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Because Every Bride Deserves the BEST…

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Side ‘O’ Fries 4 That Bridal Shake: Hong Kong McDonald’s Is Now Saying I Do!

photo courtesy of

That’s right, kids!  Looks like several of Hong Kong’s “Golden Arches” have upped the ante for wedding vendors everywhere!  We’re talking Happy Meal menus, Big Mac attacks and apple pie tower cakes (oh my!)!  According to news reports:

 If McDonald’s has its way, the traditional white wedding arch will be replaced with the golden ones.  Some of the fast-food chain’s restaurants in Hong Kong are now allowing customers to “supersize” their order to include McNuptials.  (

And all I can say is, thank GOODness my Mister and I have already taken the plunge… ’cause you already KNOW this would be all over his radar like white on rice!  Twenty-seven years old, and the man would still pick the entire McDonald’s menu over everything else.  (What this says about my cooking shall remain unmentioned… however, I’m guessing assumptions are already being made.  Eh.)

Anyhoot, the world’s most recognized restaurant – ha, there’s just something about calling Mickey D’s a “restaurant” that will always be funny to me – is officially open for wedding business and already booking January 2011 weddings!!!  Offering an appetizing spread of Happy Meal favors, apple pie tower wedding cakes, their full menu of meal deals and even party balloon dresses, Ronald and his crew have pulled out all the stops… well, and by “all the stops,” I really mean doing the same stops, mayhaps with just a few more stairs :)

What would really impress me is – however – is if they would offer different levels of packages.  Let’s say Small, Medium, Large and Supersize???  Supersize, of course, containing the option of a Ronald McDonald minister!  Yep, who’s with me!?!?! <waits for high fives>…<still waiting>… Alright, forget it!  <high fives self>  Yes!

However, there are a few things you may want to consider before booking your flights and jumping on board this dream wedding scenario.  Chief among them??  Exclusivity.  Even though Hong Kong’s Golden Arches are open for wedding business, they are not closing their doors to the rest of the world.  So tourist Two Buck Chuck and his sweet lady friend, Sideburns Susie, just may have a cameo in the wedding album while they get their order on during your vows.  Just saying…

Also, McDonald’s is a family establishment lacking a liquor license; therefore, NO ALCOHOL is allowed on the premise.  Sorry, crazy beer guzzling uncles, you’ll have to settle for strawberry shakes instead.  Other reports also suggest substituting the champagne toasts with soda… Classy!

So, if any of you are planning this for your wedded bliss, feel free to invite me!  And with all the money you’ll be saving on catering and rental equipment, you can even fly me out!  Haha… but for reals :)

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Bridal Veils & Headpieces: A Wedding Day Expense Often Times Forgotten

Me + My Veil (Photo Courtesy of Jessika Feltz Photography)

So many brides can get caught up in the excitement of a buying their wedding dress, that more often than not, they will negate the cost of their veil and / or headpiece.  Fair Warning: DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT do this! 

Because that, my dear brides-to-be, is exactly what I did.  I was soooo pumped to pick out my wedding gown that I totally spaced budgeting in the cost of a veil, which was – in the words of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman after re-entering a store that previously snubbed her – a “Big mistake!  HUGE!”

I was shocked at the price most bridal stores charged for their veils and headpieces.  Maybe it’s just me, but it seems more than a bit ridiculous to charge $500-$1000 for what is basically a glorified piece of tulle sprinkled with glass pearls and rhinestones.  While I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no a fashion designer nor do I house any type of skills when it comes to sewing, my best friend (whhhaddd up, Bre!) does.  In fact, the girl’s a regular wardrobe wizard at both, and even while living in the expensive, fashion capital of the U.S., New York, she didn’t hesitate for even a second to scoff at the prices herself.

I specifically remember having a conversation with her about the cost of the veil I was interested in.  After describing it to her, I was like, “And I do love it, but honestly… $XXX for something I’m only going to wear during the ceremony and is merely a layer of dazzling tulle?!?!?”  Her response was a quick and direct: “Whaaaaaat??  That’s reee-dics!”  (*reee-dics = abbreviation of ridiculous)

Bre’s reaction was just the assurance I needed to know that A) I wasn’t crazy and B) they (aka the bridal boutiques) were.  Of course, in the end, I proved to be the true whackadoodle by getting it anyways…  thanks solely to my wonderful God parents (XOXO! Uncle Spike and Aunt Pam!)… tallying the score card to: Bridal Store – 1, Mary – 0.

