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Wedding Centerpieces with a Pleasing Purpose

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Nowadays, everyone is on a budget; so, when it comes to your wedding, it’s important to get the most bang for your buck.  One way you can do this is by having centerpieces that double as favors!

One of my favorite dueling decorations is potted or replant able centerpieces that your guests can take home and enjoy long after the disco lights dim and the dances are done.  By using dual purposed décor, you’ll not only create a standout look for your reception, but a standout memory for all your guests.

Everything from fragrant herbs and superb spices to vibrant blossoms and tall grasses can all be arranged to your liking and sent home with your guests for theirs.  It’s a win / win for everyone! 

And depending on your budget, you can easily make homemade plant boxes for super cheap, simply by using wood, nails and a stain of your choice… or leave the wood as is for an even cheaper, more rustic solution!  As always, it’s really up to you.  Get as over the top or under the radar as you want… just be sure to have fun and stay happy :)

Here are some of my faves:

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Make a Statement with Your Monogram

In several areas and regions around the world, monograms have been used for centuries for a number of different reasons.  Customarily speaking, they were used to display an artisan’s signature on his or her creation, but through the years, monograms were adapted as a unique way of personalizing one’s possessions.

I know.  Blah, blah, blah, blah, right?  I can’t help it… my heart beats for historical facts :)

Anyhoot, when it comes to your wedding day, monograms can be a great way to personalize and detail your ceremony and receptions.  Because they can be produced as a design element, rather than just alphabetical letters, they are a timeless way for adding customized class.  Think of them as the most elite form of combining your initials to your Louvre’s initials to make one, succinct symbol of your devotion for all to see…

Too deep?…  I knew it.  I always do that.

Okay, maybe monograms don’t need to be thought of that deeply, but for your wedding, they can be a useful tool to bring a sense of elegant uniformity.  They can be done as subtle touches on your paper products, like stationery, favor packaging, ceremony programs, reception menus or place cards. 

For a bolder look, buy or make a monogrammed aisle runner. Perhaps in lieu of a traditional cake topper, have one that combines you and your spouse’s initials. Orrrrr wrap your bouquet with a monogrammed handkerchief.  It’s your wedding day… you can do whatever you want!

Bottom line, simply by taking your first name initial, his first name initial and plopping your new, shared last name initial in the middle, you can create an abundance of choices to add to your big day!  And who can’t get behind that?

And if you’re looking to add your monogram to your big day, be sure to check out our extensive line of Monogrammed Wedding Accessories & Personalized Gifts!

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MK’s Inspiration Station: Light Up Your Reception (& Guests) with Photo Booth Backdrops

As if the schmillion other posts I’ve previously done on this topic weren’t evidence enough, let it be known to all – men, women and children alike… I la’louvre Photo Booths!  (For those of you who don’t speak Mary:  la’louvre = deep rooted levels of paramount love, which hover somewhere between “pushing the limit” and “you’ve gone too far” – hehe.)

Which is why I am through the roof with excitement to present our latest line to enter the realm of  awesomeness – aka Marilyn’s Keepsakes :) – Personalized Photo Booth Backdrops!  With reception photo booths becoming one of 2010’s biggest wedding trends, it’s no wonder we wanted to be first in line to give brides-to-be something to make them even more amped to use them on their big day!

Available in 6 designs, 13 of today’s hottest wedding colors and personalized absolutely free of charge, these are the kind of products dreams are made of!  Okay, okay, maybe dreams is taking it too far, but at the very least, there have to have some sort of rainbows, candy coated shells or pot’o’gold magic somewhere in their formula, because they are all kinds of fab(to the)ulous and create a great way to inspire interaction and entertainment among your guests!

Below are the current designs we’re offering – as modeled by yours truly, three of my work cohorts and a bucket full of ridiculousness :)  Of course, I’m using the word “modeled” here very loosely – haha, but we’re workin’ it nonetheless!  So, without further adieu, I give thee Photo Booth Backdrops, as presented by Marilyn’s Keepsakes:

Flourish Photo Booth Backdrop

Timeless Photo Booth Backdrop

Embracing Hearts Photo Booth Backdrop

Regal Photo Booth Backdrop

Vintage Scroll Photo Booth Backdrop

Elegance Photo Booth Backdrop

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Wedding Decorations: Hang ’em Up to Knock ’em Dead!

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YOWZAS!  Talk about making a statement from floor to ceiling… floating or hanging wedding décor is one way to get more bang for your buck!  Because they offer a means to create more levels of dimension throughout your entire reception hall, you’ll easily streeeetch your real estate dollar to its fullest potential by filling in areas that otherwise would be lost… And who doesn’t love that??

After perusing through several images on, I couldn’t help but be inspired by these float-tastic furnishings and immediately set off on a journey to discover more.  (Of course by “journey,” I mean manic mouse clicking and by “discover,” I mean whatever Google Images wanted to show me… but alas, I digress.)   I went absolutely Lady GaGa for the one of a kind, optical illusions they create and fell even deeper in love when I realized their practicality.

