complete outfit… giving you a seriously stylish two-for-one dealio… and more moolah to accessorize!  Duh!

All White:

Jen lookin' allllright in all white! (photo courtesy of Google Images)

I know some brides might be a little sentimental at the thought of wearing all white again especially right after their big day, but trust me this trend is SO in. (Um, hello!?! Can anyone say P. Diddy’s all white party??  Haha!)  Slip on some hot pants (what else was that bridal bootcamp for?), a wife beater, and a ridiculous amount of gold jewelry and you’ll be the hotter than the white sand beach you’re struttin’ on, sister.

Flip Flops:

Jessica flip floppin! (photo courtesy of

After dancing your wedding night away in some absolutely fabulous, blister-instigating heels, your feet are going to need a serious break. Which is why some good old classic flip flops are an absolute MUST for the honey*swoon. Slip these bad boys on and it’s like you’re walking on a cloud of heavenly relief.  And if you’re a girl who needs a little more sparkle, Marilyn’s Keepsakes has some fabulous rhinestone-studded flops that you can personalize for a truly fabulous touch.  You gotta love us :)

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Who is Hollywood’s HOTTEST Bride-to-Be?

Katy Perry says ooh la la! (photo courtesy of

It’s no secret that I love celebrity gossip.  I border somewhere between overly excited and overtly obsessed.  You think I give a care that E! is almost a constant background noise when I’m in charge of the remote… think again!  Haha!

And even if you’re not quite as unhealthily in louvre with Hollywood hotties as I am, there is no denying there pull on the rest of the world.  Recently, did a post on some of Hollywood’s hottest ladies in waiting, but I’m already dyin’ to know who will be the most jaw dropping, knock down, drag out, over-the-top bride of the bunch!

Only time will tell, I suppose, but in the interim, you can be darn sure I will be bustin’ out my old school paper dolls, plastering on celebutante heads and jimmy riggin’ each one’s most illustrious ensembles!  Hooty hoot!  Can’t even wait for these weddings!  Ladies, my address is still the same :)

Without further adieu, here is the list of Hollywood brides-to-be:

Name: Carrie Underwood
Age: 27
Hubs-to-Be: Mike Fisher

photo courtesy of

Name: America Ferrera
Age: 26
Hubs-to-Be: Ryan Piers Williams

photo courtesy of

Name: KatyPerry
Age: 25
Hubs-to-Be: Russel Brand

photo courtesy of

Name: Amy Adams
Age: 35
Hubs-to-Be: Darren Le Gallo

photo courtesy of

Name: Anna Paquin
Age: 27
Hubs-to-Be: Stephen Moyer

photo courtesy of

Name: Nicole Richie
Age: 28
Hubs-to-Be: Joel Madden

photo courtesy of

Name: Hilary Duff
Age: 22
Hubs-to-Be: Mike Comrie

photo courtesy of

Name: Emily Blunt
Age: 27
Hubs-to-Be: John Krasinski

photo courtesy of

Name: Jenna Fischer
Age: 36
Hubs-to-Be: Lee Kirk

photo courtesy of

Name: Kristen Bell
Age: 29
Hubs-to-Be: Dax Shepard

photo courtesy of

Name: Penelope Cruz (maybe?)
Age: 36
Hubs-to-Be: Javier Bardem

photo courtesy of

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