Of course, I still can’t blame myself wholly for this whoop-sa-daisy, knee jerk decision… and have an excellent reason why.  Bridal stores are ahhhmazing at fooling brides with their genius trickery by strategically placing the veil and / or headpiece on your head while trying on dresses… Distracted by the “ooh’ing” and “aww’ing” over the dress, one doesn’t even have a chance to object until after you’ve fallen completely in love with the Oh-My-Gosh-I’m-Really-Getting-Married-And-I’m-Gonna-Make-The-Prettiest-Bride-Ever look every girl will find herself having.  And yet, I digress.

While I do not deny the time, effort and energy that potentially went into making my veil (cough, cough), I do know that the expense of materials was no where NEAR the amount of moolah that was spent.  So, might I suggest to any bride out there looking to wear a veil AND save some cheese, imlpore the help of a friend or family member with sewing skills to perhaps help make you one of your very own.

Here, in Indiana, a yard of tulle can be as cheap as $1.50, and even out in New York at Mood – one of the most famous fabric shops – you can still get it for around $5.00 / yard.  Also, places like JoAnn Fabric & Craft Stores sell Swarovski crystals in packs for as cheap as $2.49… bringing the cost of a veil way, WAY down from a boutique price!  Not to mention, decorative headpieces and tiaras can be found for super cheap in malls across America at stores such as Claire’s and Icing, and even if you don’t have these stores (or ones comparable to them), it’s almost just as easy and even more fun to hit up your local craft store and make one yourself.

Finally, if you’re a bride who’s found yourself in the same boat as me – considering jumping ship on the SS Bridal Veil – might I also suggest borrowing from friends or family?  I actually used my sister-in-law’s headpiece for the day and counted it as my “something borrowed;” therefore doubling as a budget cruncher and tradition filler!  Perfect-o moon-do!

P.S. For great finds at nearly half the price, try!

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How-to Create Your Own Wedding Day Bouquets!

Photo Courtesy of Intimate Weddings

I may not know much, but I do know this: Weddings Are Expensive.  And I’m not just talking about the main venues (reception hall, food, booze, dress, etc.); I’m talking about eeeevvveeerrryyyythiiiing, and one wedding detail that are often times overlooked in expense are flowers.  My poor father – who was constantly being told by my well-intentioned mother, “Just shut up and pay, William… just shut up and pay” – had a very hard time keeping quiet about the florist’s bill… so hard of a time, in fact, that he decided not to keep quiet at all.  Haha! 

I’m not kidding you, the man almost fell out of his chair when he read the circled price hovering over the dotted line.  Then, while readjusting his specs and squinting his eyes, he almost immediately began making remarks that would hit home to fmost athers around the world.  “Are you kidding me?  For flowers??  Why on God’s green earth… (inaudible grumbles)… But they’re dead the next day!”  

And while I love love love flowers (what girl doesn’t?) I’m afraid I had to agree.  Like every bride, I had to find the balance between my dream wedding and our actual budget.  We started throwing out ideas, and we decided it might be fun to make the bridesmaid bouquets ourselves and save on the expense of having a florists bring them in.

What You Will Need:

  • Flowers (focal, filler & greenery)
  • Vase
  • Vase Filler
  • Scissors
  • Floral Tape
  • Finishing Ribbon
  • Straight Pins
  • + Any Additional Accessories of your Choosing (ie. lace, tulle, beads, etc.)

What You Will Do:

First, gather your flowers, vase and vase filler.  Be sure your vase is congruent to the size and shape you want your bouquet to be.  Add in the vase filler of your choosing to the bottom of the vase.  Sand, beans and pebbles all work nicely and will make arranging your flowers much easier.  

**Extra Tip** Whether you choose real or fake flowers is totally up to you!  But if you choose to do real flowers, check out  They sale large quantities of flowers at wholesale prices and also provide tips on flower combos and arrangements.  For fake flowers, try a local arts and crafts store.  Places like Hobby Lobby and Michael’s have large selections of flowers, as well as a number of products you can use to “spruce” up your bouquet.

Next sort your flowers by color, bloom size and the amount intended for each spray and trim their stems to equivalent heights.  This will make it easy for you to build your bouquet, as well as keep it organized.

***Extra Tip*** When trimming the stems of real flowers, be sure to cut them under water with sharpened scissors.  This will help keep the bloom healthier for longer.

Then, using the vase as your holder, start placing in your flowers.  Because larger blooms are more difficult to maneuver, you should start with them first.  Work your way from the center, outward and alternate from color to color (when applicable) until a desired look is achieved.

After all your larger blooms have been added, start adding any “filler flowers” or smaller blooms into the bare areas of your bouquet, followed by any greenery.  This will give your bouquet a full and polished look.

***Extra Tip*** Great filler flowers can be found anywhere.  The most popular choices include: hydrangea, baby’s breath, asters, statice or limonium flowers and blooms, which feature several buds on a single stem.  