Not only do these suspended superstars create an allstar look, but they also offer brides and grooms a way to decorate their tables without blocking the view of their guests.  Because big, bold centerpieces can create such big, bold WOW factors, so many brides are drawn to them… but they don’t always create the most rational way for your guests – seated in between and across from them – to communicate to others or worse yet… see you!  Blasphemy!

Hence, only furthering the appeal of hovering centerpieces!  By cutting out the middle “man” altogether and suspending the décor, you can be as big and bold as you want without blocking the view of your guests!  It’s a win / win for everyone!

Just be sure to go over things with your venue.  Since some of these will more than likely need more planning to accomplish, you should definitely work with your reception hall vendor and / or coordinator to make sure they go off without a hitch! 

And if you’ve found yourself already booked to venue that doesn’t allow or have a means to hang things, there are still several options for you to create this look.  One, consider using super tall, thin vases and placing floral or “pom pom” styled arrangements on the tops only.  This will ensure you’ll get the height you want with minimal to no distractions of your guests… Or I like the idea of using large, elevated glass cylinders.  You can fill them to the top with water, creating the illusion of “clear” space, and crowning them with your favorite flower buds, floating candles or fiber optics.

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Stand Out in Style with these 10 Unique Wedding Color Combos

With so many colors to choose from, it’s easy to see how a bride can get lost when she tries to taste the rainbow… but fear not, young padawans (Star Wars reference, anyone???… No?  Too nerdy??  I knew it)… As I was saying, fear not… for I, the incredibly enlightening Mrs. Dietz and my fashionista warriors at Marilyn’s Keepsakes have come up with some delightfully unique color schemes that will surely leave you inspired!

Below are 10 of today’s most unique color combos, as well as sample displays of each!  Enjoy!  (Photos Courtesy of Google Images.  Merged by yours truly using the power of Photoshop)

Magenta + Orange + Yellow

It’s a regular springtime sorbet buffet!  Inspired by the hottest hues on the color wheel, this ultra vibrant palette mixes fresh-ta-def attitude with energetic appeal.  It will surely have all your guests saying, “Ooh la la!”

Royal Blue + Silver + White

Being that blue is 2010’s hottest color trend; it’s no surprise that it makes it on our list in several spots.  Seen here with crisp whites and shimmering silvers, this regal blue and pewter palette is the perfect combination of clean lines and courtly appeal.

Lime Green + Lilac

The difference between “ordinary” and extraordinary” is that bit of “extra.”  While Kelly green and royal purple have been considered complementary colors forevs, it’s always nice to turn it up of notch.  By choosing more energetic shades of each, you’ll create a look nothing short of incredible!

Champagne Pink & Chocolate

Creating a layout that looks as delicious as it sounds, this combination of baby doll pinks and deep shades of brown will surely give you an endless amount of ideas.  From delectable favors to feminine frock, this is one wedding look that will easily stand the test of time!

Daffodil + Gray

It’s retro chic at its finest!  While yellow and gray may not seem like a bridal favorite, when you put them together, you’ll create a look that is as one of a kind as your love!  From friendly flowers to beautiful brooches, these are two gorgeous hues that will leave them breathless!

Teal Blue + Cherry Red

Talk about having the va-va-voom factor!  This color combination is a sexy saturation of the coolest blue and hottest red and will look ahhh to the mazing no matter what season we’re in!

Honeydew Green + Sweet Pea Pink

If little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice, then there’s no doubt in my mind they’ll delight in this super modish wedding palette.  Gorgeous for a spring or summer hooplah, this honeydew / sweet pea scheme has all the right shades to turn any wedding decor from drab to FAB!

Scarlet Red + Burnt Orange + Chocolate

*Fall* in loaf with a wedding color scheme that brings regal style and luxurious luminescence together.  Ideal for the autumnal bride in all of us, this rich palette of deep red, dark orange and chocolate brown has standing ovation written all over it!

Emerald Green + Sapphire Blue + Gold

Inspired by one of today’s hottest wedding resources – the peacock – this eclectic palette of jewel tones is perhaps the most regal on the list!  Because jewel-toned hues have an oversaturated look, sometimes brides may be intimidated by their powerful punch… but don’t be!  If you choose this scheme, you’ll delight in having a look that is absolutely RICH with style!

Dusty Rose + Cornflower Blue + Latte

Say it with me… Vin(tage)tastic!!!  Okay, so maybe it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, but this color scheme is still one of the most drool worthy looks of today’s modern bride.  It’s takes the past and has it shake hands with the future, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

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A ‘Castle’ Wedding for a Budgeting Bride

Photo Courtesy of the

Thanks to celebrity power couples like Tom and Katie, Eva and Tony and Victoria and David, castle weddings are becoming all the rage for brides the world over.  Providing the best in dream-come-true- appeal and over the top glam-ocity, it’s easy to see why a castle would make an idyllic setting for the princess bride in all of us.

… But what happens when there’s a trim budget to take into consideration?  Is a Castle Wedding still possible?  Well, according to Jessica Patterson and Matt McCullough, it sure the heck is! 