Once you’ve reached the desired amount of flowers and size of your bouquet, shift them around and rearrange them accordingly until you’re satisfied with the appearance.  If you’re not completely satisfied, try adding in accent accessories, such as bouquet pins, picks or anything with sparkle.

After you have your bouquet positioned perfectly, remove it from the vase using your hands carefully, making sure to disturb the arrangement the least amount as possible.  Then, using florist tape, wire or even a rubber band (depending on your preference), tie off the bouquet. 

Finally, finish off your bouquet with any desired accents, ribbons or jewels and – voilà! – you’ve just made your first bouquet!

***Extra Tip*** If you’re having difficulty getting things “juuuust right,” try using a hot glue gun.  This will ensure your arrangement stays in place.

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Don’t Have A Best Man?: Japan’s Rent-A-Friend Business Can Help

Rent-a-FriendYou heard me right, kids.   According to USA Today, Ryuichi Ichinokawa of Japan started his rent-a-friend business nearly four years ago and based it on “spare(ing) clients’ blushes at social functions such as weddings and funerals.”  Seems useful enough in theory, but wouldn’t a blush be even bigger if everyone found out they were rented?  Talk about awwwkward.

According to Ichinokawa, however, in the three and half years he’s been working the scene, he has never been outed.  He is a self proclaimed master of faux best man speeches and can be all yours for a the low cost of $150… Wedding toasts and karaoke performances are extra.  (For real, people, I can’t make this stuff up.)

Now housing 30 agents, the SUPER desperate could not only rent a best man, but they could also throw in a maid of honor, crazy uncle, “oldest, dearest” friend and weird neighbor… don’t act like they’re not on your list already – hehe.   Ichinokawa lays claim that his business is very gratifying.  He’s providing a service for the otherwise un-serviceable, and after all the time consuming prep work is done, it’s Showtime.

Ahhh, yes, Showtime indeed, as Ichinokawa’s company is merely the tip of the iceberg.  There are ten other social agencies in Japan providing the same rent-a-friend services for all occasions.  And, while, I’m not sure I’ll be hiring any of them anytime soon, I do applaud their efforts and say “Bravo!” for braving what apparently, no one else could or would brave!

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We Love That You Came To Visit & Would Like To Help You Save!

Weddings are expensive (boo), which is why Marilyn’s Keepsakes makes it a point to help brides save (whoo)! 

Recently featured in Brides Magazine, our tremendously popular Wedding Dance Floor Decals are flying off the shelves (errr, sublimation stations, err, printing presses, uhh) – you get the point!  Available in 6 Designs, 10 Colors and 2 Sizes, brides and grooms everywhere are discovering just how funky their chicken can be with their very own customized floor cling! 

In order to say “thanks!” for making our new arrivals feel so welcome, we’re currently offering a 10% Storewide Savings to all our guests! 

Buuuut I decided a 10% savings simply wouldn’t do for all my fabulous Blogger Buddies – that’s right, you’re fabulous and let’s face it, the best groupies ever – sooo… I would like to offer all my brides-to-be a chance to take an ADDITIONAL 10% OFF your favorite decal design… giving you a 20% SAVINGS! 

I mean honestly, 20% off one of the bridal industry’s hottest selling item in years!!??  That’s not only fiscally responsible; it’s borderline incredible!  Can I get an “Amen!”  <Crowd responds: AAAAMMEENN!>  Wow, I apologize for the brief skit.  I just get really excited when it comes to savings :)

Simply click on the picture below, pick out your favorite design, customize it for free and let the 20% savings commence!  (Refer to Promo Code: MKBLOG at checkout)


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Recently Featured in Bride’s Magazine: We Want To Know, Are You The Fittest Bride?

Fresh to newsstands and right into your hands, the latest issue of Bride’s Magazine is already poppin’ off shelves and straight into checkout lines everywhere.  With autumnal weddings becoming more and more popular, Bride’s September / October issue has easily become their second best selling addition of the year, which is why we had to be a part of it!  Doubly featured, we’re offering two incredible deals that we hope will benefit you – our wonderful brides-to-be! 

We all know – just like in life – wedding planning can be a dog eat dog process, and only the strongest survive.  In an effort to give every bride a chance to shine, one of our features gives you an opportunity to tell a “survival story” for a chance to win our four, best selling survival kits.  Designed to have every wedding day disaster covered, our survival kits include everything most brides need, but never seem to remember to bring.  Simply follow the Bride’s link below for further details and your shot to win! Brides-Advertorial-1And if you consider yourself to be more of a thriving bride, than a surviving one, you need to take advantage of our second, exclusive sale in Bride’s.  Simply gather up your favorite Marilyn’s Keepsakes items, enter the Promo Code BRIDES at checkout and receive $25 off your order of $100 or more!  That’s a 25% savings, ladies!  See linked image below for details and happy shopping!


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