Recently featured in the Tennessean, Patterson and McCullough tied the night this Valentine’s day (2.14.2010) at their favorite castle during the wedding ceremony of their dreams.  Under a very tight budget and the unmistakable glow of fluorescent lighting, the couple said “I do” front of all their family and friends inside of one the world’s most famous (and delicious) castles ever… White Castle.

That’s right.  Home of the world famous sliders and Patterson’s job for the last four years, the Murfreesboro White Castle provided the perfect setting for their newlywed nuptial love to shine, and it did it all without breaking their bank.

With the help of her co-workers, family and friends, Patterson was able to pull off the day she has now dubbed “the happiest day ever” and was quick to credit all those who assisted in getting the plans together.  “I’m just tickled it turned out so nice,” she said.  <Siiiighhhh> Young love :)

So, without further adieu, can I just say that I love this?  I’m all about couples making their wedding day their own, and this, my dear friends, is making it your own.  To me, Patterson and McCullough knew the “who” on a wedding day is a schmillion times more important than the “what, where, when, why and how’s.”  Consider yourselves, Marilyn’s Keepsakes approved, Julie and Matt and cheers to many years of happiness!

P.S. Feel free to send any of the leftover reception treats to me.  Goodness knows, I’m always down to get my onion petal / chicken ring / slider munch on!

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How-to Create Your Own Wedding Day Bouquets!

Photo Courtesy of Intimate Weddings

I may not know much, but I do know this: Weddings Are Expensive.  And I’m not just talking about the main venues (reception hall, food, booze, dress, etc.); I’m talking about eeeevvveeerrryyyythiiiing, and one wedding detail that are often times overlooked in expense are flowers.  My poor father – who was constantly being told by my well-intentioned mother, “Just shut up and pay, William… just shut up and pay” – had a very hard time keeping quiet about the florist’s bill… so hard of a time, in fact, that he decided not to keep quiet at all.  Haha! 

I’m not kidding you, the man almost fell out of his chair when he read the circled price hovering over the dotted line.  Then, while readjusting his specs and squinting his eyes, he almost immediately began making remarks that would hit home to fmost athers around the world.  “Are you kidding me?  For flowers??  Why on God’s green earth… (inaudible grumbles)… But they’re dead the next day!”  

And while I love love love flowers (what girl doesn’t?) I’m afraid I had to agree.  Like every bride, I had to find the balance between my dream wedding and our actual budget.  We started throwing out ideas, and we decided it might be fun to make the bridesmaid bouquets ourselves and save on the expense of having a florists bring them in.

What You Will Need:

  • Flowers (focal, filler & greenery)
  • Vase
  • Vase Filler
  • Scissors
  • Floral Tape
  • Finishing Ribbon
  • Straight Pins
  • + Any Additional Accessories of your Choosing (ie. lace, tulle, beads, etc.)

What You Will Do:

First, gather your flowers, vase and vase filler.  Be sure your vase is congruent to the size and shape you want your bouquet to be.  Add in the vase filler of your choosing to the bottom of the vase.  Sand, beans and pebbles all work nicely and will make arranging your flowers much easier.  

**Extra Tip** Whether you choose real or fake flowers is totally up to you!  But if you choose to do real flowers, check out  They sale large quantities of flowers at wholesale prices and also provide tips on flower combos and arrangements.  For fake flowers, try a local arts and crafts store.  Places like Hobby Lobby and Michael’s have large selections of flowers, as well as a number of products you can use to “spruce” up your bouquet.

Next sort your flowers by color, bloom size and the amount intended for each spray and trim their stems to equivalent heights.  This will make it easy for you to build your bouquet, as well as keep it organized.

***Extra Tip*** When trimming the stems of real flowers, be sure to cut them under water with sharpened scissors.  This will help keep the bloom healthier for longer.

Then, using the vase as your holder, start placing in your flowers.  Because larger blooms are more difficult to maneuver, you should start with them first.  Work your way from the center, outward and alternate from color to color (when applicable) until a desired look is achieved.

After all your larger blooms have been added, start adding any “filler flowers” or smaller blooms into the bare areas of your bouquet, followed by any greenery.  This will give your bouquet a full and polished look.

***Extra Tip*** Great filler flowers can be found anywhere.  The most popular choices include: hydrangea, baby’s breath, asters, statice or limonium flowers and blooms, which feature several buds on a single stem.  

Once you’ve reached the desired amount of flowers and size of your bouquet, shift them around and rearrange them accordingly until you’re satisfied with the appearance.  If you’re not completely satisfied, try adding in accent accessories, such as bouquet pins, picks or anything with sparkle.

After you have your bouquet positioned perfectly, remove it from the vase using your hands carefully, making sure to disturb the arrangement the least amount as possible.  Then, using florist tape, wire or even a rubber band (depending on your preference), tie off the bouquet. 

Finally, finish off your bouquet with any desired accents, ribbons or jewels and – voilà! – you’ve just made your first bouquet!

***Extra Tip*** If you’re having difficulty getting things “juuuust right,” try using a hot glue gun.  This will ensure your arrangement stays in place.

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